Title: Invisible Death

Author: Darkmoon666/Moony

Words: 4690

Posted: 9. September 2009

Main Characters: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy

Rating: Overall: M, this chapter: Heavy T

Warning: Slash!!! Yaoi!! Boy/Boy love!

Summary: Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts for his missed seventh year and the Animagi transformation. Students no longer need to become registered, so Harry wanders about as a thestral. Who is the matching thestral in his dreams? LEMON! SLASH! DM/HP

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or his friends/minions/teachers/torturers. They belong to J. K. Rowling, her napkins, and those hotshots who publish what was written on said napkins. I just take amusement from screwing up said character's lives lives.

Author's Note: This was originally supposed to be a one-shot…but I guess I got carried away about half-way through. I apologize for out-of-characterness for most of the mentioned people that I don't own.

Why the title 'Invisible Death?'

Thestrals are invisible unless a person has seen death. Thus, with a thestral Animagus, the person is invisible without a spell while transformed, unless the viewer of the thestral has seen death before.

The meadow in no way relates to the one in Twilight. I forgot about the aforementioned meadow, and do not feel like going back and replacing all the scenes where it is placed as the setting.

Harry smiled as he looked into his mind. He saw his Animagus form dancing through the shadows of the Forbidden Forest. The thick black tail swatted flies away as teeth nipped at raw meat. Milky eyes gazed around as another form appeared from the dark. The coat was just as dark, the body as bony, and the wings as silken, as his own.

He jerked from the trance as Ron shuffled into the room and landed with a loud bounce on the bed next to his. "Hey mate, what's up?"

"Just figuring out what my form is. Why do you ask?" Harry didn't particularly want to get involved in the discussion. He knew he was a thestral, but hadn't yet done the change. He just wanted to know who the other one was. Did Harry have another thestral-form, or was the Revealing slightly prophetic?

"Well, what is it? Mine's a fox; they're said to be cunning and sly, things like that," Ron said. A fox fit well; Ron had bright red hair, and he was an amazing strategist, if his chess games were any clue.

"I haven't a clue; that's why I was figuring it out," Harry said, getting testy with the questions.

Ron did nothing but gather his cloak. "I'm going on a date with Lavender," he said in response to the sharp gaze of his best friend. It was a week before the thirty-first of October, Halloween, so Harry guessed Ron would be back sometime later. A dance was to be held Halloween night, so Headmistress McGonagall had set the Saturday as a Hogsmeade break for the older students.

Hermione and Ron didn't last long. A few months after the battle, they broke up over something stupid, and stayed apart. Harry personally thought it was a good move; the tension was gone, though the friendship wasn't the same as it was before.

Soon after the breakup, Ron was back with Lavender, while Hermione ventured into the House of Slytherin, currently dating one Theodore Nott. He turned out to not be a Death Eater. Rather, he was neutral, involved in neither side. Both were happy couples, if slightly airheaded.

Harry settled back against his pillows and fell into the trance. His form was happily munching on a dead animal while another thestral was pressed against his side. He couldn't tell if it was male or female, though he hoped for the former. Harry, after trying again with Ginny, determined he was gay not long after. The couple was still the subject of a few laughs at Weasley family dinners, but both had moved on from the relationship.

The teen exhaled in frustration as he gathered his Invisibility cloak and the Marauder's Map. He used both to leave the castle to the unawares of everyone else, and went to a clearing not far in the forest. It was a grassy area, nearly a perfect circle, cleared of trees and rocks.

Harry pulled off his cloak and set it and the map to the side of the clearing. He made sure to place his wand with it, because he was unsure if he could return human with the wood.

He closed his eyes as he stood in the center of the clearing. The cool breeze washed over his flesh as he fell into the trance. He saw the thestrals standing next to each other, leaning into the strong form of the other.

His thestral trotted from the other, and Harry felt its white eyes stare into his own green orbs. His magic spread from his body and twined with the thestral, absorbing its form to change with. The thestral slowly faded from sight, but Harry felt it inside him, expanding, bloodthirsty but affectionate, kicking to get out of the human form it was trapped in.

The magic exploded in a rainbow of colors visible only to Harry as his thestral burst forth. He fell to his knees and palms, and then his side, as the change came upon him. Bones grew from flesh as his limbs, neck, and spine lengthened. His nose and mouth shot forward in his face as his eyes twisted around to view from either side of his head. Sharp teeth pushed through gums as his senses increased in sensitivity.

