Kurogasa's eyes were narrowed and he decided it was time to put something he had to good use. He had actually taken the Light Memory from where Tatsuma had hidden it, putting it in his pocket for emergencies. The Darkness Dopant had threatened Shinobu, so it was only fair for it to receive its retribution.

"You killed my father... and you threatened to kill Shinobu-san! I won't let you get away with it!" Kurogasa shouted.


"Oi, Kurogasa, what are you doing?!" Double demanded.

"Kurogasa-kun?" Shinobu shivered. Kurogasa rolled up his sleeve, and then pulled off the band-aid which hid the Organism Connector on his forearm. He then plugged the Light Memory into the slot-like tattoo, and the device sank into his flesh.

"Baka! Are you crazy?!" Keitaro shouted. He watched as Kurogasa's body was radiating with bright light, the radiance so blinding that everyone watching had to shield their eyes. After a few moments of shining brightly, it faded to reveal Kurogasa is in his Light Dopant Form and they were amazed at what they were seeing. What he was wearing was white armor outlined by gold ridges. There were some blue over him too and they were adorned by gold colored veins. A set of three golden arches with spikes covered his shoulders and has a fully covered white grilled helmet with small spikes from the top of his head going down his nape. On his chest was a golden star crest like symbol and in his hand was an odd looking axe-sword weapon. Behind his back was a cape that separated into six places that made it look like a star. In summary, he looked like Constellar Pleaides from the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters game.

"OK, that has to be the least monstrous Dopant I have ever seen," said Keitaro.

"How intriguing," Phillip said with interest, the right lense of Double flashing.

"Do you really think that will be enough to take me on!?" the Darkness Dopant challenged. The shroud expanded and fired energy beams at the Light Dopant.

"Kurogasa-kun!" Shinobu screamed.

"Not this time!" the Light Dopant challenged as he swung his axe-like sword and sent a wave of light energy at the energy beams, cancelling them out.

"Light VS Darkness... can't get anymore classic than that." Phillip said.

"Why you-!" the Darkness Dopant began to curse when all of a sudden, in a flash of light, the Light Dopant was right in front of it. Startled, the Darkness Dopant froze. "N-Nani?!"

"Too slow..." the Light Dopant muttered as he slashed the Darkness Dopant with the axe-sword before disappearing in a flash of light again, doing the same attack. He continued to teleport, landing strike after strike on the Darkness Dopant.

"Is that teleportation?" Keitaro questioned.

"Speed of Light movement," corrected Phillip.

"GAH! STOP MOVING AROUND!" the Darkness Dopant roared.

"Sorry, not happening..." the Light Dopant said as his six pointed cape, pointed at the Darkness Dopant and fire multiple beams of light at the Darkness Dopant. The Darkness Dopant howled as the beams pierced its body, punching holes into its shroud.

"Dammit! Dammit! That hurts!" the Darkness Dopant screamed.

"That's NOTHING compared to what Museum did to my father!" the Light Dopant said as used his Speed of Light movement to continuously fired light lasers at the Darkness Dopant, nonstop. And he wasn't going to stop until the Darkness Dopant was done for. "He was the only family I had left! He was EVERYTHING to me! And Museum took him away! You and the rest of Museum are going to pay!"

"Kurogasa-kun..." Shinobu said sadly.

"He needs closure Shinobu-san," Phillip said. "And this is as close as he can get with it."

The Light Dopant began to spin and twirl his axe-sword, rapidly, as it began to shine. Not only that, with each rotation, the weapon grew bigger and bigger. The Darkness Dopant could only gape as the gigantic axe-sword was raised above the Light Dopant's head.

"What in the-?" Keitaro gaped.

"This is the end," said the Light Dopant before he brought his axe-sword down.

"I won't let you!" the Darkness Dopant yelled as it raised its right arm again and a long shaft extended from his palm before the tip expanded and grew into a massive, skeletal claw and it caught the axe-sword with its hand. Unfortunately, the claw didn't provide any resistance as the axe-sword's blade cleaved it right down in half.

"GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" the Darkness Dopant howled in pain, as he stumbled back away from the Light Dopant. "This... This isn't over! You may have won this battle, but not the war! I'll be back to kill you later!" And with that, he shot out a veil of darkness at the Light Dopant, which the latter swatted away from his the light shining. When it cleared, the Darkness Dopant was nowhere to be seen.

The Light Dopant then expelled the Light Memory from his body, taking hold of the device in his hand. He then smiled at Shinobu. However, this only lasted for a few seconds before he collapsed in exhaustion.

"Kurogasa-kun!" Shinobu cried out as she ran over to the fallen boy and cradled him in her arms. "Kurogasa-kun! Wake up! Wake up!"

"It's all right." Double said before he de-henshined back to civilian form to reveal Keitaro, before going up to Shinobu. "He's just exhausted."

"Yokatta..." Shinobu sighed in relief, placing a hand over her heart.

"C'mon, let's get him back to Hinata-Sou." Keitaro suggested.

"Hai," Shinobu nodded and with that, Keitaro got Kurogasa and placed him on his back, giving him a piggyback ride.

"You are one lucky kid, Kurogasa... one damn lucky kid..." Keitaro muttered.


Chapter 56: Seeing the Light

By: Kamen Rider Chrome & Fenikkusumaru


"Otou-sama, you called for me," Ryuji said as he entered his adopted father's office.

"The prototype has just arrived," said Ryubee and Ryuji opened up the briefcase on the table. He smiled as he admired the device. It looked like a Maximum Slot like the one attached to Double's belt. He took it out to admire it. It was just like how he had pictured and designed it.

"Has it been tested?" Ryuji asked.

