Author's Note: This just came to me. It might be a huge flop but I just couldn't resist giving it a try. This is a batch of drabbles that tell a story in short quick pieces (I hope). This is definitely alternate universe here so nobody is who they were in the show. Male/male action too.

"Okay, you bitches! Who took my new thong?"

"Huh! Get him!" Chance Furlong, a handsome blond stripper with a well defined and powerful body, snorted derisively, flipping a thumb back at the complainer, as he continued to dress for his set. "Look tall, dark, and over ones coped your probably left it in your kit bag last night," he said, addressing the fuming performer.

"No I didn't! I just bought that yesterday and made sure I had it on me today......."

"No you didn't cause you ain't wearing it now sweet stop your whining and get dressed or Sheron is going to be pissed at you!" Jake Clawson, a crimson furred, lean bodied dancer warned as he put on the final touches to his costume and headed out the door.

"Shit!" Ulysses Feral swore as he stormed toward his dressing area and hurriedly changed, his dark brown furred and powerfully built body bristling with annoyance. 'Every time I buy something new for my act, some meathead steals it. When I get my paws on whoever is the thief, I'll......' his rant drifting off in his mind as he focused on getting dressed in a hurry.