His shoulder blades unhinged as large bat-like wings burst forth, spreading up and out, then fluttering to rest on the ground. Black silk covered the thin layer of skin as a ragged mane grew from his neck and a long tail pooled on the ground.

He lay on the ground as the pain from the transformation faded to the deepest hollows of his subconscious. The new Transfiguration professor said that, with time, skill, and power, the changes would become faster and less painful, resorting to a moment between each form, and no pain at all.

Harry's nostrils flared as they took in the earthy scent by his nose. He used new muscles to roll a bit until he could get onto the four knees of his thestral-form, before heaving onto unsteady legs. The creature took a few unsteady steps, whinnying out in distress for having no idea what was going on. Harry and the thestral shared thoughts, but the other animal's instincts greatly overwhelmed his own.

He shook all over as joints locked in their rightful places. The giant wings spread wide and flapped to get rid of the stiffness before folding along his sides. The black tail whipped through the air as muscles bunched before Harry took off in a gallop through the clearing to the safety of the trees.

His eyes saw no shadows as the milky white orbs discerned leaf from leaf on the forest floor. He saw no other beings throughout his explorations. Harry and his thestral wandered through the forest, learning the new form until the sun came close to setting. He ran through the trees again, making not-a-sound from his hooves on the brush, until the clearing came beneath him.

Harry fell to his knees as he willed the magic to turn him human again. The change was just as painful as he shrunk to a smaller size. He managed to stay upright as it occurred. One difference was, as his shoulders hooked together again, the wings imprinted into his sides, becoming a smooth tattoo within his skin, pitch black against the creamy flesh.

Harry stood, his legs trembling from the strain. He pulled his sweatshirt tighter around his form when the wind swirled in the tree-less area. The teen hobbled to his cloak, map, and wand, getting used to two legs again after his hours as a thestral. He waited a moment, savoring the feel of the clearing and his accomplishment, and slipped the invisibility cloak over his body and making his way back to the castle, joining in with students pulled from Hogsmeade by hungry bellies.

Harry ascended the stairs to the Common Room then to the dorm, which was empty as his friends were at dinner. He folded the cloak and map and placed them under the pillow before making his way back to his friends.


The Friday night before Halloween had Harry romping around the grounds alone in his thestral form. His heavy wings, the tattoos unnoticed by his dorm mates, were pumping the air gently as he prepared to jump and fly.

After many hours of practice in the free time he had, Harry had bonded with his Animagus form. Both forms felt natural, and the change from one to another was as quick as his godfather's change had been once upon a time.

Harry let the thestrals instincts take over to launch him in the air, beating wings against the still air as he soared above the forest. He saw other shadows belonging to other thestrals, but he kept his distance even if he was curious. His thestral side knew how to interact, but Harry wanted the quiet his Animagus form brought him.

Ron and Hermione had been after him all week about where he was going every other moment. They wanted to know if he had found his form yet, to which he responded he was still looking. Harry wanted to keep something to himself until he was ready to come out about it. After all, his coming out gay had a few of his friends shocked, until Dean and Seamus admitted they had been shagging since fifth year. Neville had remained a good friend, along with Ron, while Hermione gave him calculating glances when she thought he wasn't looking.

Hermione was the one to come to Harry when Ron wasn't around to ask if he had a boyfriend, or a date to take to the dance. He blushed with the onslaught of questions while denying all.

Aside from the questions from his friends, Harry's dreams were invaded by visions of the two thestrals he had seen while finding his form. He still had no idea who the other thestral was, or if it were human or pure animal. The dreams got more intense as the week wore on, until Harry didn't want to sleep the eve before Halloween.

Hence, Harry was outside flying in the glimmer of stars and the pale light from the fading moon. His coat threw the light in shades of white, grey, and black. He was a beautiful creature out and about when no humans were around.

Finally, Harry was exhausted enough to land near the main doors. There were two statues on either side of the doors, new additions since the war ended, and he had hidden his cloak and the map, along with his wand, behind one of them. Harry normally would have just entered the building in his Animagus form, but after the war, and so many people having seen people die, the thestral wasn't inconspicuous. If a prefect found him as a thestral, they would know either a student was out of bed, or an animal had broken through the wards, and Harry would be in big trouble.

He simply shifted back to his human form, activated the map with his wand, viewing it with the spell Lumos, and covered himself with the cloak. Harry made his way silently to the dorm, ignoring the protests of the fat lady as she opened so late at night.


