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So obviously with the introduction of an OC comes the fear of a Mary Sue. As she's planned out, Vanessa isn't gonna be some sort of super vamp. Her vamp power was assigned because it freaks me the hell out. She isn't a mega hottie, she's Bella's identical twin. Bella is maybe gonna be more like her Breaking Dawn self than I usually write though.

Before I get any comments about Charlie reacting, this was half mapped back in the July before BD came out. I didn't expect Charlie to be so cool with the vampirization of his daughter let alone the baby.

Chapter 2,

Bella laid in her bed. Charlie sat beside her.

"So what now?" he asked finally.

"I don't know," Bella mumbled. "It's happened."

"I couldn't even imagine those creatures are real," Charlie sighed, running his hand through his hair. "I feel like I lost my other daughter."

"Okay, dad, you don't get to freak out about this," Bella cried sitting up. "Think about how hard this is for me!"

"Bella you aren't the only one affected! My daughter has become a blood thirsty fictional creature!"

"I can survive on animal blood. Just be glad I haven't lost control already! Dad I'm scared and I can't reach Edward on his cell!"

"Why do you always have to rely on him when you're afraid?! What could he possibly do to help?!"

"I need to go," Bella mumbled, crawling out of bed.


"Because I'm incredibly thirsty and I want to get out of town before my control snaps."

Bella ran out of the house and into the night. She ran as fast as she could through the trees, hating that she didn't feel sick like she had when she ran with Edward. She found herself running towards the large white house by the river where her family lived. But they were still in Italy. She wasn't going to find any of their smiling faces there. A deer made its way across her path and she dove on it. Before she hit the ground her teeth had broken the skin and the blood was streaming into her mouth. It took the edge off of the burning in her throat and she cried while she drained the buck.


Edward had a sixth sense. His family lovingly referred to it as his Bella-dar. It seemed to go off whenever she was in danger and it didn't disappoint. The moment they reached home he was off like a flash towards her house. He skipped all formalities and went into her window. Her truck was in the driveway but she wasn't home. It was possible that she was in La Push but unlikely. Usually she gave him some sort of message telling him so he wouldn't worry. But if she was he couldn't go after her because of the treaty.

He tried to find Charlie's mind but as usual he got nothing. He could make out worry though and that alone was enough to set him off. So he did the only thing he could do. He ran back home and got into his car. Then he drove as fast as he could to Bella's house. When he knocked Charlie answered.

"Oh. It's you."

"Hello Mr. Swan, I'm looking for Bella."

"She's not here."

"Do you know where she is?"


"Do you know when she'll be back?"


"Alright then," Edward said, frustrated and trying hard to hide it, "can you let her know that we got back early?"


"Have a good night," Edward said pleasantly. Feeling thoroughly frustrated he got back in his car and drove home.

"What's got your panties in a twist?" Jasper asked.

"I can't find Bella."

Before Jasper could respond something happened. A rare something that was less likely than a blue moon.

Edward was surprised. He wasn't just surprised, he nearly jumped into the ceiling he was so surprised. He was expecting Emmett and so when he whirled around and saw Bella sitting behind him he didn't know what to do.


"You have to help me Edward I can't stop crying!"

Her chin and clothes were bloody. Her eyes were scarlet and scared. She was trembling with dry sobs and seemed unable to get out of this panic attack. Edward was stunned into absolute silence.

Her scent was still the same but she was completely different. Edward was in a horrified silence. The worst had happened, Bella was a vampire. Her soul had been stolen from her and she was now doomed to walk the earth forever. Though he knew this was probably where their relationship was headed he had always liked to hope not. He knelt down and touched her cheek.

"What's going on?" Carlisle asked. "What was that scream?"

Bella and Edward looked at Carlisle and he looked like he might faint.

"I need help," Bella sobbed, "I'm scared and I don't know what to do!"