"Not yet," answered Ryubee. "At least not in the field."

"Then allow me, Otou-sama, to get it field tested," Ryuji volunteered.

"Are you going to do it?" Ryubee asked.

"Tempting, but I actually have someone else in mind," Ryuji grinned. The Darkness Dopant had potential but he would need a boost. He took out a Gaia Memory from his pocket and clicked its button.


"Damn that kid..." the Darkness Dopant growled as he limped inside an abandoned warehouse before the Darkness Gaia Memory was ejected out from his body and he was reverted back to normal. "I can't believe that kid actually beat me."

"Then perhaps I could help you," a voice said, catching the agent's attention.

"Who's there?! Show yourself!"

The Phobia Dopant dropped down in front of the agent, landing with his wings spread. He folded his wings and then deactivated his Gaia Driver to eject his Phobia Memory, reverting him back to human form. He was carrying a briefcase with him.

"Ryuji-sama!" gasped the agent.

"You seem hurt," said Ryuji, concerned. "Do you need medical attention? Or, is it something else? Like payback?"

"A little bit of both actually..." the agent grunted. "I need to get healed up so I can pay that kid back in spades..."

"Well, then allow me to give you a hand," Ryuji offered. "But first I have something I need you to do."

"What's that?" the agent asked.

"I want you to test out something for me." Ryuji said as he opened up the briefcase and pulled the same prototype device that Ryubee had presented to him.

"What is that?" the agent asked.

"A boost," Ryuji answered simply.


"What in the world were you thinking?!" Keitaro scolded. Not too long ago, Kurogasa had just woken up from his unconsciousness after being exhausted from using the Light Memory to transform into the Light Dopant. Shinobu was of course happy to see him alright and so were the rest of the girls. However, he got himself a rude awakening from Keitaro when he suddenly scolded him just now.

"I'm sorry..." Kurogasa said looking away in shame.

"What were you thinking of using the Gaia Memory!? Do you know what those things do to people?!"

"Onii-chan, ochitsuite!" Kanako said, trying to calm down her brother.

"No, Kanako! Those Museum Gaia Memories corrupt people! Turn them into monsters!" Keitaro insisted.

"Not all of them," Phillip countered. "Remember that Dopant that healed people? I think Kurogasa's special. I think he has a high compatibility rate with the Light Memory."

"How did you figure that out?" Keitaro demanded incredulously.

"He hasn't gone crazy," said Phillip. "And from what he's said he had used the Gaia Memory before. He should've shown signs of mental contamination and addiction."

"And how do you know that?!" Keitaro snapped. "For all we know, it's only going to be a matter of time before it starts kicking in!"

"Onii-chan, that's enough!" Kanako scolded. "Calm down already!"



Keitaro's eye widened when he was kneed to the stomach by his sister before slumping to the ground and Kanako caught him. "Onii-chan no baka..." she muttered

"Hey! What did you do that for?!" Kitsune snapped. "That was totally uncalled for!"

"He sometimes gets worked up and overreacts when someone using illegal Gaia Memories, especially minors," said Kanako. "He was upset when he found out you used the T2 Zone Memory."

"Still, did you have to knock him out?" Kitsune asked.

"Keitaro acts irrationally when angry, which isn't a good trait for a detective," said Phillip. "I'd suggest he sleep it off for now." He turned to Kurogasa. "You said you didn't have an Organism Connector. Why?"

"I didn't until I used the Light Memory," said Kurogasa. "It just appeared on my skin."

"You generally need a sort of gun-like device to place the Organism Connector on the skin," Phillip stated as he studied the mark. "Looks like they've started improving the Gaia Memories." He asked, "Have you felt any obsessive need to use the Gaia Memory come up on occasion?"

"No, not really." Kurogasa said shaking his head.

"Any sort of psychotic rage? Sociopathic tendencies? Urge to molest kittens?"

Kurogasa shook his head again, especially to the last one.

"Okay, that last one was disturbing." Naru shuddered.

"You never know." Phillip shrugged. "People who get overwhelmed by Gaia Memory addiction display strange urges."

"...I'll take your word for it," said Naru. "So, Kurogasa, how are you feeling?"

"Pretty normal, I guess," said Kurogasa.

"Well, we need to make sure..." began Phillip before he finished dramatically, "WITH SCIENCE!"


"Is this really necessary?" Kurogasa asked. He was sitting in a chair and hooked up to a machine that was monitoring his vitals and his brainwave patterns.

"I have a really bad feeling about this…" Naru said doubtfully.

"Don't worry," Phillip assured them. "This is one of Su-san's inventions that isn't made to explode or make things explode."

"It does have a nifty self-destruct button!" Su added. "Want me to demonstrate?"

"NO!" yelled Naru.

"Mattaku…" Kanako sighed, exasperated. "Why is it that you always include a self-destruct button in everything you invent?"

"Mol-Mol technology can't be allowed to be put in the wrong hands," Su explained.

"Now, let's get started!" said Phillip as he handed Kurogasa the Light Memory.

"Okay… if you say so…" Kurogasa said a bit uncertain.


As Kurogasa previously stated, the Organism Connector suddenly appeared on his skin. He then plugged the Gaia Memory into the Organism Connector and his audience watched as it sank in.

"Does it hurt when it does that?" Naru asked. Kitsune had done the same with the Zone Memory and simply told her friend she felt a tingling sensation as she changed shape. Kurogasa's body morphed into the form of the Light Dopant while Su and Phillip monitored his status on the machine's computer screens.

"Alright, your vitals check out," Phillip reported. "Although, bio-energy output has increased."

"No changes in mental or psychological signature," Su noted.

