Title: Invisible Death

Author: SweetlyDesolated/Deso

Words: 3324

Main Characters: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy (and pairing)

Rating: M for SLASH, YAOI, boy/boy love (whatever floats your boat)!

Warning: LEMON! Like, BAM, right away…

Summary: Harry Potter, in the aftermath of the Final Battle, returns to Hogwarts for his missed seventh year and the Animagi transformation. With new laws down, students no longer need to become registered, so Harry wanders about as a thestral. Who is the matching creature in his dreams? Lemon! SLASH! DM/HP

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or his friends/minions/teachers/torturers. They belong to J. K. Rowling, her napkins, and those hotshots who publish what was written on said napkins. I just take amusement from screwing up their (the characters') lives.

Claimer: The ideas used in this story are all mine, so I own that.

Author's Note: This is now part 3 of (stupid muse, better go dig a hole) 3 parts. I apologize for the wait! And it picks up a little bit after lunch of the same day as the latter half or so of Part 2. (Sorry for the confusion of that last sentence!!)

Welcome to Part 3…



Harry woke with his back to Draco, and found his mate's morning wood nestled between his buttocks. Slyly, Harry smirked as he slithered a few inches up the bed until Draco's organ was right at his entrance. Slowly, so as to not wake the blond, Harry impaled himself on the dick, holding in a moan at the intrusion. He was sore from the previous night, but the sensations of being filled were still as amazing as ever.

He thrust his hips back, pushing Draco deeper into his willing body. Still, his mate slept on. Harry worked himself into a light sweat, and was soon aching for his orgasm to come. He kept off from touching himself as it took both arms to get Draco's dead-to-the-morning body to keep coming in and out of his entrance.

Suddenly, just when Harry was about to reach his orgasm, he felt Draco's fingers inch their way across his body, down his chest, to pinch around his erection, stopping the blood flow. Harry finally groaned aloud and again even louder when his mate thrust himself hard against Harry's prostate. "Yes – Draco – Merlin – there!" Harry cried out. He couldn't very well get off with his mate's hand preventing the blood circulating in his cock, but Harry screamed at the pleasure all the same. His fingers of his left hand were wound tightly into Draco's blond hair, and he could feel his mate's damp breath fanning across his cheek as he was pounded in to. Draco didn't have that bad of morning breath, he thought.

"I love you, my Harry," Draco whispered into Harry's ear before he came with a shout that sounded completely sexy to the smaller man's ears.

Harry moaned even louder as Draco continued to run his dick across his prostate even as his semen was spurting into Harry's rectum. Soon, the organ became limp inside of Harry, so Draco pulled out and rolled over his mate so Harry was on his back staring up at the blond, who squirmed down the brunette's body, coming face-to-face with a purpling member.

Harry howled in pleasure as Draco sucked the head into his mouth while simultaneously pushing three fingers into his arse and curling the tips around the abused bunch of nerves that formed Harry's prostate. "Draco!" he cried as the blond released the base of Harry's aching cock. Said blond deep-throated his desperate mate and worked his muscles over his mate. Harry arched up into the blond's mouth and reached with both hands to grip sweaty hair in a death-grip.

Sperm shot down Draco's throat, and he held his breath so as to swallow his mate's essence. With Draco's fingers still stimulating his prostate, Harry came the hardest he had ever come, screaming out his mate's name.