"It's going to be okay," Carlisle promised, rushing to her side. Edward was still in a stunned silence and quite useless at the moment. So his father helped her stand and cradled her shoulders gently. "Let's go get you cleaned up okay."

"He's mad at me."

"No, no he's just in shock," Carlisle said in the same gentle voice. "Come on now."

Bella nodded and let him steer her into the kitchen where Esme was. She looked concerned and tried to understand what she was seeing. She left while Carlisle got a damp towel and returned with a sweater.

"Here sweetie," Esme said. She helped Bella out of her ruined turtleneck and pulled a sweater over her head.

"Now Bella have you been home yet?" Carlisle asked as he cleaned her face and neck. He could see the streak of blood that had leaked from the bite on her neck.

"Yes. Charlie is so angry. He's mad at me for this."

"I'm sure he's just upset," Carlisle assured her, "had I known I would have figured out a way to tell him or a way to get you out of town."

"He couldn't take me dying too. I'm sure Edward told you."

"I already knew. Charlie's friend told me as I gave him a checkup."

"At least I haven't killed anyone yet," Bella mumbled, trying to find a silver lining.

"Well that's good," Carlisle agreed. "Alright, I think Edward's recovered by now."

Bella looked around and Edward was there. Carlisle handed him the towel and left them alone.

"Bella who did this?" he asked as he cleaned her neck.

"I don't know. I was taking a rest after walking the path through the woods. You know the one that looks over the river. Someone grabbed me and of course the first thing I thought of was a rapist because it happens all the time according to the news. I honestly wanted it to be after I was bitten. I mean yes I want you to take my virginity but I also wanted it to be you who bit me."

Edward stiffened and Bella looked at him.

"Go on," he said finally.

"Anyway the vampire pulled me up by my hair and then covered my eyes. I think it was a woman because of the hands. She put a gag in my mouth and then bit me. She covered my eyes with the cloth she used to gag me after and at some point she kicked me. By then I was paralyzed and my mouth was locked shut so I couldn't really scream anymore. She took me into the woods and then when I woke up I was at home."

Bella didn't know what she was expecting after she finished. She knew she wanted him to yell at her and be angry. After all he had frequently asked her not to go into the woods by herself. But she was swept into his arms and he held her tight. He held her tighter than he ever had before. Now she was strong enough to withstand it.

"I'm sorry. I should have been here to protect you. Instead I was in Italy celebrating an older than dirt vampire and searching for a stupid shirt for you."

"Aw you got me a stupid shirt?"

Edward nodded. He broke the hug and held her hand. They went upstairs and he gave her a blue shirt with the Italian flag with white letters that said "my boyfriend went to Italy and all i got was this lousy t-shirt."

"Aw, cute," Bella cooed. She pulled it on and Edward smiled. "What?"

"Blue still suits you."

Bella looked at him and he melted. She looked so vulnerable and afraid. Edward touched her cheek gently, still in the habit of making every touch as if it was against a soap bubble.

"There's something I've always wanted to do," Bella mumbled.


She grabbed him behind the neck and pulled his lips to hers. Edward was surprised but fell into it soon enough. She wasn't breakable anymore. He could kiss her like he always wanted. He pulled her and they fell onto his sofa. He pulled her legs around so she was comfortable in his lap. For the first time he was able to fully taste her kiss. She parted her lips and instead of pulling back, as was his habit, he went forward. A felt a soft moan pass into the kiss and returned it. He didn't know how long she would let him kiss her like this. His strict Catholic upbringing was coming back and his mother's voice told him he was being improper.

"Edward," Bella whispered, breaking the kiss, "how long will every feeling be so intense?"

"That will wear off," Edward promised, "when I was first changed I was either dry sobbing or screaming at Carlisle. It's part of being a newborn."

"I've always been aroused by you but I feel like jumping you right now."

"Again, that will cool," Edward chuckled, "you'll learn restraint."

"Are you angry?"