"You're pretty stable for a Dopant not using a Gaia Driver," Phillip told Kurogasa.

"So, does this mean I'm OK?" the Light Dopant asked.

"It just means we need to perform a few more tests," said Phillip. "I just hope you're up to it."

"As long as it doesn't involve needles, I'm good," said the Light Dopant. What he was unaware of was that Su was hiding a syringe behind her back.

"It won't come to that. I assure you," said Phillip. "Now, let's go to the back! The next test is ready!"

Naru leaned in and whispered to Kanako, "Phillip's pretty eager, isn't he?"

"It's not everyday he gets a chance to experiment on a Dopant that isn't trying to kill him or us," Kanako whispered in reply.


Meanwhile, Ryuji was in his room looking over the data on the Light Memory. According to the data, it was one of the newest models of the Museum Gaia Memories that was considered stable. However, it all depended on the Memory user's own mental stability as well as their sync-rate with the Gaia Memory. According to Ryuji's research, a low sync-rate would result in death. While a moderate sync-rate would allow a person to transform into a Dopant, they would still fall victim to a Gaia Memory's corruptive and mind-warping influence. However, a high sync-rate as he had observed from his own clients allowed them to control the Gaia Memories, and not the other way around. One such example was the Injury Dopant, aka Reiko Kagami. She had used her powers as the Injury Dopant to heal instead of destroy. That was probably the first ever documented case of a Dopant using their powers for a noble cause. Sadly, that experiment had met its end when Isaka had gotten in the way.

He was glad that Shinkuro Isaka was dead. That guy just got on his nerves.

Ryuji then shifted his attention to the new device he had given the Museum agent. He couldn't wait to see it in action and study the data he would receive from that experiment. He then felt Mick paw at his leg and look down to see the cat staring up at him expectantly.

"You wanna see, Mick?" he asked. He picked up Mick and put him down on his lap. Mick then climbed up on the table and looked at the laptop's monitor. "Curious? Heh, don't you know that curiosity killed the cat?" Ryuji chuckled at his own joke. "Well, what you see here is gonna change things on our side and remind those Kamen Riders why they should not interfere with Museum." Mick meowed in response. "I know. I just hope that guy doesn't mess things up for me. A lot of work went into designing that prototype."


"OK, what do you want me to do?" Kurogasa asked as he stood in the back of Hinata-Sou.

"Su-san, if you'll please," Phillip instructed. Su grinned and took out a controller.

"Come out, Mecha-Tama army!" She pressed the button. Suddenly, a swarm of robotic flying turtles came out of nowhere. It was a good thing that Motoko wasn't here. She would've started to freak out. Their eyes glowed.

"What are those!?" Kurogasa shouted as he freaked out at the sight.

"Robot sentries," Phillip explained. "Once they detect a Dopant, they'll attack."

"So, you want them to attack me!?" Kurogasa exclaimed.

"Yes, and I want you to defend yourself," Phillip replied. "Now, if you'll please transform, Kurogasa."

"Why do I feel used?" Kurogasa murmured as he activated the Light Memory.

"Ryo-kun, are you alright?" Mutsumi asked as she sat with Tatsuma in her room.

"That kid is messing with things he barely understands," said Tatsuma, barely able to control his anger. "By my authority, I should take that Gaia Memory away from him and lock it away."

"But it helped to save his life," Mutsumi reminded.

"I know, but it's only a matter of time before it becomes something harmful, to him and everyone else," said Tatsuma. "I just don't want him to end up like those other monsters we had to lock away..."

"You care about him," Mutsumi realized.

"The kid's just like me, Mutsumi," said Tatsuma. "He lost his family. I...see a bit of myself in him." He hung his head. "I just don't wanna see him get hurt, that's all."

"I think you have nothing to worry about, Ryo-kun," Mutsumi said to the detective. "He has good friends watching over him."

"I hope you're right, Mutsumi," replied Tatsuma. However, he was still worried and was rightfully so. He liked that Kurogasa kid and did not want to be forced to take the kid down if and when he lost control.

"Are we done yet?" the Light Dopant groaned tiredly. The remains of Mecha-Tamas lay all around him.

"That's some impressive firepower," Su noted.

"Thanks, but are we done here?" Kurogasa repeated as he changed back to normal.

"Yes, but only for now," said Phillip. "Take a soak in the hot spring."

"Ughhhhh…" Kurogasa groaned as he plopped down on the ground, with arms and legs spread out. He couldn't move. He felt sore all over.

"I think you overdid it, Phillip." Naru muttered.

"If he had done so without transforming, then I might've overdone it," Phillip countered. "Hey, do you think Keitaro has regained consciousness yet?"

"No, he's still out of it." Naru sighed. She had texted Kitsune earlier and learnt that the private detective was still knocked out. "It's gonna be awhile until he wakes up."

"Once he wakes up he'll be in a listening mood," Phillip said confidently.

"And what if he launches into another tirade on the dangers of Gaia Memories?" Naru asked.

"Then we just knock him out again," Phillip said simply.

"Sometimes you scare the heck out of me, Phillip," stated Naru.

"There's an old saying. Don't fix what's not broken," said Phillip.

"Ugh..." Keitaro groaned. His vision was blurry. Where were his glasses?

"Oh, you're awake," he heard.

"Kit?" he questioned.

"Oh, right. Your glasses. Here you go." Kitsune put them on and Keitaro finally realized he was staring up at the ceiling of his room/office.

"What the heck hit me?" he asked as he sat up.

"Kanako's fist," Kitsune informed him.

"But why would she?" He paused. "Kurogasa!" He wanted to get up to deal with this problem but Kitsune stopped him. "Kit, you need to get out of my way," he warned.

