= Prologue =

Two totally different people are about to be united in the most unimaginable way. As workers of the Shifty Mining Corp finish off their shift, a terrible accident happens which wrecks the entire facility. As the elevator is out of action, the entire staff are stuck down there. The only exit would be from the emergency stairs, but would anyone be able to reach them?

= Part One =

The Slig opens its eyes. The amount of dust in the air is unbelievable. It had to keep wiping its mask to make sure that the visor stayed clean. First things first, better check for survivors. The lonely Slig stood up, checking to see if the flooring was stable. Most of the flooring sections were intact. It proceeded to walk towards the doorway. This leads to the main hall, where there were more fallen pipes and debris.

The Slig turned, it could hear muffled moaning. It rushed over to see a Mudokon struggling under some debris. The Mudokon was gasping for air, "Please help me". While some Sligs would have taken a long time to think about whether or not to save a Mudokon, this Slig was not one of them. It reached out, trying to help the Mudokon out of the rubble. Within a few minutes, the Mudokon was free and breathing normally.

The Mudokon turned to face the Slig, "My name is Rena". The Slig wrinkled it's tentacles in a smile, "I'm Neif". Neif held out its hand, as Rena shook it. Rena smiled back, but then heard more muffled cries from across the hallway. Neif followed Rena closely behind. Neif ducked down under some rubble to see a Mudokon stuck down a ledge.

Neif leaned over the side, "Need some help?". The Mudokon nodded. Neif looked towards Rena, "Rena, grab my hand". Rena grabbed Neif's hand as Neif lowered its body downwards, allowing the Mudokon to reach Neif's mechanical pants leg and get a firm grip. Neif and Rena gave a mighty heave and the Mudokon clambered up the hole and was free.

The Mudokon coughed and then looked towards its saviours. "Thanks Rena", he looked towards the Slig, not knowing who that was. Neif thought it might as well be friendly, "I'm Neif". The Mudokon timidly shook the Slig's hand. "I'm Ali". The Mudokon smiled.

Neif looked around, this place didn't look very safe. "Come on, let's get out of this place". Neif led the way, trying to find the exit to the next floor.

= Thanks =

Neifaren - For helping me choose a name for this story