The next day was Halloween. When the students entered the Great Hall for breakfast that morning, they were excited by the sights. Giant pumpkins grown by Hagrid were carved into faces and filled with glowing candles. Candles floated, unlit, by the ceiling, which showed a fine day for All Hallows Eve.

McGonagall made an announcement about the dance that night. "Tonight is the dance, a costume party. Students not wearing appropriate wear will be permitted to change, otherwise they may not enter. Younger years are to leave at eleven P.M. sharp. For the two seventh years, there is a separate party that will end at three. Fifth year students with older dates are permitted to attend the older party, though they must retire at one o'clock with the sixth years." Moans and groans were heard from the younger years at the bed time, while the older students smiled greatly for what would turn out to be a great night. After all, there were two classes of seventh years. There was the class of seventh years that had come back to finish, and then the class that had been sixth years before the Final Battle.

Harry sat at the table between Ron and Hermione, the former entertaining his girlfriend, the latter penning a note to her date across the room. Harry had no date, nor did he wish to have one. He would go to the party, dressed up, though he would probably leave halfway through.

He thought of a costume to wear and grinned. Harry had a marvelous idea, and he knew just the thing. Was he ever grateful for magic at that point?


Harry arrived late to the party, and alone compared to his friends, who had left at least an hour ago. He wanted a chance to change without them seeing what he was doing before showing up.

A few gasps from the sober people (McGonagall felt that it was the seventh year's last Halloween, and let them indulge, though the bar was only open for the of-age students) made him smile.

He was dressed in tight black leather pants with knee-high boots, placed on him by magic. Harry then achieved partial Animagus transformation, something he had been working on the sidelines for. His eyes were the milky white of a thestral, and his teeth were sharp. He had real blood dripping in trails down his lips onto his bare chest.

The tattooed wings that normally adorned his back were no longer tattoos, but projected out from between his shoulder blades. Harry kept his wings loosely folded so as to keep them out of the way, but enough was visible that everyone could tell what they were at first glance.

His hair, grown into the length of the mane he had as a thestral, was pure black and contrasted wonderfully with his skin. It tickled his jaw in some places and his shoulders in others. From the crown of his head, his smooth ears stuck out, twitching around to catch sound.

In Harry's partial form as a thestral, he was visible to all the people in attendance, regardless of whether or not they had seen a person die. An Animagus as a thestral was only completely hidden from sight if they were fully changed into the creature.

Harry found none of his friends, so he simply sat at the bar with a glass of fire whiskey. It wasn't the best drink around, but the burn it gave on the way down was comforting. He stopped once he was pleasantly buzzed, because any more would give him a hangover. Besides, Harry had no idea how a drunken part-thestral, part-Boy-Who-Lived would fare at a party with Slytherins.

Considering the Slytherins, Harry finally spotted Hermione and Theo, which he preferred to be called, dancing in the middle of the floor with drinks carelessly gripped in the hands not twined together. Not far away were a couple more pairs, namely Neville with his boyfriend Blaise Zabini, and Dean and Seamus. Ron was off to the edge with Lavender, who was conversing with the Patil twins as Ron looked on in awe. Drunken awe, maybe, but he looked at Lavender with awe anyway.

Harry rolled his eyes and got up from his bar stool, courtesy of the Headmistress, to go and dance with his friends. Sometimes, being the third wheel wasn't the best priority to go. He brought another drink with him against his common sense as he wove his way through the crowds of people, occasionally pausing to dance with one boy or girl that caught his attention.

He was dancing with Dean and Seamus later on when another party-go'r caught his attention. Draco Malfoy was dressed as a thestral too, though he had forgone the bloodstained teeth, shaggy black hair, and pointed ears. Harry danced his way to the other teen curiously.

They may not have gotten along together, but Malfoy was quite attractive, and Harry may have had one-to-many drinks so early in the night. "So, Malfoy," Harry purred into the blonde's ear, his fingers tracing the spinal cord between the two wings. "Is this your Animagus form, or are you just interested in dressing up as a thestral for All Hallows?"

Malfoy groaned and pressed back into the touch, even though his wings crumpled uncomfortably against Harry's chest. "That's for me to know," the blonde said with his eyes closed and his head on Harry's shoulder, "and for you to find out at another time." He opened his eyes, revealing the same milky white orbs as Harry, and found to his surprise that it was Harry.

Malfoy's eyes widened comically before he spun around gracefully to face Harry, his wings flaring dramatically behind him.

"Drama Queen," Harry muttered.

The blonde boy glared, and it was quite frightening with no pupil to add to the look. Harry figured that's what his eyes looked like too, for he knew he was glaring at the moment.