"Not with you," he promised. He caressed her cheek gently and tried to reassure her that everything was okay, even if he couldn't say it. "I hate whoever did this to you."

"I'm scared."

"We'll be here to help you," Edward promised firmly, "we won't leave you behind."

"Charlie is so angry. I think he'll figure out about your family."

"Well if he does we'll deal with that when we come to it."

Bella sighed and got up. Before Edward could wonder where she was going she laid back down and rested her head on his lap. He smiled and stroked her hair softly.

"I'm sorry this happened. If I had been here I could have saved you."

"But you weren't. I'm trying to find silver linings right now. I've spent the past 24 hours dwelling in misery about how you were going to react. I want to focus on some happy right now. Give me something to be happy about Edward!"

Edward looked down at her and continued to play with her hair. "Well, I can kiss you the way I have always wanted to. One day we could go further without killing you. We'll have each other forever."

Bella smiled at him. "Forever is good."

Edward wanted to kiss her but she moved with a sigh. She got up and looked at her reflection. He watched as she felt her hair and pulled lightly on it. She touched her face and her hands. He remembered when he woke up as a vampire. It was scary. When he woke up he had been afraid of what he saw. Bella at least had seen vampires before and was aware of them.

She turned around and looked at herself from behind, trying to see if everything was the same. He sure thought it was. Bella finally sighed and looked at herself fully. Then she started to cry again. Edward jumped up and went to hug her but she pushed away.

"This wasn't how it was supposed to be?! Be angry okay!"

"I am angry but not at you sweetie," Edward reminded her.

"I need to get out. I feel claustrophobic."

Edward wondered if vampires could actually feel phobias like humans could. Maybe she just felt trapped by the walls of his bedroom. But he wasn't going to sit around and let her needs go ignored, especially when she was in such a fragile time in her life. Downstairs he found that Carlisle and Esme were gearing up for their nightly walk.

"Do you mind if we join you?" Edward asked as they came down.

"Not at all," Carlisle said with a smile. He handed Edward his coat, a prop as always, and Bella seemed snug in the sweater she borrowed from Esme.

"They key to using human props," Edward said as he borrowed Alice's coat for Bella, "is to get into it."

"What my technical son is trying to say is, just pretend your human," Carlisle said with a warm smile, "we'll help you along the way."

"When will it get easier?" Bella asked. "I mean when am I going to be okay with this?"

"Well that depends on the vampire in question," Carlisle said as they headed out, "myself it took weeks to understand what I was. But then again I didn't have anyone to spell it out for me. Edward took years but he was distracted by his parents passing."

Esme put her arm gently around Bella's shoulders and gave her a gentle hug. "To me it felt like getting used to not being pregnant anymore. For months I was used to a large belly, swollen feet and stretch marks. When my son was born I lost my big belly and my swollen feet so when I looked in the mirror I didn't see the same person."

Edward held her hand and she kept walking sadly. "I feel like everything has been taken away. The strange part is not only that I can mourn several different things at once, which is weird, but one of those things is the baby I'll never had. It's strange because I never wanted one, but I think I just always liked having the option. I'm going to always be seventeen and unlike Edward, I'm always going to have a hymen that is going to hurt every time I have sex."

"Let's cross that bridge if we come to it," Carlisle said quickly, "Bella I've fallen into the habit of seeing you as a daughter and would like to avoid thinking about your coupling with my son."

"Coupling?" Edward asked. "Still in the sixteen hundreds are we?"

Carlisle laughed and patted Edward's back.

"Why can't Charlie accept this as easily as you guys?" Bella asked in a sigh.

"Well I think that's because we're all very aware of our existence and as much as we love you Bella, you aren't our natural daughter."

"In short," Edward said, hugging her shoulders, "Charlie freaks out when you get the sniffles."

Bella laughed dryly and nodded. Soon she was going to have to go home and face Charlie.

"I'm going to have to say goodbye to everyone. I can't possibly go back to school."