"And you need to relax," Kitsune urged. "You're no good to us wigging out like this."

"I'm not wigging out!" he retorted.

"Really?" she questioned skeptically. "You were yelling at that kid a lot because he used a Gaia Memory."

"Because he's just a kid! Kit, you don't know what that can do to him!" Keitaro exclaimed. "I've seen what happens to kids who abuse a Gaia Memory. It's not pretty. They suffer because of it."

"He hasn't shown any signs of it hurting him," Kitsune countered.

"Not yet, but it's only a matter of time," Keitaro replied. Kitsune didn't need to ask why he was acting like this. Anything created by Museum like their Gaia Memories was a threat. Also, it was because of Museum that he had lost someone precious. He had sworn to take down Museum so nobody else had to suffer like he had. Still, the way he was treating Kurogasa was uncalled for.

"Look, Kei. Phillip is looking after the kid, and so is Kanako. Plus we got Tatsuma. I mean, if the kid does go nuts then we can stop him if we have to," said Kitsune. "You need to relax and remember that you're not alone in this."

Keitaro took a deep breath. Was he really worrying over nothing?

"Sorry, I guess the stress is just getting to me," he said as he ran a hand through his head. Kitsune smiled and then put herself in his lap. "Kit?"

"You know, one of these days, you should let me help you deal with that stress," said Kitsune as she caressed his face. The door opened and Shinobu came in with tea, only to freeze at the sight of the romantic display.

"I have tea!" she exclaimed. She put the tray down and then ran out of the room.

"OK, that girl seriously needs to learn how to relax too," said Kitsune, giggling.

"She's young. She'll grow up," said Keitaro. That was when Akiko decided to come in. "Akiko?"

"Hey, I saw Shinobu run down the hallway like she just saw a ghost," Akiko said. Akiko Narumi, daughter of Sokichi Narumi, was the latest resident of Hinata-Sou. What really got her attracted to the place was that it had a natural hot spring that was open to residents. Also, Keitaro really couldn't refuse Akiko, especially since she insisted. She was really insistent. She also wanted to understand more about her late father and the only ones who knew him best were his apprentices. So, she stayed not just for the hot spring. She wanted to walk in her dad's footsteps.

"She just saw something her innocent little mind couldn't handle," chuckled Kitsune.

"I see," said Akiko as she saw how intimate Keitaro and Kitsune were. "Hey, how come I never heard about this?"

"What? That I got a girlfriend?" Keitaro asked. "Must I report my private affairs to you?"

"Well, no, but I'd like to know too. I don't wanna be kept out of the loop," said Akiko, frowning.

"OK, but first could you tell me what's going on?" asked Keitaro.

"Well, your brother is performing weird experiments," Akiko informed Keitaro.

"That's not unusual," he replied. "He does it all the time with Su."

"He's performing them on Kurogasa."

"OK, this I gotta see for myself."

Kurogasa groaned and then sighed as he slowly sank into the warm water of the Hinata-Sou's personal hot spring. "Aah~ that's better." Phillip and Su hadn't shown any mercy during their testing. They really wanted to know what Kurogasa could do with the Light Memory. Kurogasa thought he could handle it. Apparently, he was mistaken. "Man, those two are relentless..." He groaned. "I thought I'd never survive those tests..."

"You got lucky kid..." A voice said.

"HUH?!" Kurogasa said startled before he turned to see Haruka, thankfully in her clothes. She was squatting at the edge of the spring, looking at him. "Oh, Urashima-san!"

"Call me Haruka-san. I feel old when you say that." Haruka smirked.

"Uh... ok... Haruka-san." Kurogasa got out.

"Much better," Haruka said. "So, how ya doin' kid?"

"I've... been better." Kurogasa managed to reply.

"Yeah, tell me about it," said Haruka. "Listen up, kid. I've seen what Gaia Memory corruption can do. You might be a good kid now, but all that could change if you continue to use that power."

"And I've heard that from Keitaro this morning too before Kanako knocked him out..." Kurogasa sighed.

"He's just worried about ya." Haruka said. "Sure, he may overreact over things, but my nephew's got a good heart. He just doesn't wanna see a good kid like you fall because of Gaia Memories. To be honest, you kind of remind me of him when he was your age."

"Really?" Kurogasa asked.

"Keitaro used to be a clumsy kid with low self-esteem," Haruka explained, "Then he got kidnapped but Sokichi Narumi saved him. He decided he wanted to be a detective. With Sokichi as his mentor, Keitaro grew up and became a man. Sure, he put in focus on his schoolwork and his dream to get into Tokyo U so he could get a law degree, but he wanted to become a detective more than anything. As an apprentice he learnt how to be observant, and this helped him to overcome his clumsiness. My sister-in-law never really approved of his dream, but she couldn't stop him, not when he was so determined. I guess you can say that you and Keitaro are just guys with strong determination and a strong sense of justice."

"I see…" Kurogasa murmured.

"You know, Shinobu is worried about you too."

"She is?" Kurogasa blinked.

"She is," Haruka confirmed. "She doesn't want to see anyone get hurt. She hates it. That's why she worries about you and what you might do." Haruka asked, "You want to avenge your father, don't you?"

"Well…" Kurogasa began.

"It's alright. I won't get mad at ya or anything. Just speak your mind out."

"Alright," Kurogasa nodded. "To be honest, I do want to avenge my dad. He was… the only family I had left and Museum took him away from me. I want them to pay for what they did. But… now that I think about it… I don't know if it's right or wrong to do that anymore."

"Finding justice for the ones you love isn't wrong," said Haruka. "But you need to do it the right way. A lot of people mix up revenge and justice, and trust me when I say there's a fine line between them. You just need to understand that the ends don't always justify the means."

