Cherry on top

AN: Drunken Fluff!

When one Seeley Booth is feeling both happy and tipsy, he feels a bit metaphorical.

This is such a time. His companion, partner, and of recent lover is luckily just as tipsy, eliminating her mocking him. Several boxes of take out Thai and a collection of empty bottles litter the coffee table. As for the metaphorical examples: he has just told Bones that their relationship is like a banana split.

"I mean okay, the bowl is when we first started working together, all rigid and stuff." He tried to explain.

" Metaphors don't make sense. Did you think I was rigid?" Bones raised her eyebrow.

" You're kidding! Goodman had to make you agree to working with me! You were so clinical." He whined.

"Okay. That makes sense. What's the banana?" She sighed.

"You're tipsy" Booth purred.

"Am not." She retorts.

"Would you let me talk about ice cream and agree you are rigid if you weren't?"

"I am tipsy." She admits.

"So the banana is cases. It is not the sweetest part, but you gotta eat your fruit." He paused before realizing that made little sense. " What I meant was that case work is not always happy. but we did it. Do it. It's the base of us and how we started."

"True. What else?" She took a healthy swig of beer.

"Saving each other, guy hugs, little gifts. That's the ice cream. You know, not like romantic stuff, but nice things we did?"

He smiled.

"And everything new? Kissing, living together, sleeping close?" She urged.

"I'd say that's the cherry on top." He stated.

"I love you Booth."

"I love you too. Want to stop before we get drunk?"

"Not really."

AN; There we have it, a drunken fluff fest. Yes it's OOC. It would make sense that it is. Read and review.