Draco detached Harry's fingers from his hair with his left hand as the limp penis fell from his mouth. He pulled his fingers from Harry's arse and wiped the remnants of his own cum onto the bed sheets.

~~~~***~~END LEMON~~***~~~~

"What a wonderful wake-up call, I must say," Draco stated once he was spooned around Harry once again. He felt Harry's laughter against his chest, and smiled himself.

"It most certainly was," Harry agreed. "Let's go shower and then eat; I'm quite hungry from all this exercise." He smirked at Draco's protests, but the blond couldn't hold on to him. Harry groaned, and his face twisted into a pain-filled expression as the pain ran from his arse up his spine. It seems he was no longer in post-orgasmic bliss, and the remnants of the past few hours work caught up to him.

Draco caught Harry as he swayed, and swung the smaller mate up into his arms. "Let's take this slower," he commented.

Harry laughed. "I sure wasn't expecting that much pain."

The blond kissed the brunette's forehead and walked to the bathroom where the tub was already filling up with steaming, scented water. It was pretty deep water, so Draco smirked as he held his arms above the water and released Harry. His boyfriend plummeted into the depths and came up spluttering. "What the bloody hell was that for?!" he nearly screeched.

Draco shrugged, still smirking. "I thought it would be funny, and it really was." His eyes appraised Harry's wet body, following the lines water droplets rolled against. Draco was totally unprepared for Harry to suddenly surge out of the water, grab him around the shoulders, and pull him into the tub in one smooth movement.

Once the water had been wiped from his eyes, he saw emerald orbs glinting maliciously. Draco growled and lunged, unmindful of the water splashing from the giant tub. His arms were about to close around Harry when the brunette ducked under the water. Draco fell forward with a splash. He surfaced again, laughing, and looked around for Harry. He didn't see his mate anywhere, so he pulled his way through the water to the opposite end of the tub, arms splayed for any trace of Harry.

He moaned as he felt a tongue trace his spine under the water. Harry's tongue traced to his neck, where he felt the brunette's harsh breaths puffing against his damp skin. The two spent the next few hours in the tub, turning into prunes and cleaning each other sufficiently.

After getting dressed into robes provided by the Room, the two discussed their friends… Along with that, they decided it best to come out to the entire school at once, rather than have to fake anything, especially the animosity. Especially as the animosity would be a bit difficult to do as their thestral sides would kick their inner core in threat to behave toward the mate.

A while passed in discussion and kissing until the couple couldn't stall any longer for fear their stomachs would cave in. Opening the door out into the hallway from the Room wide enough to check for people, Harry glanced around. Seeing no one, he pulled the door the remaining distance open and pulled Draco through; it closed behind them with a soft click. Hogwarts was happy.


Lunch was in full-swing. The Great Hall doors were closed, muffling the sound that escaped, but the two boys, nervously holding hands, were still frozen in indecision. Fueled on by his thestral that was just growling for some food source other than Harry, Draco muttered a curse. He gripped Harry's hand tighter in his as a reassuring squeeze.

Glancing down at the messy hair of his mate, grown out to reflect his thestral, Draco smiled bravely. He ignored the voice in the back of his mind – it sounded suspiciously like his father – that said he was acting rather like a Gryffindor. "Let's do this," the blond said.

Harry smirked and stood straighter, gaining an inch from the previously slouched posture. He and Draco checked their robes, making sure they looked immaculate, before each pushing on a giant door. With a small push of magic from each of the thestral Animagi, the doors swung open easily and soundlessly.

The sight alone was enough for other students and staff to glance at them, back to their friends, and back once their minds processed what they had seen – Draco Malfoy, Slytherin Ice Prince, contentedly holding hands with Harry Potter, Gryffindor Golden Boy. All the chatter reduced, and silence reigned.

The couple entered the room, eyes quickly glancing to check where they'd get better reception – the Slytherin table or the Gryffindor table. As if conversing telepathically, both angled left toward the Snake's table.

The students and teachers watched the couple holding hands approach Draco's friends in Slytherin. Why Potter was holding hands with Malfoy was the question most thought of in those few moments.

"Zabini, Parkinson, Theo," Harry spoke once he and Draco had seated themselves between the blond's usual thugs, Crabbe and Goyle.

The three exchanged glances. "Potter, Draco."

"So tell me, Drake, what has you and Potter here holding hands?" Pansy questioned once the voices picked up, helping to muffle their conversation.

Harry smirked, slightly surprising the Slytherins, and leaned into Draco's side. Draco wrapped his arm around Harry's shoulders and laid his cheek on the messy hair before answering. "We're mates through our Animagus forms, Pans."

Eyebrows rose simultaneously, causing Harry to grin widely. "And what would that be?" Blaise questioned. "None of us know what you are, Drake. He's so secretive," the Italian said, directing the last part towards Harry.