"I heard that, Potter," the boy hissed at him.

"What are you going to do about it, then?" Harry asked, tossing his head as if he was a thestral at the moment. It was seen as a challenge by other dominant males, and Malfoy took it upon himself to respond. "I see it is your Animagus form, then," Harry mused.

His eyes widened again, and he took a step closer to Harry, able to look down into his white eyes from two inches taller. "That's my secret; don't go telling anyone, Potter, or I'll know who to come after," he said before engaging Harry in a dance to the music still pulsing around them. Malfoy's pants were beige leather that offset his skin enough that it looked as white as his eyes. His feet were in simple ankle-high brown flats, and yet he was still taller than Harry.

The two boys lost themselves in the music and danced for hours, occasionally brushing skin on skin and quietly whimpering at the lost contact when it disappeared. The two thestral-boys weren't interrupted, though they were given considering glances from their friends when a group danced around them.

By one-thirty, the younger years were all gone, leaving only the most sturdy seventh years partying. Some students had passed out drunken on sofas sporadically lining the walls, and the bar tender, a barmaid hired from Hogsmeade, had left, leaving the taps open for the teenagers.

The music tapered down to a mix in the background, pre-recorded so the DJ could leave when he felt like it. Some of the seventh years sat in circles on the floor with bottles, playing games such as I Never, Truth or Dare, and Spin the Bottle.

Harry and Draco finished their last dance before the brunette yawned largely. His subconscious started pulling away parts of his thestral form. His mane fell completely to his chin in strait, flat strands, sticking up no where. His ears melted into the sides of his head and formed human flesh again. The teeth were absorbed into the gums as the dried blood soaked into his skin and disappeared. Harry's eyes gained color as the white seemed to break in the center, spiraling out into waves of green and black. The pitch black wings pulled in closer to his body, and into the skin, forming the black tattoos disappearing into his pant line.

"No glasses, Potter?" Draco asked, coherent enough for one question.

He shook his head and explained how he got his vision corrected after the Final Battle. "Good night, Draco," Harry said to his dance partner. He gave him a swift kiss underneath his chin before leaving the buzzed blonde to stand in place, slightly swaying to the beat of the background music. His feet led him to his Slytherin friends even as his eyes watched the tattooed back of Potter leave the party.

The tattoos stirred something in the back of his mind, but Draco was too knackered to care at the moment. His attention returned to his friends, who even in their pissed states still managed to wiggle eyebrows suggestively. Draco leered at them while he sipped from a bottle of butter beer.

The liquid soothed some of the alcohol in his system as he drank and watched his friends. At two-forty-five, the party was coming to a close, many of the students asleep on the couches or gone back to the dorms. It was then Draco remembered about the tattoos he had seen on Potter's back.

Why didn't he realize it earlier? After all, when Draco's wings were retracted, he had the same markings.


Harry left the party once he had pulled his wings in. He went to Gryffindor dorms with a slight headache as the alcohol played around with his system, but he gathered his cloak and wand with him anyway, foregoing a shirt as he slipped the silvery material over his head.

The teen ducked out the portrait hole, and pretty much flew down the stairs to come to an abrupt halt at the massive doors. He pushed one open and made sure it closed behind him as he snuck from the castle. Harry stored his cloak in a pocket once he was out of the light, and changed to his thestral form.

He took off into the air, a large shape against the pale light reflecting off the castle. Harry glided on the updrafts for a while before he touched down in the forest. The boy changed back to human with a whispered parting to his other side before he collapsed to the ground and rolled so he could see the sky. The stars were bright, but Harry didn't have enough care at the moment to tell the difference between the constellations.
He sighed as he closed his eyes and thought over that night. Who ever guessed that Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy would dance together at a school dance? It may not have been slow dancing, but the two were pretty close.

Why did Harry tease the taller teen with no tricks in mind? And why did Malfoy agree to it?

Harry shook his head to dispel the questions as he squirmed in the grasses to get comfortable. He didn't feel much like moving at the moment, so he transfigured a few leaves into a pillow and blankets. Harry stretched out on the ground, and slept under the stars.


He dreamed of white flesh over his own, smooth lips on skin, pale hair fanning across grey eyes. Alluring, tender touches drifted over the panes of his chest as he arched into the contact.

He was nuzzled in the neck by a thestral bigger than him, but just as familiar as his own. Affection was known in each pass of smooth fur on fur, each brush of wings opened wide as they flew together.

