A/N: I wrote this as therapeutic relief for everything I can never forget.

In loving memory of close friend; "GW" 1986-2001.

DISCLAIMER: Sadly; I have no claim to Ben 10 ©.

Summary: What if Max wasn't transported to the Null-Void when he sacrificed himself to stop the Highbreed plans? How do Ben and Gwen cope with life without their eccentric grandfather? From Ben's P.O.V.


We feel the pain.

Just as much as we did when you disappeared.

We understand why; to keep the Earth safe; you let nothing get in your way.

It has already been one month; but it still hurts. Oh god it hurts.

Gwen still cries to herself. I cry late at night when everyone else is asleep.

We miss you; we need you now more than ever.

To fill the void.

To dry our tears.

To guide us.

To teach us.

I was young; brash; I never listened.

But you were right.

Damn it you were always right.

It hurts to say it; but sacrificing yourself was your way of being right.

Why did you always have to be right.

You were there. You were always there. And now you're gone.

It isn't the same without you.

It's dull. Boring. Lifeless. All the happiness is gone.

You kept things interesting.

A smile. A smirk. A devious grin.

We could always come to you with our problems.

No matter how big or small.

You listened. You always listened. Never judging. Never condescending. Always calm. Always Understanding.

You always knew the right thing to say.

Even if it wasn't what we wanted to hear.

Now without you; who do we turn to.

We can only talk about this to each other; nobody else knows how much it hurts.

The pain of the wounds; of our hearts ripped right out of our chests.

About the scars; of watching you disappear.

Wounded by shrapnel of the bomb-shell; that told us of your fate.

The only thing we can do; is bleed and cry. And cry. And cry; then scream when all the tears are cried away. Scream until we can't scream any more.

When we are cried out, bled dry and unable to speak from the screaming; we hold each other. Nobody else knows this kind of pain.

The only comfort we have; is in each others grip.

Of sadness. Of uncertainty. Of understanding. Of hope.

A hope; that one day; the world; and life might start to move again.

On that day; we can look at the pictures again; and smile. Knowing that somewhere; you are smiling at us.

Why can't we have just one more day with you. To reflect on the good times; bad times; and everything in between.

Just one more day to listen to your voice.

Just one more day to listen to your guidance. To hear your advice

Just one more day to hear you crack a joke.

Just one more day to see you smile; to see you once more; to have one more hug.

Just one more day to spend the day with you. Wherever you want to go. Whenever you want to go. For as long as you want to go.

Just one more day; and we'd eat your grub-worm stew for the rest of our lives.

Just one more day to at least try your grub-worm stew.

Just one more day. With you.

Nothing good ever lasts.

But; if we had just one more day; we would make it last forever.

Just. One. More. Day.

With the legendary Max Tennyson.

Husband; father; grandfather; Plumber; mentor.