"Hmm… you do have a point there." Kurogasa nodded.

"You'll do alright kid." assured Haruka. "You're smart and I'm sure you'll make the right decision. But, if you ever feel like the Memory is corrupting you, even the slightest, you know who to turn to."

"Okay," Kurogasa nodded.

"Good." Haruka smirked. "Now let's talk something else. You like Shinobu?"


Meanwhile, in an alleyway of downtown Hinata City...

"No... NO! Get away from me!" A homeless man begged to an unknown figure who was hiding in the shadows, cloaked by the darkness of the night. The homeless man was on his butt, crab walking away from the figure.

"Sorry, but you're the only person around here I can test it on." The figure said.




It was the next day, and the students of Hinata City Middle School were on their way to their classes. Kurogasa and Shinobu were just dropped off at the entrance by Keitaro and Tatsuma.

"Now, if there's any trouble at all, you know what to do," Tatsuma said to Kurogasa.

"I understand." Kurogasa nodded.

"Just be careful kid." Keitaro warned. "Whatever you do, only use your Light Memory as a last resort if you run into any Dopant trouble."

"I'd actually feel better if you didn't have to use it," said Tatsuma, "But I know you need to protect yourself, Kurogasa. Let's hope you don't ever have to use it, again."

"I'll be fine, Ryo-san," Kurogasa assured the police detective. "Come on, Shinobu-san! We'll be late for class if we don't hurry!"

"Hai, Kurogasa-kun!" Shinobu followed.

"Hey, where's Su?" Tatsuma asked, referring to the dark-skinned foreign girl from MolMol.

"She stayed up all night so now she's tuckered out and needs to sleep in," Keitaro said. "As energetic as she is, even she needs sleep."

"So, got any plans today?" Tatsuma asked.

"I'm gonna try and track down that Darkness Dopant that got away. Hopefully, Kanako and Phillip can help me find some leads," said Keitaro.

"Alright, I'll go take a patrol around the area," Tatsuma nodded.

"Around here?" Keitaro questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"Someone has to look after the kid." Tatsuma shrugged. "Besides, it's my day off."

"Whatever you say, man." Keitaro shrugged.


"Okay Phillip, begin the search," Kanako ordered.

"Alright," Phillip said as he closed his eyes and entered a trance, his mind connecting him to the Gaia Library. Now, to use the proper analogies, think of Phillip's brain as a computer and the Gaia Library as the World Wide Web which contained infinite information. Also, think of Phillip as having the ability to wirelessly connecting into that web of infinite information. Also, think of Phillip's requirement of keywords like a search engine. That was how Phillip's ability worked. He could access to all the information in the world, but for him to search for specific information, he would need the right keywords.


Tatsuma was outside of Hinata Middle School, sitting on a bench next to his Diablossa. "Itadakimasu!" he said before digging into his bento. It wasn't a store bought one, either. Mutsumi had made one for him and he had accepted it. He took a bite and smiled, "Damn, that girl knows how to cook." Mutsumi was definitely a woman his parents would approve of. Sure, she had the habit of falling asleep at random times due to her weak health, and was a bit of ditz, but she had a kind heart. She was also quite loving.

Also, she once confided in him on why she had wanted to become a student of Tokyo University. It had involved a promise she had made as a child. However, now grown up, she knew she couldn't allow the promise to dictate her life. That was why she had decided to fall in love with Ryo Tatsuma.

As Ryo ate, his Beetle Phone suddenly beeped, giving him an alert of Dopant activity. He put down his half-finished lunch and took out his Beetle Phone to look at the screen. The signal was pointing...right at the middle school.

"SHIT!" Tatsuma cursed as he got up to run towards the school. However, a dome of solid darkness suddenly enveloped the school and Tatsuma bounced off when he ran face first into it. "Itai!" he yelled as he rubbed his face. He then stared at the dome of darkness and grimaced. "OK, this is bad. This is very, very bad."

Moments before...

Meanwhile, inside, the students were having lunch and Kurogasa was eating quietly with Shinobu and his classmates. However, as he ate his lunch, he was thinking about what Haruka said yesterday.


"You like Shinobu?" Haruka asked.


Haruka smiled in amusement at Kurogasa's reaction. He was so shocked that he nearly jumped out off his skin.

"WHAT MAKES YOU EVEN THINK THAT!? WE'RE JUST FRIENDS!" Kurogasa denied loudly, but the evidence was on his face. It was written all over in red.

"Oh, just how you spend a lot of time with her. I know how best friends should act around each other. The way you act around her is that you're hoping something will happen. A spark," she said.

"...Are you...? Are you teasing me?" Kurogasa asked suspiciously.

"Just here to give you some friendly advice, kid," said Haruka. "You know why Shinobu's staying here, right? Her home life isn't so good."

"Yeah, her parents' divorce," Kurogasa frowned. "They shouldn't have to force her to choose between them. If they love her, they should let her be happy."

"True, but these things get ugly. My mother let Shinobu stay here so she could have a stable home life," said Haruka. "However, since my nephews came it hasn't exactly been stable. Shinobu doesn't seem to have a problem with it, though. Then again, she lives with Su and she makes things explode."

"I see… So, it's crazy but it's a nice crazy," he concluded.

"Exactly, which is why I'm going to tell you this only once..." Haruka said before warning him, "Shinobu's got a delicate heart. Break her heart, and you would have to worry more about me than Museum. Get her hurt, and they won't ever find your body."

"H-Hai..." Kurogasa stuttered. "Still... was I really that obvious?"