The thestrals landed and changed back to human shape, his going to black hair and green eyes with slightly tanned skin. The other was pale all over, even his eyes, as if he never changed back completely. He was untamed wilderness, as was his own form.

The only difference in the even tones was the black tattoos of wings on his back, spreading down his buttocks and thighs to touch the back of his knees. They matched as they held one another, lips pressing on lips and skin and hair. Fingers brought shivers to flesh as they passed over sensitive skin.

Sighs filled the air of the clearing as the two marked each other as thestral and human.


Harry woke to the sun beating into his eyes. He hissed as the light drilled into his head, agitating the hangover he earned himself from last night's drinking. The teen moaned as he rid the blankets and pillow and donned the cloak over his body.

His dreams the past night were quite confusing, and Harry knew he should remember what exactly occurred. However, he was quite tired, so Harry stopped thinking as he snuck back into the castle up to Gryffindor. It was quite early on a Sunday morning, so he knew no one would be in the Common Room. Either way, Harry kept his cloak on as he walked up the staircase to his dorm, where his friends laid behind their curtains, snores filling the air.

Harry climbed into his bed and pulled the curtains shut around him, cheerfully blocking out the sunlight. He reclined on the soft mattress and hoped sleep claimed him, if only to dispel the hangover.


He was woken again a few hours later by Ron, who claimed Hermione had hangover potions they could drink as long as they went down for lunch. Harry followed his friend once he had changed, still rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He was grateful to not have dreamed again once he returned, but Harry still puzzled over the features and thestral haunting his dreams.

Harry smiled gratefully at Hermione as he took the potion from her hand and swallowed the concoction down, grimacing at the taste. He served himself food from the table to his plate and laughed as Ron topped his plate with enough to feed four people. Of course, Ron was able to eat that much in one sitting, regardless of the manners. Harry chewed, glanced around him and eyed the Slytherin table, and froze in place, even his jaw ceasing movement.

Draco Malfoy perfectly matched the person from his dream, and Harry realized the boy was a thestral Animagus too, if the past night was any clue.

Malfoy's silvery-grey eyes flicked up from his nearly empty plate. His eyes made contact with Harry's, whose green orbs were still widened from shock. The darker boy stood up with a quiet "I'm not hungry," to his friends as he escaped the room. He nearly raced out the doors to the outside.


His mind was whirring with thoughts over the green-to-white eyes that had haunted his dreams the previous night. The silky skin against his own was supposedly forbidden, yet his dream-self worshiped it.

Draco glanced up from his plate where he had been toying with his food, and watched Harry Potter go into shock. He saw Potter glance at him and freeze, so he met his eyes with his own. Pale eyes opened dramatically when they met green eyes identical to those of his dream. He was slightly shaken when Potter broke the contact and ran away, but he figured he'd better follow him.

Draco grabbed a roll of bread from the table and stood with a cold glare at Pansy. She knew he was gay, though maybe not openly, but she still wanted to know everything at all times. Her protests were cut off before her mouth had even opened.

The blonde left the Great Hall and saw the giant doors swinging closed. He hurried to catch them before they thudded in the frames. Draco squeezed between the doors and watched as Potter ran towards the forest.

Rather than waste time running after the Boy-Who-Lived, Draco glanced behind him to make sure none of the students or teachers followed him out and then transformed to his thestral. The movement was smooth, and soon he was taking to the skies with pumps of his large wings. He saw Potter run into the trees, and decided to follow where the boy went from the ground.

Draco was quite surprised to see the teen in the clearing he always occupied. He wasn't aware that he shared the space with anyone, none-the-less another Animagus. Harry shifted to his form before his white eyes, faster than Draco had ever changed. He literally fell forward as a human and landed as a thestral, his wings spreading wide over his back.

The watcher succumbed to his instincts and tossed his head and trotted over to Harry. With a nicker, he greeted the other thestral, who stared at him with blank white eyes. Draco moved to Harry and nuzzled his neck as the other stood motionless. The still one fell prey to his thestral and joined in, not to be outdone by the dominant.

The two thestrals started a game of chase through the Forbidden Forest, and ended by tearing into the flesh of a felled buck. They stood side by side as sharp teeth dug into cooling tissue, flanks pressed together as lungs contracted and expanded at the same rate. Hours passed and the sun fell, unnoticed from the shadows of the trees.

One thestral huffed in exhaustion, galloping through the trees to the clearing, where they swiftly dropped back to Harry Potter on the soft grasses. He felt the warm press of a body behind his and fell into a dreamless sleep in the embrace of one Draco Malfoy.

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