Needy stroked her hair, she held Jennifer close, close enough for her to hear the beating heart racing within. "I'll take you home, okay? Everything's going to be okay." Jennifer nodded.

They walked together, hand in hand, back to Needy's house.
Once inside, Jennifer started stripping down into her underwear. "W-what are you doing?" Needy was shocked, trying to cover up her friend, even though they were alone and even though there wasn't anything she hadn't seen before. "Oh, Needy. Stop being stiff as a board, live a little."

Frustrated she walked up to her room and slammed the door behind her. Jennifer, now dressed only in her pink and black lace underwear, sighed and walked into the living room. To follow her best friend now, would only lead to her winning, Jennifer wasn't about to let that happen. Instead she slumped down on the couch and turned on the TV.

"Needy, Little Shop of Horrors is on!" It was one of her favorite movies, surely she wouldn't miss it because Jennifer Check had decided to strip in front of her? So what? When they were kids, it was a fun game and now all of a sudden it was not appropriate? Jennifer had a hard time sperating the wrongs from in the rights, well, what used to be anyway.

Music came blasting from the closed door upstairs. "That's it!" Jennifer gave in and went to console her friend. "What the fuck is up?" Were the first words to come out of her mouth when she entered Needy's room. "What's with this shitty emo music?" Needy simply glared up, from reading her magazine. Jennifer shut down iTunes on the laptop.

"Did you not take me back here, with a promise that everything would be okay?" She accompanied her best friend on the bed. "Scoot." Needy made some more room for her. "I'm broken Needy, can you fix me?" Jennifer leaned in and nuzzled her neck. "You smell good." She said. "But then again, you always do." Needy cracked a smiled and closed her eyes. She rested her chin on the brunette's head. "What am I going to do with you, Jen?"

Jennifer suddenly pulled away. "I know!" She exclaimed. Needy, somewhat scared of what was to come, had a suspicious look on her face, she waited with a hence of excitement, yet fear, for what her friend had in mind. "Have you ever heard of this game called, 'too hot'?" Needy frowned and shook her head. "Okay, well. We start kissing and, we can't stop."

Jennifer straddled her and pinned her arms down. Not that they weren't pinned down for long, because when Jennifer finally did kiss her, Needy broke free and her hands were on her back, trying to unhook her bra."But, we also can't touch." This caught the blonde's full attention, who then sat straight up, coming face to face with her besty. "So, if you touch me, then you lose. And that means I can do whatever I want." With her hands on the back of her head, Jennifer leaned in to one again capture Needy's lips with her own. Reluctantly at first, she returned the favor. Hands still pinned to the bed, afraid to move, afraid to touch, afraid to lose.
She broke the kiss, just for a second, in need of a simple answer to; what happens if you touch me?

An evil grin appeared on Jennifer Check's face, because it was so obvious, this was exactly how she wanted it to pan out. "Then you, get to do whatever you want to me." The game had yet to begin, because right now, hands were touching, everywhere. "So, are you ready?" Needy didn't necessarily want to stop touching, but if it would lead the greater things, she'd give it a shot. "Okay, hands off then."

They re started their make out session, without touching. Even though it seemed to come naturally for Jennifer, Needy was indeed struggling trying to keep her hands occupied. Keeping a steady balance was just as hard, not wanting to fall back, knowing it would lead to her grabbing a hold of the straddling girl on top.
Wanting to feel more, needing to feel more, Needy slightly bit on Jennifer's lower lip, hoping it would get her to realize that this was in fact what she wanted, what she needed.

"Ow!" Jennifer hissed. Needy noticed the blood trickling down her lip. "Fuck it!" She pulled Jennifer closer, licked the blood off of her and continued to crush her by now, numb lips, with her own. Hands around her waist, trying by all means, to pull her closer. They didn't stop until they both had to come up for air. "Wow." They both lay there panting, trying to catch their breath. "You know you lost, right?" Needy nodded and bit down on her hand and Jennifer started to undress her, in complete silence, all that can be heard, was Needy's whimpers of wanting more, needing more.