Hello! I've had this idea floating around for a while. It's going to be Mobward all the way through the fic but it's going to have Angstward and Domward.

I want to clarify that when I say DOMward… I mean light spanking, dirty talk, MAYBE some tying to headboards. Now, I know that to some of you that sounds like a Domward fic… but it will not be a BDSM relationship. He will not collar her… ever. He is not a full Dom. He has a dominant sexual appetite without going full fledge. Make sense? If not PM me.

Go check out the Horny Halloween, hosted by Breath-of-Twilight. Yours truly has submitted a one-shot and 2 parts to the mass collab. You need to check this shit out! It's gonna be wild.

If you haven't checked out my story 'My Warrior', do it! Please. I think it's good… but I'm biased. It's a Greekward story. Very Troy like but with a lot of plotline not in Troy. Very sweet. The chances of you lovely ladies encountering a lemon are greater over there than they are here… at least for a little while.


I am darkness and she is light.

I am evil and she is pure.

I am all that is bad and she is all that is good.

She turns a blind eye to the fact I am the monster under her bed,

That I am the most dangerous person she will ever encounter.

I don't deserve her affections.

I don't deserve the unconditional love she gives me.

I want protect her.

I want to force her away,

But I know I could never leave her.

She is my angel in this Hell I have created for myself.

I cling to her like a child to its mother,

Seeking the warmth and protection that only she could provide me.

I know that I will only end up hurting her.

I know she loves me.

I can see it in everything she does.

Especially when she turns those big brown orbs on me,

I can almost feel the love shining out of them.

I hope she knows how deeply I feel about her.

I hope she knows that I would do anything for her.

It kills me that I am dragging her into this underworld.

She is willing though,

It kills me.

I hate that I can't give her up.

I hate that I can't let her live the life she was destined for,

The life that doesn't have me in it.

I try to imagine her with a better man,

Someone who is not detrimental to her safety,

Someone who isn't me.

Everytime I try to,

I feel it a knife is twisting in my gut.

I can't surrender her.

God will punish me for taking his most prized angel away,

But I will take any punishment to stay with her.

She is light.

I am darkness.

And I know that I will extinguish her flame.