"If you want to be even more obvious, you'd need to wear a neon sign," she said jokingly.

"O-Oi!" Kurogasa stammered, blushing red.

"I like ya kid," Haruka said. "Try not to get yourself killed or I won't ever forgive you."



"Kurogasa-kun? Kurogasa-kun?" Shinobu asked, making the former snap out of it.


"Are you okay? You looked spaced out," Shinobu said a bit worried.

"No, I'm fine, it's just... is it getting darker?" he asked.

"Huh?" Shinobu looked out the window.

When they looked outside, they noticed that it was getting dark. It wasn't supposed to get dark and the clouds weren't grey or large enough to block out the sun. The sky had just turned black like an inkwell. This did not bode well for Kurogasa who was having lunch with Shinobu. The students started muttering, wondering what was going on.

"I don't think this is normal," said Kurogasa. The weather report for today had not predicted this and this did not seem natural. Shinobu took out her phone and saw that there was no signal on it. "Can't call out?"

"No signal," said Shinobu with dread.

"Yeah, I had a feeling this wasn't natural," said Kurogasa as he reached into his pocket for the Light Memory. That was then he saw a dark figure coming straight for them. "GET DOWN!" he shouted as he grabbed Shinobu and pulled her to the floor. The force of the figure's impact blew the rest of the students off their feet as they were knocked backwards. The windows also shattered, sending glass flying everywhere. Shinobu and Kurogasa made sure to hide under the desk as this happened. Their classmates weren't so lucky as they were hurt by the glass shards and groaning in pain.

Kurogasa poked his head out to see what had happened and his eyes widened.

"So, can anyone tell me where I can find Kurogasa Kururugi?" asked the Darkness Dopant.


Accel roared and landed a kick against the dark barrier, only to bounce right off without doing any damage to it. He grunted in frustration. That was when he heard the sound of another bike and spotted Keitaro pulling over. The young private detective took off his helmet and replaced it with his trademark fedora before dismounting to jog over to Accel.

"We got your call," said Keitaro. He studied the dome, "I can see why you were panicking."

"I don't panic," Accel retorted, "But I am worried. Kurogasa's in there and I think I know who did this."

"The Darkness Dopant?" asked Keitaro.

"The Darkness Dopant," Accel confirmed. "I've been trying to break through when you showed up, but whatever this barrier is made of is strong."

"Well, how about we both give it a try?" asked Keitaro as he put on the Double Driver. "Phillip, ready to go Xtreme?"

Phillip replied from their room in Hinata-Sou, his copy of the Double Driver ready. "I am. As Cyclone-Joker-Xtreme, we should be able to break into the barrier and save the students." He clicked on his Cyclone Memory.


"Henshin!" Phillip called before plugging the Cyclone Memory into his Double Driver, sending it away to Keitaro along with his soul. The Xtreme Memory swooped in, digitized Phillip's body, and absorbed it before flying out the open window.


"Henshin!" Keitaro called as he plugged in his Joker Memory as Phillip's Cyclone Memory appeared in the other slot. He then spread the buckle.


Keitaro's body was wrapped in a tornado as his armor formed. Then, the Xtreme Memory came down and attached itself to the Double Driver.


Meanwhile, back inside the school, Kurogasa was forced to confront the Darkness Dopant who had called him out. Right now, the Darkness Dopant was holding his classmates hostage with chains of darkness that held them against the wall. Shinobu was one of the hostages and she struggled. The others who had been injured by the broken glass earlier also struggled, the chains digging into them painfully.

"So, you did all this to get to me?" Kurogasa asked.

"Payback, kid," the Darkness Dopant replied. "And nobody is getting out alive until we settle this."

"Then just let everyone go," Kurogasa pleaded.

"Sorry, kid. You need incentive and a kid like you who cares about people will only be motivated if people are threatened," the Darkness Dopant said. "Plus, this lets me test out my new toy."

"New toy?" Kurogasa asked as the Darkness Dopant tapped on the Maximum Slot-like device attached to his hip.

"This," the Darkness Dopant said as he brought out another Gaia Memory.


He then slotted it into the device.


The Darkness Dopant felt himself becoming stronger as the Twilight Memory's power became augmented with his own Darkness Memory's power. His body emitted a glow which formed an aura of light around him.

"Darkness and light," the Darkness Dopant said. "That's the power of twilight."

"Well, good for you," said Kurogasa, grimacing.

"Now, how about you fish out that fancy Light Memory of yours, or do I have to start killing hostages to motivate you?" Kurogasa responded by taking the Light Memory out. "Now, this is what I was hoping for!" the Darkness Dopant boasted as he conjured spheres of darkness in his hands. "Let's play, kid!"

"Game On!" Kurogasa replied before he turned and ran out of the classroom.

"HEY, GET BACK HERE, COWARD!" the Darkness Dopant shouted as he gave chase.

Meanwhile, Ryuji was racing towards Hinata City Middle School as fast as he could on his bike. Right now, he looked downright furious. "That IDIOT! I know I told him to test it on that Kurogasa kid, but of all places to test it at!" Ryuji snarled. "Why did it have to be at the school? Kokoro is down there! Damn it, Kotonoha is going to kill me for this!"

Indeed, Kokoro Katsura, Kotonoha's little sister, was a freshman in Hinata City Middle School. Ryuji could never forgive himself if anything were to happen to her. When he spotted the dome surrounding the school, he knew he was at the right place. However, before he could go in closer, he spotted Double and Accel standing in front of the dome. He quickly stopped and shut off his engine before hiding behind a wall. He really should've considered their presence. They had equipment which allowed them to track down Dopants when they became active.