Feeling Harry nod his okay against his shoulder, Draco told his friends, "We're thestrals. I thought that would have gotten out when Harry revealed his wings in Transfiguration this morning." Blaise shrugged and went back to his lunch.

Pansy and Nott stared at Harry and Draco as they easily maneuvered food to their mouths off a single plate, not missing a beat. They occasionally fed the other, and both the Slytherins were surprised to see that each of the mates knew what the other liked. Even more surprising was the fact all the meat was red and bloody, and the teens ate it without blinking twice. When the friends were met with pairs of silver and emerald eyes, the two looked down. "What?" Harry and Draco asked together.

"Oh nothing, we're just…surprised to see you acting like a couple in public. You were never one for showing your feelings in public after all, Draco," Nott said, sniffing haughtily.

"Well now that I've found my life-mate, things are going to change," Draco stated. His arm wrapped tighter around Harry's shoulders.

"Alright then," Theodore finished. He went back to eating his lunch with a bland expression on his face. Draco shrugged slightly at Harry's questioning glance.

Harry saw Theo's lips turn up slightly at a point over Harry's shoulder. His head rose and turned to find Hermione approaching, a happy expression steeling away any traces of hesitancy at approaching the Slytherin table. After all, she and Theo had only come out with their relationship to their closest friends. She wasn't alone, either. Ron slowly followed Hermione, and Neville came behind him, braver than the redhead.

Hermione slid onto the bench next to Theo, the two twining fingers atop the table. Ron sat on Harry's other side, forcing Crabbe and Goyle even farther down the table, and Neville, behaving not like his usual timid self, sat between Blaise and Pansy. Harry noticed as the Slytherin's arms shifted, angling around Neville's back, and figured it would be best for him not to know what was going on. He simply lifted an eyebrow at his birthday-twin Gryffindor. Neville shrugged a shoulder in return. (Harry and Neville were born on the same day, remember.)

Hermione glared at Harry, her hazel eyes accusing him of something he had forgotten. "What?" He yelped when he felt a foot kick him sharply in the shin.

"Why didn't you tell us!!" she exclaimed.

"There wasn't much time, what with classes and the mating and such." He grabbed the hand Draco had draped over his shoulder. "We couldn't really be separated at that time; our thestrals wouldn't allow it."

"Do you think we'll be able to be apart?" the blond hesitantly whispered in his lover's ear. He felt Harry's shrug against his chest.

"And how do you know, anyway?" he wondered.

Hermione stayed suspiciously quiet, and she avoided his gaze when he stared at her.

"Hermione's a voyeur," Ron stated some time later when there was an awkward lull. A thump was heard as the curly brunette hit her red-headed friend upside the head.

"You're just as much a voyeur as I am, if we're to be pointing fingers!" Ron blushed, his face flushing to the shade of his hair. Draco found it rather repulsive. Instinctively, his arms wrapped tighter around Harry, pulling the slim body closer to his own.

The four Slytherins and Neville watched the Golden Trio with raised eyebrows. "I don't think I want to know," Harry told his friends.

"Good idea," Hermione responded as Ron agreed.

"What's next?" Harry asked when the group around him fell into a comfortable silence, even with the underlying currents of awkwardness.

Hermione said, "We have Charms as a group." She smiled and slid further into Theo's body, the normally reserved Slytherin welcoming her into his arms.

"Let's get going then," Draco told the seven others as the Great Hall slowly emptied, the lunch hour nearly gone.


Neither Harry nor Draco felt the separation anxiety they had associated with the last part of their Animagus bonding. The teens were dismayed, as they had wanted a reason to get out of classes, even if it were for a day until the professors could find a solution to their problem. Harry and Draco sat at their separate House tables for dinner, but flickering eyes gestured to the outside when the meal was done.

Besides the fact that Harry and Draco preferred their meat more red than grey, nothing had changed in the eyes of their friends, along with the relationships that bloomed between the two houses.

Joyful that he had thought to return to the Common Room of Gryffindor first, Harry chirruped a happy goodnight to his friends, leaving them staring blankly after him as he nearly skipped from the Great Hall.

The sun was setting over the lake when Harry burst through the doors. There was a cool breeze as it was only a few weeks into November, but they were in the North parts of Scotland. Other students, those with self preservation or lack-of-mate, remained inside the wind breaking corridors of Hogwarts.

Harry sprinted over the rolling grounds of Hogwarts until he reached the trees at the edge of the forest. He hid in the underbrush and smiled slyly when he caught no scent or sight of Draco. With a quick, whispered spell (wandless of course), Harry Vanished his clothes and shifted into his thestral Animagus.

As always, the form felt like sliding into a pool of perfect temperature water. His instincts overcame human reasoning as his senses became sharper. Harry-thestral snorted once, pawing the ground as it waited impatiently for his slow mate.

A faint breeze brought the scent of a human Draco. The sole thestral bucked in the trees, setting the underbrush rustling loud enough for the human to hear. Sharp teeth were displayed in a grin as pale eyes tracked the paler form of its mate.

