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Chapter One.
A little misunderstanding,
And deliberate.

As the first rays of dawn fell upon coccos, their shriek echoed between the stone walls of Hyrule Market. Citizens grumbled as their sweet sleep was untimely smashed by their shrill calls. And when the bustle had only just begun to fill their lives, no one bothered to notice the young girl who poked her head from the Temple of Time. Her face turned up in a mischievous smile, watching, waiting... utterly amused.

Five seconds later, she was bored.

So, she decided to play.

She skipped lackadaisically up the dirt path toward her favorite playground.


Link fell hard onto his back, his breath fleeing him as his ribs crushed beneath Sheik's foot. "I told you,"

"I-I-I'm sorry. I j-just wan-, I mean... I was just..." He coughed as Sheik added more pressure. Link wheezed slightly. "I was just... curious,"

"I told you," Sheik repeated, his voice steady with venom. "To stay out of my room." He enunciated each syllable clearly. "So, why would you risk your life? What was so important?"

Link swallowed, and thought. He said quickly: "Zelda, she dared me."

Sheik raised his visible eyebrow and chortled. "Really?" He paused, waiting for Link's death request.

"Yeah..." He said, unsure (obviously, Link had never dealt with an enraged Sheikah before).

The mysterious sentinel threw his head back and let out a bark of laughter. "And how, my dear hero of time, would she be able to give such a request: she has been meeting candidates."

Link look up stupidly. "There's an election?"

Sheik sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "No, you duce. For marriage."


"She is the princess." He studied Link's face, bemused by his prey. "What? You thought... she would marry... you?" His voiced peaked at the end, a questioning stare at the man at his feet (this was too easy).

And for the sake of time, Zelda walked by right now.

"Sheik," She said, curiosity peaked. "What... are you doing with Link?"

Sheik turned, suave, to face the princess. "Ah, your Highness." His foot was still effectively trapping Link. "Did you by chance give this... wonderful (sarcastic) hero permission to go in..." His eyes lazily drifted toward Zelda's door.

"No." She said simply. "Why?"

"Link claims that you did. And guess where I found him..." He trailed off.

Neither man could brace himself for the wail that fell from Zelda's lips. "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?" She gasped for air as the word closed. "You. Were. IN... There?" Her brow raised significantly with each word. "How dare you?" She began to pant. "Why would you violate that privacy?" There was hint of tears in her voice. "It's......... room." She was so squeaky Link could not make out the words.

"I just wanted to know." He said innocently. "I was just looking. Why? Is there something important in there? Is there something you don't want me to s-" The light flickered in Link's brain. "Wait. Wait a minute. You... and, and... Sheik? WHAT?" He pushed Sheik off and stood. (Which later he realizes, that should not have been as easy.)

"I don't care if you ARE the hero of time! STAY OUT OF MY ROOM!"

Link stepped back, "What're you so mad about? I saved the world, I think I deserve a look."


"Oh dear," a small voice echoed. All eyes looked at the young dainty child.

Zelda realized that, as a princess, it was highly unbefitting of her royal stature to be yelling at a ruffian with no morals.

Link realized that he was setting a bad example by inching his hand toward his sword.

And Sheik realized he had never seen this child in the castle before, and that he was getting a bit hungry.

The girl, however, was not looking back at them. Instead she was observing a thick book in her hands. "Gee, I really wish-" She, then, notices them and blinks. "Oh, hello. Do you live in the hotel, too?"

"Hotel?" Zelda repeated. "This is the home of the royal family of Hyrule. I am the princess."

"Oh, well, congratulations. Me, I like to think myself some sort of goddess. A creator, say... of living things."

Link and Zelda exchanged baffled looks. Sheik's eyes narrowed on the book.

"Where did you get that?" He asked.

"In there." The girl pointed to an open door behind the group. "I'm sad though, because I don't see the pictures, and I don't like the words." She pouted and her eyes widened.

Link's heart melted. "Awwww." His expression became one of a love-sick bull-calf.

"That is soooooooo cute." Zelda squealed, her head cocked to the side and hands rested on her cheeks.

Sheik faked a coughing sound. "Duce" He coughed.

The girl peered at him. "Are you ok? Perhaps, some water?"

"No." He stated. "But, I do want to know what, little girl; you are doing with my book."

"Your book?" She looked at it, surprised. "Well, I didn't think a man like you could read."

Zelda looked at the floor. "You'd be surprised at what he can do." She murmured.

"Oh," Link spun to face her. "And what does that mean?"

"Nothing, he just knows how to do lots of stuff."

Sheik glanced at her and said, "That doesn't explain why she has my book."

"Well," She frowned. "I like this story in here."

"You said you couldn't read." Sheik pointed out.

"I said I didn't like it. That doesn't mean I can't." She smiled. "You seem not to like being nice to people, but I think that you are entirely capable."

Sheik grumbled. "Fine. Just give the book back." He paused, thinking. Then, "Please?"

The girl beamed. "Awww, see, you're still alive."

He held his hand out for the book.

"But," She sighed. "I really like this story."

Sheik shook his head, taking the book. "Well, if you like it so much, why not make a play out of it. Then, you can watch it any time you want." He suggested, innocently, of course.

The girl jumped in excitement. "That's the most scrumptious, brilliant idea you've had your whole life!"

"Excuse me-"

"Now," She ignored him. "All of you will gather your friends and make Robin Hood into an amazing, spectacular play for me to watch on our birthday."

Zelda looked puzzled. "I am the Princess. No one can command me but my father, the king."

"I out rank him," She giggled. "By a long shot."

"He is the king." Link said. "The supreme ruler of this land."

"Except for my family."

To amuse the child, Sheik sighed: "And what would be your name? Then we can introduce you to the king, and show our... proper respects."

"Oh, I didn't tell you? Oops. Nayru told me to always mind my manners."

"Nayru?" The three questioned.

"Yes, my big sister. I am Farore. Nice to meet you."

The three gaped.

"Now, introduce me to your king, and we can start the casting. I think it would be best if I directed, seeing as I have the most experience. And, you Hyrulians have no sense of Theatre and it's significance to life as you know it." She paused, then: "Plus, I like bossing people around."

The tree still gaped.

"Won't this be fun?"