In Accel's hand was the Denden Sensor in its binocular mode and he was pinpointing a weak spot in the barrier.

"Tell us where to strike, Tatsuma," Double said as he prepared to strike, the Prism Bicker in his hand.

"Just give me a second," said Accel as he looked through the Denden Sensor. "I see it! Hit it right there!"


Double drew the charged up Prism Sword and called out,"Bicker Charge Break!" He swung the sword down on the surface of the dome. There was an explosive recoil that sent Double flying and crashing into a wall. What his attack did was put a glowing crack in the dome.

"Well, we managed to put a crack in it," said Double. "But it looks like we're going to need more power to break through."

Accel took out the Trial Memory, "Then let's not hold back."


Ryuji watched with interest but still grimaced at the sight of the dome. Something like this was starting to draw attention and he wouldn't be able to get in to make sure Kokoro was safe. He could at least try calling her to check up on her. He pulled out his cell phone and made a call, but she wasn't answering. "Of course not. That would be too easy," he murmured.

If that Museum agent ever did survive after this, Ryuji was going to make him experience his worst nightmares. That was a guarantee.

Kurogasa ran all the way into the school gym with the Darkness Dopant in hot pursuit. Once inside, the Dopant hovered in front of Kurogasa.

"So, you ran right into here? What's the point? There's nowhere you can run while inside my barrier," said the Darkness Dopant.

"I just needed the extra space," said Kurogasa as he activated the Light Memory then plugged it into his Organism Connector.


In a flash of light, Kurogasa had transformed into the Light Dopant.

"That's more like it." The Darkness Dopant smirked.

"Take this!" the Light Dopant shouted, sending a barrage of light orbs at the Darkness Dopant, but they were suddenly absorbed! "Na-Nani?!"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Did you really think it's going to work on me twice, boy?!" The Darkness Dopant laughed. "Well, you're wrong! Thanks to the Twilight Memory, I now have the power of both Darkness and Light!"

"Grrrrr..." the Light Dopant growled.

"And now it's time for me to pay you back with interest!" The Darkness Dopant yelled, sending a wave of dark and light energy towards the Light Dopant, hitting its target and sending the latter flying to the bleachers. The Light Dopant groaned from his crash then looked up as the Darkness Dopant was coming for him. He rolled away before a knee strike could smash into his face and darted back to gain some distance.

The Light Dopant then formed blades of light which he held in his hands. At the sight of this, the Darkness Dopant did the same by forming two scythes, one in each hand. Both combatants then charged at each other, exchanging blow after blow, sparks flying as their weapons clashed.

"Face it, boy! No matter how strong you've become, you're still just a child!" the Darkness Dopant shouted at the Light Dopant. He kicked the Light Dopant in the chest and sent him skidding back. "Now you're going to die! Say hello to your daddy for me!" He hurled both Darkness Scythes at Light Dopant but they were swiftly deflected by a blur blur and shattered into pieces before the fragments faded into nothing. "Huh!?"

"How about you deal with me?" challenged Accel Trial, armed with the Engine Blade. "You OK, Kurogasa?"

"Ryo-san?" the Light Dopant asked.

"How did you get in here!?" the Darkness Dopant demanded. "My Darkness Dome is impenetrable!"

"Found a weak spot and hit on it until we could bust in," said Accel Trial.

"Wait? We?" the Darkness Dopant repeated.

"Time to count up your crimes," said Double as he stood behind the Darkness Dopant. The Darkness Dopant whirled around to see the asymmetrical Kamen Rider standing behind him.

"Time to show you that despair awaits at the end of the finish line," said Accel Trial before he sped towards the Darkness Dopant. The Darkness Dopant had no time to react before he was hit by multiple slash attacks at high speeds from Accel Trial. Sparks flew from each successful blow before a punch in the face sent him crashing against the wall. The Darkness Dopant grunted and lunged at Accel Trial, but Double jumped up and landed a horizontal slash which caused the Darkness Dopant to crash into the bleachers instead. The Darkness Dopant let out a grunt and glared at the two Riders, but then saw the Light Dopant preparing for an assault.

"TAKE THIS!" the Light Dopant threw the sphere of light at the Darkness Dopant.

"IT'S MINE!" the Darkness Dopant gloated as he prepared to absorb it, only for the sphere to explode and send the Darkness Dopant flying painfully into the wall. "WHAT!?" the Darkness Dopant cried. He was supposed to absorb it. The Twilight Memory should've...

Wait a minute. He patted his hip. Where was the Twilight Memory? Where was the Adapter?

"Looking for this?" asked Accel Trial as he held up the Gaia Integrator Adapter.

"Give that back!" demanded the Darkness Dopant. He lunged forward but was impaled by spears of light. "GRAH!"

"Pay attention!" The Light Dopant shouted as he threw more spears of light at the Darkness Dopant, making the latter cry out more in pain. This went on for a while until the Light Dopant threw four more spears of light at his arms and legs and it sent him flying, until crashing into the wall. The Light Dopant slowly walked towards the Darkness Dopant, with his axe-sword in hand.

"Go ahead… kill me…" the Darkness Dopant challenged. "Avenge your pathetic excuse of a father…"

"Kurogasa, don't-!" Double protested but Accel Trial stopped him. "Tatsuma?"

"This is his decision, Urashima," said Accel Trial. "He needs to decide for himself."

"And if he decides wrong?" Double challenged.

"Then he'll have to live with the consequences," Accel Trial replied.

"What are you waiting for boy!? DO IT! I DARE YOU!"

The Light Dopant glared at him for a while, and raised his sword-axe.

"Kurogasa, NO!" Double shouted.