Another buck and the thestral charged through the trees, galloping deeper and deeper into the darkening forest. He was cautious in leaving a scent-trail, wanting his mate to work to find him. When only the thestral's night-eyes could lead his way, and when the sounds of his mate were far and few between, the great beast flared his wings and pulled them in again.

His fore knees were the first to hit the ground as they folded smoothly under his body; his reverse hind legs pulled in and he remained that way, belly above the ground, for a moment as he listened for the running of his mate. With a huff of air, his nose dipped to the needled forest floor and he relaxed his body, lying on his side. White orbs were hidden as the thestral dozed, his ears alert for any sounds of his approaching mate.

The other slowly advanced, his footing gentle upon the springy ground. His breathing was the quietest of inhales and exhales. The rising and falling side of his visible mate was pleasure to the stalking thestral. He ghosted his way to the smaller male and pulled at the mane with his teeth. He stood over the waking thestral like a mare stands over her foal; legs spread wide, heads side-to-side. The larger thestral nuzzled his mate's neck affectionately, whinnying softly.

The younger rolled until he could push his forelegs on the ground, his bent knees facing the tree covering. The other reared back in surprise, and stagger-stepped away on his hind legs, his wings flared for balance.

The ground-bound mate struggled to lift his weight onto his forelegs so he could lurch to his feet. His wings aided his return to balance, and he watched as his mate fell back to two legs. He nickered happily as his mate nudged him along the side, running his bared teeth over the mounds of his folded wings. He sighed happily and bumped his aquiline head into the narrow shoulder.

A flick of his mate's tail had him following the larger thestral through the trees, his nose pressed into the muscular flank.

The grounds were easy to pass over as the creatures could care less about wandering humans. Their approach to the doors of the castle went unnoticed, and the larger kicked at the giant wooden obstacles, frustrated when they wouldn't open. The smaller darted forward and pressed his nose to one of the hinges. With a clang, the iron locks shifted in their positions on the inside of the door. Both thestrals waited impatiently as one door swung open wide enough to admit them nose-to-rump rather than side-by-side.

The older started first, sniffing cautiously for traces of wakened humans. Finding none, he entered the stone institution warily, but the worry soon faded as his mate pranced in the building, nipping his flank and galloping away.

Their hooves made no sound on the stone floor, though sparks were kicked into the air from the impact. Wings spread and lifted them to new heights with the help of air drafts from the ancient castle. The mates pranced through the halls and up and down winding stairwells, avoiding all of the humans and ghosts, though the later naturally shied away from them.

They sparred in the Great Hall, the tables folded up to the wall with nightfall. Teeth and forelegs and wings battled as they played, leaping from one place to another, one room to a new sight. Their journey led the mates up the many stairs to the top, the hidden room on the seventh floor.

He nickered for his mate to wait as he trotted three times before a wall, picturing the perfect place to be inside the safety of the obscured castle. An arched doorway appeared, and the smooth pass of silky coat on silky coat was felt as the mates pressed together upon their entrance.

White eyes appraised the new location and with a happy whinny, both thestrals melted into their smaller, human forms of Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter. Draco wrapped his mate in his arms and leaned his chin on the narrow shoulders. He ran his lips up and down the tan neck lovingly, whispering "My Mate" over and over.

Harry brought one hand up to tangle in the flowing blond hair, running the pads of his fingers over the tattoos where they disappeared in the hairline. Harry shifted forward, dragging Draco behind him as they advanced to the simple bed.

This time, the room was pure in abstract designs of black and white. The sheets were creamy silk, the comforter dark against it. It was a large bed, taking up most of the space in the room, though one side had a door dedicated to the bathroom. Harry wished the arch to close behind them and, when he turned around to recline on the bed, pulling Draco with him, he noted it was.

Naked skin pressed against an equally naked body, Draco atop Harry, mouths smothering mouths, eating hungrily at the other. Harry arched up into the blond, eliminating their restraint. With excited rubs of hands on skin, lips on face and hair and lips, the two returned to mating the usual way, rather than the delicate courting of the passed evening.

Hours later, Harry fell into a contented sleep, his mate wrapped tightly around him. His dreams came true in gentle touches, pleasured movements, and overall bliss. Harry was content.

And if Harry was content, so was Draco.

End of Part 3…

Yes, so, this is the end of 'Invisible Death!' I'm kind of sad to see it go… Who knows, maybe I'll one day write a better ending. I'm not totally happy with it, but it works and fits, and everything is answered. And, I know, this is way shorter than the other parts…but I struggled to finish. Just be glad I did and that you got a lemon as well! (Oh, and do not flame that because I did mention it was there!)

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