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Chapter 1

Harry logged onto his computer on a Monday afternoon and clicked on the book down the bottom of the screen. He clicked the sign up button

Name: Harry James Potter

Username: Imbringingsexyback

Age: 11

I agree to these terms and conditions

Yes No

Harry then clicked on sign in and he signed in to his account. He noticed that Hermione, Ron and Draco had also made an account. He decided to take a look at what they had written

Ginger Ninja

Well I am very happy that Dumbledore has given us computers and so many other things to do on the only took me 1 hour to turn it on with the help of Hermione. I don't know what I would do if Hermione wasn't around...I suppose Harry could have helped me too.

It's the second day at Hogwarts and I still can't find my way around the school...I couldn't even find my way around the common room to find the door to get out...I know that sounds very stupid but there were so many people in there that it was very hard to even move. I guess everyone decided to get up at the same time and all head down to breakfast early.

It's a long way to the Great Hall mind you

Well I better log off and let someone else have a go at using a blog for the first time in their lives.

Posted By: Ronald Weasley

Comments: couldn't even find the way to get out...I feel so proud of myself right now...I could skip

Harry got out of Ron's account and clicked up Hermione's blog...she had nothing written yet. Perhaps she was too busy doing her homework right about now and she hadn't had time to write anything.

He got out of her account and clicked on Malfoy's...he didn't have anything written up either. So he decided to write something of his own.


Yeah...that's right...I'm bringing sexy back...Malfoy is not too sexy for his shirt...if he was all the girls would be falling at his feet....and they're not. And that is because they are falling at my feel instead. And do you know why that is? Right. Because I am sexy. And I am the chosen one. The one that will live forever. The one that will be the hero who defeats Voldermort...yeah everyone go finch and have a cry, fall off your chair do whatever you normally do when you hear that name being said out loud. Honestly...why doesn't anyone commit suicide when they hear the name? That would be really nice. I could just say it all day.

VOLDERMORT VOLDERMORT OH VOLDY VOLDY VOLDY VOLDERMORT...doo be doo da da doo be doo da da...Voldermort is too sexy for his shirt...

Wait...does Voldermort even wear a shirt?

Voldermort Voldermort oh voldy voldy voldy Voldermort...doo be doo dad a doo be doo dad a...voldermort is too sexy for his cape so sexy it hurts...

Well...I will figure out a much better song for Voldermort that everyone will enjoy and I get to sing all day long. I will make everyone not afraid to say his name for the first time in their lives...

I will have the song stuck in everyone's will be very, very funny...but then I will perhaps get in trouble from Snape and co

I wonder what the rest of the school year is going to be like?

OH! I have a song for Voldermort.

Voldermort is too sexy for his death sexy for his death eaters it hurts...

I will get to the rest of the song later...

Posted by: Harry James Potter

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