"No, I don't think so," Carlisle agreed, "Jasper has trouble in school and he's been at this much longer than you have."

"I'll stay home and help her," Edward volunteered.

"That didn't work in the thirties and it isn't working now," Carlisle told him with an air of authority.

"He's a teenager sweetie," Esme reminded him, patting the arm that was looped around hers.

"Alas he is. Edward you'll stay in school to keep up the normal human image."

Edward swore quietly. He hated school. It had been interesting the first couple times but now it was just painfully dull.

"Carlisle I already have perfect grades."

"Which reminds me, you forgot to dip your grades. Normal teenage boys get distracted by girls and boobs and what not."

"Carlisle how do you know what teenagers do? Back in your day they were getting married at twelve."

"Thirteen smart ass."

Edward laughed and Carlisle chuckled along with him.

"Were you ever married, Carlisle?" Bella asked.

"Ah I love this story," Esme sighed with a smile.

"Yes I was married," Carlisle said, "twice actually. My first wife died from an infection and the second bore my brother's child."

"That sucks."

"I wasn't terribly upset," Carlisle admitted, "I wasn't in love with either of them, though I was sad when Anne died. She was my favorite. At least she was a good conversationalist. I was very sad when she died actually. In the end she was like my sister as we grew up together as playmates."

"Then Carlisle decided one night stands were below him," Edward sighed, "so his peep went undisturbed for centuries."

"Until I met the perfect woman, and then for some reason she deemed me worthy and I haven't looked back."

"My parents always wanted me to marry a doctor," Esme giggled, "I think they would have freaked if they knew."

"My parents would have freaked if they knew I married a teacher. Mostly because teachers were only men in those days."

Esme laughed and kissed his cheek. Bella felt like she was in a sugar overload just watching them. If anyone wanted to know what love looked like, they just needed to spend a few moments with the good Dr. Cullen and his wife.

"Do you want me to walk you home?" Edward asked.

"Yes. Oh I still have Alice's jacket and Esme's sweater."

"Don't worry dear," Esme told her.

"I'll bring it back to them."

"Edward it's alright if Charlie knows about us," Carlisle said. "Edward can you swear him to secrecy?"


"I don't think he'll agree to anything you propose sweetie," Bella reminded him, "he doesn't like you."

"Well Edward will just tell him that if rumors start we'll move and you'll move with us which means he won't be able to see his only living daughter ever again," Carlisle said simply.

Everyone looked at Carlisle with open jawed shock. They didn't know he was able to threaten anyone.

"I've survived for three hundred years as a doctor, I've become good at this," he said as an answer to their shock.

"Yeah but still...wow."

Edward pulled Bella's arm. He could hear Esme's thoughts. She was incredibly turned on by the ferocious side of her husband.


"What is he doing here?" Charlie asked the moment they came in. He looked at the two of them. They were both so pale. They both had soft lavender under their eyes. They both looked just a little too perfect. The only difference was Bella's eyes were a pale shade of scarlet and Edward's were soft gold. "Oh my god."


"That creature has been staying here?! Did he hurt you Bella?!"

"No, he never hurt me. And before you start thinking it he didn't make me like this."

"Are you sure?!" Charlie cried. "He has a pretty good motive!"

"Which is?" Edward asked.

"So you can have her to yourself forever! You wanted to take my little baby girl from me! I should arrest you for assault against my daughter!"

"Yes because vampirizing my child would hold up well it court," Bella muttered dryly. Edward gave her a look and Charlie just glared.

"Did you expect me to be happy about this, Bella?" Charlie asked angrily.

"No, I just would like it if you understood that it's twice as hard for me as I was the one that changed species."

"So you're entire family is made up of vampires or is it just you?" Charlie asked Edward. "Because if you're the only one certainly your father should know."

"My family is made up of vampires that have assembled over the past century. I was changed by Carlisle when I was seventeen back in 1918 when I was dying of the Spanish flu."

