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Please note, as with all my TMNT stories, the ages of the Turtles are Leo, Raph, Don then Mikey (from eldest to youngest). Personally, I just find Leo and Raph being the two eldest makes the most sense based on personalities and the interactions between the Turtles.

So I had this idea to hopefully improve my stream of consciousness writing ability (which is currently non-existent) by setting myself the task of writing *something*, no matter how short, each day. Of course, this begged the question, where would the inspiration for these pieces come from.

Eventually I decided to hit two birds with one stone and work on improving my vocabulary at the same time. Thus I decided that each day I would use the Dictionary (dot) com 'Word of the Day' as my prompt.

Of course, I already find myself four days behind, and day one didn't wind up as a stream of consciousness fic but more of my usual write a bit here, a bit there, leave it, come back to it, repeat style but at least I'm trying, right?

The full range of work will probably wind up encompassing several different series (TMNT, Naruto, Inuyasha, Harry Potter, Various Comics/Cartoons, etc). Only TMNT will be posted in this document. For the full range of work, please see my profile.


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Day One: Equivocate

\ih-KWIV-uh-kayt\, intransitive verb: To be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or to avoid committing oneself to anything definite.


Donatello sat stunned in the chair in his lab, where he had been working on an advanced guidance and tracking system for the battle shell until his brother had disturbed him. His doe brown eyes took in the gaming system held in his brother's hands with dismay.

Only two weeks ago he had gifted it to Michelangelo for his birthday, having saved the small personal allowance he granted himself from his paychecks for months to afford it. Only two weeks ago it had been brand new, straight out of the packaging, and now it lay in a mangled heap in his brother's arms.

"What happened?!"

The apologetic look on Michelangelo's face deepened and he shuffled his right foot slightly, squirming where he stood in the lab's doorway under his older brother's incredulous stare. "Umm…the wii got broken."

Donatello continued to stare at the demolished system, a small corner of his mind absently categorizing the damage and listing all the potential actions by which it could have been caused. "I can see that, but what the shell did you do to it?"

Michelangelo started to gesture with his hands, only to realize that he was still holding the wii. He looked down at it for a moment, as if contemplating his response, before looking up earnestly and Donatello. "Dude, it's totally not my fault!"

Donatello sighed, feeling a headache coming on. He rested his elbows on the desk in front of him and dropped his head tiredly into his hands as he prepared himself for another one of his brother's epic fictions. "Mikey…"

"I'm serious!" Michelangelo exclaimed, finally just shifting the console into his left arm, leaving his right free to gesture imploringly. "It was just bad luck."

Donatello's response was a disbelieving glance towards his brother over his eye ridges, face still in his hands.

"You don't believe me?" Michelangelo asked, assuming a wounded expression and placing his right hand over his heart. "Look, this day has sucked. Period. First, I woke up late for training and got lectured by Leo and Splinter and had to do five extra katas. Thanks for waking me, by the way."

"Mikey, it's not my fault…"

"By the time I was done you guys had eaten all the leftover pizza and I was stuck making my own breakfast. Which I didn't mind at first, 'cause I was really in the mood for a sausage and anchovy omelet, but when I went to make it we were completely out of eggs. So I was stuck with cold cereal…not even good cereal, but Leo's Bran Flakes, which were nothing but mush before I was even halfway through the bowl and tasted like cardboard. Blech."

Donatello sighed as he realized that there would be no stopping his brother's monologue. Shrugging his shoulders, he decided to let Mikey get everything out of his system, as he obviously needed to vent. Turning back to the table in front of him, he continued sketching out his ideas for the battle shell, making sounds of encouragement every so often as Michelangelo continued to speak.

"So then I figured I'd take out the 'board for a bit of de-stressing, only to find out that one of my wheels got cracked last time I was out and I don't have any spares left.

"No problemo, right, I'll just head up and grab a new set. Only it is a problem, because thanks to Raph's stunt Wednesday night with the Foot we're all grounded until things 'cool down' some. Seriously, as if a fifteen minute trip to the bike shop was going to bring the Foot down on our heads!"

"Hmm…" Donnie glanced through his calculations again, perturbed that the numbers weren't coming out as he had hypothesized.

"Exactly! So then I decided I would do some more training, hone my Battle Nexus Champion reflexes, only for my wii to get completely trashed! And now I don't have anything to do, I'm stuck in the lair for at least the next three days, and I'm totally, life-threateningly bored!"

"Ah!" There it was! Donatello moved to a new piece of paper, redoing his calculations and correcting the mistake he had found.

"Yeah, it's just not fair! I'm a good person…or turtle. I fight crime, I help people, I'm cheerful and fun to be around. And I'm incredibly cute. What could I have possibly done to have all these bad things happening to me?"

The long silence clued Donnie in that Michelangelo was expecting actual input from him. He contemplated answering his brother's question, only to conclude that he didn't really want to get into the philosophical debate that would likely erupt. Change of subject, then.

"Mikey, you still haven't told me what exactly happened to the wii."

"Yes I did. I woke up late…"

"Mikey! Stop!" Donatello demanded, not willing to sit through another telling of his brother's day. "Yes, you have given me a disturbingly detailed account of your day thus far, but you never said anything about HOW the wii was broken!"

"Oh, ah…why does it matter? It's broken, I'm hoping you can fix it…does how really matter in the grand scheme of things?"

"Mikey…" Donnie growled, quickly losing patience.

"Okay, okay already," he relented, holding his free hand out, palm facing Donatello. "Sheesh, keep your shell on. It was a simple mistake, really. Anyone could have done it…"


Donatello was sure he saw a faint blush on his brother's face as Michelangelo dropped his face to the ground and quickly blurted, "Um…I…erm…satonit."

"You did what?!" Donnie shouted incredulously. "How on earth did you manage to…no, you know what, I don't want to know," he decided, hands moving in a negating motion before he pointed with his left hand at a desk near where Mikey was standing. "Put it there on the desk and I'll see if it's in any way salvageable, but I'm not making any promises."

Michelangelo's face came up to look at his brother, bright with a huge grin. "Thanks, Donnie! You're the best brother ever!"

"Yeah, yeah," Donatello gestured to the door, "just get out of here before you pass on your bad luck to me."