Devil's Kettle - a town so miserably rejected and somewhat distasteful, not even a local could point it out on the map.
Named after a waterfall. A town not even historically interesting, for nothing ever surfaced or reached the outside world, to acknowledge its existence. Melody Lane was about as appealing a night out could get and now, thanks to the fire, it no longer existed.

Jennifer Check and Needy Lesnicky had always been tight, sisters practically. Best friends since the days of chubby child legs. Needy had been there before Jennifer was a babe, before the hotness had developed, before she had anything remotely interesting to flaunt. Even so, Jennifer was a shitty friend and Needy knew this, but continued to stay by her side, because maybe one day it would all mean something, it would all make sense. But until that day came, Jennifer check would always equal hell, story of a teen aged girl's life anyway, right?

"God Needy!" Jennifer threw her bag pack on the floor and slumped down onto the bed. "What, Jennifer?" Needy had put up with her bff's awkwardness yet indifferent behaviour, for weeks now. "Look at me!" she studied her friend from head to toe and back up again. "You look fine!" and she did indeed look fine, dressed in simply boots, ripped denim short shorts and a pink tank top. "I look like shit and I feel even worse, I'm SO hungry." Needy walked up to her and placed her hands on her face as she stroked her hair back. "No, what are you doing, get the fuck off." Appalled and confused by how she was being treated, Needy stepped back "We're supposed to be best friends, are we not?" Jennifer shrugged, at first. "Or am I missing something here?" Dork or not, sandbox love never dies. "No Needy, of course we're bff's, silly. I told you, I'm just hungry."

Shaking off the prior engagement, Needy still felt defeated and somewhat empty inside. Not quite knowing where she had Jennifer, troubled her mind and irritated her more than anything. "Ok, well. Do you wanna go grab a burger or something?" Jennifer raised an eyebrow in disgust. "Ew, Needy. Cross out burger" and with a hand gesture, she did cross out the imaginary burger in front of her. "I'll settle for you." She pulled Needy closer to her. "What, exactly, do you mean?"

Jennifer ran her finger over the outline of Needy's lips. It felt cool and Needy couldn't fight off the numbing and tingling sensation she felt.
With her lips lingering in the air and mouth slightly open, as Jennifer removed her finger, she stood there, wanting nothing but the closeness she had felt just seconds ago. "J-Jen?" Slowly Needy opened her eyes and saw Jennifer spread out on the bed, just waiting.

Was she waiting for her?
There was only one way to find out.

Jennifer crooked her finger, Needy didn't know whether to fallow or stay put. "No, no Jennifer. You can't stay, you have to go. Get out!" Jennifer frowned and with an inconsiderate look on her face continued; "But, we always share your bed when we have slumber parties." Which was absolutely true. They had been told it was something they'd grow out of, but Jennifer and Needy were not like other best friends, they were different.

That night, at Melody Lane, when 'Low Shoulder' were playing, Jennifer had grabbed her hand and she had smiled at her. It wasn't one of those cheesy smiles, or even a half twisted smile, it was real. Needy remembered this exact moment, because it was then, in the midst of her own existence, in the middle of a mellon collie crowd at Melody Lane, in the shitty town of Devil's Kettle, that she had realized, Jennifer Check was more than her best friend, she held on to that realization, until Jennifer let go of her hand.

When she let go, the whole world stopped and Needy had been forced swallow her sadness.

This reminded her of that day, mainly because she didn't know if Jennifer was for real, or if she was just toying with her. "I'm not gonna bite you, now come here."

This was it, she thought; 'She's going to kiss me.'
Jennifer grinned as she pulled Needy on top of her.