Charlie was in silent shock. Bella wondered what was coming as more of a shock, the fact that Edward was older than both of them combined or the fact that she was dating him, fully knowing he was so old.

"You knew?" Charlie asked quietly. "You let yourself into a family of vampires willingly?! They could have killed you!"

"We're vegetarians," Edward told him, "we feed on animals. Carlisle is immune to the scent of blood which is why he has been able to work as a doctor for three centuries."

"J-just how old is he?!"

"He was born in the late sixteen hundreds in England. Charlie my family and myself know how to live among humans. Carlisle has been doing it for centuries. We are going to teach Bella to control the bloodlust that comes with being a newborn and how to pretend to be human."

Charlie shifted. He looked at Bella desperately. He wanted her to say it was all a joke, that she was never going to kill anyone.

"Bella, will you ever kill a human?"

Bella shrugged. "I don't know, dad. I really hope not. From what I've heard from Carlisle, training and adapting the vegetarian lifestyle is easier as a newborn. Right now I don't have the habit of feeding on human blood."

"We are going to take care of her," Edward assured Charlie, "but if it gets out that we're vampires we'll have to leave."

"I'll go with them if they do," Bella said firmly.

"Oh no you won't!"

Bella looked like she was going to dissolve into dry tears again. She turned and ran upstairs. Edward followed. He didn't use his vampire speed as Bella had, Charlie had been through enough after all, so he got up to her room well after she did. She was laying on her bed crying into her pillow. Edward laid down and held her. He felt her hand cover his and she turned into his arms.

"I'm scared," she mumbled against his neck. "I'm so scared he'll let me leave without a second thought."

Edward kissed the top of her head. He held her tight while she cried. He wanted to know who did this. He knew it would help Bella cope with the change. Knowing that it was Carlisle that changed him allowed Edward to get closure on his death. Carlisle had been wonderful as far as makers go. He had sat patiently while Edward screamed his frustrations and anger. He had even let Edward go off on his own to find his own life and come into terms with his new eternal life. Carlisle had also calmly took the verbal venting from Esme and Rosalie. Emmett had gone into the new life fairly easily when it came to accepting it, as had Alice.

"When did you last feed?" Edward asked.

"Um...a while before I ran into you. I drank a deer."

"Alright. Tomorrow we'll go hunting together."

"You really want to see me sloppily drink?" Bella asked.

"I believe so yes," Edward sighed with a smile. He kissed her forehead and felt her smile. He tilted her chin up and kissed her lips. "Let me take your mind off of it."

"How?" Bella asked, genuinely confused. Edward wasn't one to initiate passionate kissing so that was ruled out. She didn't know what he could possibly do to take her mind off of being a vampire. She felt something different against her thigh.


"I'm sorry...this is embarrassing."

"What brought that on?" Bella giggled.

"Thinking about you hunting. Primal and with your clothes torn. Also you're against me."

"What do you propose?"


Bella looked at him and saw that he wasn't kidding. She sat up and looked at him. "You're serious?"

"Of course. Not my dream proposal but it fits."

Bella tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

"You were planning this?"

"Of course," he shrugged, sitting up with her, "Bella I love you. I daydream about a future with you."


Edward looked at her, slightly confused. "What do you mean why?"

"Why would you want forever with me?"

"Don't you want that with me?" He asked, still confused. "I mean you begged me not to leave you a few times."

"I know, but that's because you're something so high above me. I mean you're like a god compared to me."

Edward smiled and cupped her face in his hands. He kissed her lightly on the lips. "Do you have any concept of how I see you? You love me even though I almost got you killed. You still look at me and aren't disgusted by what I am."

"I'm that too now."

