Three months and two days later, the commitment ceremony was held at Mr. Sheron's beautiful home. There was plenty of good food and a cake with a stripper motif. As its topper, an incredibly accurate image of a nearly nude Uly had been made of him taking off his thong before his tux clad mate.

The newly bonded pair were snazzy in their twin tuxes. Just before the ceremony, Uly's mom had fussed for some minutes getting her son's tie done properly and cried tears of joy at seeing her son so happy. His little sister was thrilled, wearing her new dress of pink and gold satin.

Sheron had insisted Uly's mother and sister live in an apartment he'd provided for them on the floor below his penthouse so they would be near their son and brother. Leon had refused to take a no and said it was a commitment gift to his mate.

Mrs. Feral sigh and accepted. The apartment was beautiful and fully furnished. She'd never dreamed of living in something so grand. It would take some getting used to.

During the toasts, Jake was pronounced the winner of the betting pool and had collected $1000. Everyone had a good laugh and there were champagne toasts given by nearly everyone attending and many funny and useful gifts opened.

When the party was finally over and the guests and caterers had left, Leon escorted his new mate to their bedroom.

Slowly they undressed each other while giving hot kisses. When they were down to their underwear, Leon laughed suddenly. Uly was wearing one of his fancier thongs of a glittery royal blue.

"You like?"

"Oh, definitely, just as much as I liked all the others I snitched from you," Leon grinned evilly.

Uly's eyebrows rose to his hairline. "You were the one stealing all my fancy thongs?" He said in shocked surprise.

Leon laughed and pulled his mate close for a passionate kiss. When they came up for air he said, "all I can say in my defense was even then I was madly in love with you but the thongs were all I could have at that moment."

Ulysses laughed as well. "Well, at least I know a common thief didn't take them.......only an uncommon lover-to-be," he purred softly as he pulled his mate to the bed.

Leon's eyes glowed hotly as his fingers reached out and pulled the thong off his beloved mate.

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