The Light Dopant brought the blade down, but it came down to only an inch away from the Darkness Dopant's head, embedding itself into the floorboards of the gym.

"No, my father wouldn't want me to avenge him," said the Light Dopant. "Not like this." With that, he turned from the Darkness Dopant and walked away. "Double, Ryo-san, do it…"

"Memory Break time," said Double. "It seems anticlimactic with him pinned down like that, though."

"Are you complaining?" Accel Trial asked.

"Not really," said Double before both Riders walked towards their immobilized opponent.



Back in her classroom, Shinobu wondered what was happening when the darkness around their school suddenly shattered and faded away. The students were wondering what had happened but Shinobu knew. She then saw Kurogasa come into the classroom, unharmed.

"Kurogasa-kun!" she gasped before she went and hugged him. "You're OK!"

"Sumanai…" Kurogasa smiled sadly. "I didn't mean to worry you. You okay?"

"I was so scared," she said. "For you. What happened?"

"I guess we'll find out once the police get here," said Kurogasa.

Later, the police came after getting a call from Tatsuma to pick up a suspect. Students stood around, with the police keeping order and making sure they stood back. Kurogasa was in the back of the crowd. As the Museum agent who used the Darkness Memory was taken away, Kurogasa walked away to get a drink.

At the drinking fountain, Shroud made her presence known.

"Are you Kurogasa-kun?" Shroud asked.

"Uh...yes?" he responded, unsure of how to react.

"My name is Shroud. I can sense that you want to avenge your father," spoke Shroud. "Museum took him away from you. I understand the hatred in your heart."

"The hatred in my heart?" he repeated.

"I see the kind of power you possess, but it is unrefined and raw. You are a diamond in the rough, but I can make you shine," she promised. "Come with me if you want to see what true power is like. Then, you can use that power to avenge your father and seek justice."

"Sorry, but no thanks…" Kurogasa said. "It's not what my dad would've wanted…"

"I see..." said Shroud as a fogged rolled in. "That is unfortunate..." As the fog thickened, she finished, "But just remember, my offer still stands..." Once the fog rolled away, she was gone.

"Who… was that?" Kurogasa wondered.

"Kokoro-chan!" a voice shouted. "Where are you?!" A voice shouted. Ryuji Hasuma ran into the schoolyard. He spotted Kurogasa, "Hey, you!"

"Uh… yeah?"

"Have you seen Kokoro Katsura?" Ryuji asked.

"Kokoro Katsura?" Kurogasa blinked.

Ryuji grumbled and then he turned and spotted Kokoro in the crowd.

"Nevermind," Ryuji said before he went to the crowd to find the little girl he was looking for.

"He didn't look like a student at this school," Kurogasa whispered. "But… for some reason… I get this… feeling of dread coming from him…"

Due to the disturbance caused by the Darkness Dopant, school was let out early. Kurogasa and Shinobu went back to Hinata-Sou. There, Keitaro and Tatsuma were waiting for them.

"Kurogasa-kun, I don't think it'll be safe for you to stay in the city any longer," said Keitaro.

"You mean Kurogasa-kun has to leave?" Shinobu asked.

"He's got a target painted on his back, Shinobu-chan," said Keitaro. "As long as he stays in the city, he'll get hurt."

"It's why I decided to get Kurogasa enrolled in DDS," said Tatsuma.

"DDS?" Kurogasa asked.

"Dan Detective School. It's a school to train aspiring detectives," said Keitaro. "I actually took a semester there myself awhile back. As a part-time student."

"A detective school?" Kurogasa asked. "Are you sure?"

"But only if it's what you want," said Tatsuma. "It still has a well-rounded curriculum. You can still withdraw and attend a different school. Just not one in this city."

"I see…" Kurogasa said, thinking about it for a while.

"I'm not forcing you to do this, you know that right?" Tatsuma asked. "It's your decision."

"Yeah, I know." Kurogasa said. "Is there a branch here in this city?"

"No," said Tatsuma. "Are you thinking of staying in the city?"

"Well… to be honest, yes…"

"EH?!" Keitaro exclaimed, shocked. "Why?!"

"I don't want to run away like a coward," Kurogasa admitted. "And what makes you think they won't still try to hunt me down while I'm in another city?"

"He's right," Tatsuma agreed. "There's no guarantee he'll be safe even if he's living in a different city."

"Yeah, but it's too risky," Keitaro argued.

"Don't worry, I can take care of myself. At least here I'll be protected by Kamen Riders," Kurogasa grinned. "And besides, I got someone worth protecting…" he added, eyeing slightly towards Shinobu.

"Fine then," sighed Keitaro, relenting.

"I guess I need to make a few calls," said Tatsuma.


"So, the test of the new device was successful," said Ryubee.

"Yes," said Ryuji. He had reported to Ryubee. "However, the agent was dumb enough to attack the school while Kokoro-chan was there."

"Yes, I know. Amakusa will deal with the agent. We don't want to have any loose ends now, do we?" Ryubee replied.

"I know, but I wish to punish him myself," said Ryuji. Ryubee understood. Ryuji cared a lot about Kokoro.

"We don't need you to implicate yourself," said Ryubee. "The Kamen Riders already know your identity. It is only through my influence in this city that you haven't been caught."

"I know," Ryuji replied, understanding Ryubee.

"Still, the Gaia Integrator Adapter worked well for its first field test," Ryubee said. "I think a new one will be ready for you very soon."

"Thank you, Otou-sama."

KAMEN RIDER CHROME: Well, Kurogasa decided to stay. Is it really a good idea? We'll see in the future. He won't be a major character, but when he does show up it'll be badass. Now, I wanna thank my co-author of these two chaps, Fenniksumaru for his assistance.

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