"Yes, but you are still so pure. If you kill it will be an accident. I hunted people Bella. I stalked a human who was planning on raping and killing a woman and then pulled him off of her, dragged him several blocks down and killed him. I played god, Bella, I decided who lived and died. I was presumptuous enough to try to be a god. Yet, after all that, I have been blessed to have just one kiss from you, one deep gaze, one chance to hear you say that you loved me. Bella you don't know how wrong you are when you say I am the the prize and you are the..."

Bella kissed him hard. So hard they fell back and his head cracked against the wall, leaving a dent.

"Is that a yes?"

"As long as Alice doesn't get carried away."

"I can't promise that," Edward chuckled.

"Fine, but can it just be your family and mine?"

"You can chose the guests yourself," Edward promised.

Bella smiled and kissed him. "Then yes. I will marry you."

Edward smiled and kissed her deeply. Bella loved his taste, it was so sweet and warm, like the sunshine. His hands slipped around her and she was trapped in his arms. She felt erotic the way her hips fell to be straddling his. She could feel his excitement against her groin and it made her feel so hot.

He was a teenage boy. That was a fact that Bella and Edward often forgot. He wasn't one to get carried away and that fact could have been verified by everyone he knew and until recently, including Bella. But it seemed that his girlfriend's fragility in her human state was all that held him back. Now that she wasn't breakable, the teenager came out and suddenly their virtues didn't seem to matter anymore. Which is why his hands slipped down to cup her bottom. Bella moaned softly against his lips and urged their kiss further. Their tongues explored each other for the first time.

Bella rolled her hips and Edward groaned. When she rolled her hips again he met her, increasing the sensation. They were both surprised when Bella pulled back.

"What is it?" he asked, confused. He then realized the pain he had been putting her through every time he pulled away for her safety. It sucked! He wanted to keep kissing her darn it! He wanted to keep grinding against her hips, feeling her dampen and warm up slowly.

"I don't think sex is a good idea," she said, sitting up. The added pressure wasn't helping his erection any. In fact it pushed closer to where he really wanted to be.

"Why not?"

"Well Charlie is home and I don't want to break my bed."

"Fair enough."

"Besides," she sighed moving to lay beside him, "waiting until we're married sounds really romantic. Like you said remember? You gave that whole speech about our virtues and waiting until we were married so it would be special."

"Damn me and my nobility," Edward grumbled.

"Oh sweetie I've been saying that since the first time you broke a kiss because it was going too far."

"Yes but that was because you were breakable."

"Oh you are so cute when you're normal and horny."

Edward pouted and she kissed him lightly. "Know my pain sweetheart."

"God you're so wonderful for putting up with my desire to preserve your humanity."

"Sarcasm isn't your forte, my love," Bella giggled. Edward stuck his tongue out and held her. "This feels different."

"What do you mean? Being a vampire?"

"No, I mean us," Bella murmured. "You're so natural now."

"I'm the same as I was," Edward assured her, "I haven't changed."

"No," Bella agreed, "but you were so cautious. Now it's like a weight has been lifted."

"A weight has been lifted," Edward murmured with a smile, "you aren't breakable anymore. I can hold you as tight as I'd like and kiss you as hard as you'll let me. Your blood isn't tempting me and reminding me that I'm a vampire. For a moment back there I almost forgot."

Bella smiled and traced his lower lip with her finger. "God we should just to go Vegas tonight."

"Aw but I want to see you in whatever designer gown Alice forces you into."

Bella groaned and he laughed. He hugged her and kissed her forehead. Things were going to be difficult but wonderful from now on.


Family time was an uncomfortable event. As far as the town of Forks knew, Bella had a horrible flu that was keeping her confined to her bed. Carlisle was making home visits and keeping her in semi quarantine. Edward was keeping her up with school. Charlie couldn't stand Edward being near him now that he knew the family secret.

"Carlisle's here," Bella said from the sofa where her math book was open in her lap. Charlie looked out the window and saw the mercedes pull into the driveway. To keep up the story he made regular visits so the neighbors could see. Charlie sighed when there was the usual knock. He got up and let the doctor in.

"Evening Charlie," Carlisle said with a smile. He was friendly as always. Bella wished she could one day have the insanely massive heart that Carlisle had. Charlie used to have nothing but utmost respect for the doctor but after learning of his true nature he was wary and bitter. Carlisle completely understood, unlike Bella who screamed at her father until she would have been blue in the face for not accepting her.

"How are you today Bella?"

"Bored," Bella muttered bitterly, "house arrest blows."

"Yeah it does," Carlisle agreed, "I had to endure it when I was in Chicago. There weren't very may cloudy days."

"Let me guess, you fry in the sun?"

"Sparkle like a fairy," Carlisle sighed. "It's obvious to humans when they see it. No, in Chicago I was a night surgeon. That's when I met Edward. He told me the good news today, a week late. Congratulations."

"Thanks. He wanted to wait until he got the ring ready for me. He wanted to get it polished even though I thought it was fine."

"As far as Edward is concerned nothing is good enough for you," Carlisle chuckled. "So aside from being bored how have you been?"

"It's hard being a vampire. Edward told me how the thirst was painful but I didn't get just how painful."

Carlisle nodded in agreement. "It dulls over time. You're a newborn so right now everything is far more intense, everything from the blood lust to emotions. Your crying should wrap up any day now."

"Good, I'm tired of random sobbing fits. The last one happened this morning when Edward was getting my homework and he thought it was something he did."

"That's Edward all over."

"How long will this be going on?" Charlie asked.

"The pretending she's sick? Probably for another few weeks. Then I'm going to recommend she be transferred to a hospital in Phoenix. She won't go but she'll essentially be erased from Forks."

"So I'll be stick inside."

"If you like you can move in with us so you'll have a group support. The kids can help you keep up with your studies and when we move you are more than welcome to come with us, during which you will start as a sophomore at a new high school."

Carlisle looked like he was going to say something else but he stopped talking as he seemed to hear something.

"You have company I'm afraid," he told Charlie, "I don't wish to impose further upon your life but if you wish to keep this story believable you can't have visitors."

"Relax, doctor," Charlie said, saying doctor seemed difficult now, "Billy insisted."

Carlisle looked at Bella and spoke loud enough for only her to hear. "This will mean trouble."

"Why?" Bella asked, a little louder than she had meant to.

"Because Billy is a dear friend of mine and as you are aware I'm going through a difficult time. Please Bella, understand just once."

"If you would like me to help you as well with the transition I can," Carlisle offered.

"Don't bother," Bella mumbled, beginning to cry dry tears again. "I may as well have died."

Charlie got the door when Billy knocked. The moment he and Jacob came in they stiffened. Billy was gripping the wheels of his chair tight and Jacob was in shock. He saw Bella and their eyes locked. He tried to take in all of what he saw, her pale skin and her red eyes. Then he looked at Carlisle.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" He screamed, running at Carlisle before Billy could stop him. Carlisle simply moved swiftly to the side and before Jake could do anything further he was pinned on the ground.

"Now you see here Cullen, you get off my boy now or Sam will hear of this attack."

"A retaliation, Billy," Carlisle said calmly, "I'm simply preventing Jacob from doing something rash. This is hardly the place."

"What in the world are you two talking about?!" Charlie cried. "Don't tell me there's something wrong with you too Jake!"

"What did you do to Bella?!"

"Carlisle let him go," Bella said standing, "Jake calm down."

"Calm down!? Your stupid boyfriend did this I know it! Him or Dr. Fang!"

"Hey now, none of that," Carlisle scolded lightly.

Charlie was in shock. Jacob, who was roughly six foot five now, was being held down by someone much smaller than him. Carlisle couldn't have been more than six two at best and looked like he weighed in the one eighties. But yet he was restraining a big strong boy like Jacob without showing any sign of effort.

"Don't be surprised Charlie, this is actually much more difficult than it looks. If he keeps it up I may have to ask Bella to assist me."

"Y-you know about the whole situation too?!" Charlie asked in shock.

"Charlie there are things we are bound by tribe law to keep secret," Billy said grimly, "but the short of it is we are the world's natural defense against vampires."

"I wouldn't go that far Billy but well handled. Jacob I will let you go now if you will behave and be civil like your grandfather was."

"Don't talk about my grandfather leech!"

"I had a lot of respect for your grandfather and I know this was certainly not the way he carried things."

"Jake, enough," Billy said with a nod, "let him up."

Carlisle nodded and moved. Jacob stood and went to Bella.

"You're like ice," he moaned, "Bella I could have stopped this if I had only known what he was from the start."

"Relax macho man Edward didn't bite me. I don't know who did but we're thinking it may have been a vampire wanting revenge."

Charlie decided then to break from his shock. "What to you mean revenge?!"

"Charlie there is so much I haven't told you," Bella said, turning to her father, "like the real reason I left for Phoenix."

"Care to explain?" Charlie cried.

Bella nodded. "Remember when Edward said he was taking me to play baseball? Well some nomad vampires found us. James, the tracker and leader of the coven, smelled my blood and wanted a taste. When Edward and his family shielded me it presented a challenge to him. I was really injured in the ballet studio. James bit me then but Edward managed to save me by sucking the venom out which I still thing was a terrible idea as Carlisle has much better control."

"Yes but if I had abandoned the large hole in your head you would have died," Carlisle reminded her smoothly. "Edward did a wonderful job and learned that he could resist your blood because he loved you so much."

"So you and your family almost got my daughter killed," Charlie asked, clarifying.

"We stopped a nomad vampire who does feed on humans from killing her," Carlisle clarified calmly.

"But if she had never gotten involved with you or your family she wouldn't have been in danger in the first place," Jacob added.

"Oh for the love of god you guys are being so stupid. It's the past! It's over and done with! Dad, I'm a vampire and no amount of finger pointing will change that."

"How do we know it wasn't one of yours?" Billy asked, shocking them all as he had been very quiet.

"Because we were in Italy at the time."

"And you expect us to believe that? You are over three centuries old if I remember correctly."

"Three sixty, you're correct."

"Surely in that time you have perfected the art of deceit," Billy growled angrily.

"Yes, I have, but only to keep my family safe. If one of my children had done this to Bella they would be severely punished as it was violently against her will."

"You are a doctor right?" Billy asked. "The only one of your family to withstand the bloodlust right?"

"I don't appreciate your accusations. I care for Bella like my own children, my son is deeply in love with her and I would not hurt her. Do not insult me by accusing me of such violence," Carlisle growled. Bella had never seen Carlisle anything beyond stern before and it was a little unsettling. Billy looked like he was going strong. The bottom line came down to somehow Billy knew what the family was and had a deep dislike and distrust of the Cullen family. Nothing was going to change his mind, and worse, he seemed to be bringing Charlie to his way of thinking.

"I accuse, doctor Cullen, because you are notorious for giving your children whatever they desire, and your son desired Bella forever."

"My son was very against changing her."

"Unlikely. You changed her against her will."

"Alight stop," Bella said loudly and angrily. "The vampire that bit me was a woman. It wasn't Rosalie, Esme or Alice. I don't know what little quarrel you boys have going but you will stop fighting."

"Bella this is older than you or I," Billy told her.

"Oh shove it I don't care. You have an ancient grudge, big whoop."

"Bella you're being rude!"

"I'm being rude?! Dad you're taking his side already I can tell! It's all because you hate Edward!"

"He got you mixed up in a world you had no need be a part of!"

"That's it," Bella cried throwing her hands up, "I'm leaving! I'm faster than all of you so don't bother following!"

In a blink Bella was gone leaving her soon to be father-in-law alone with her dad and his two friends.