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"Take your pants off."

"Ok," he said warily, drawing the word out as long as he could. He slowly reached for his belt buckle and unhooked it, ignoring her gaze. How had he gotten himself in this situation? "Do I take the rest of my clothes off too, or just the jeans?"

"Just the jeans. Keep the boxers on. We need to keep contact as minimal as possible," she said matter-of-factly. They stood by the side of her bed where they had come after a long clinical discussion over dinner about the various methods of conception.

"It's sex, Bones, er, Temperance," he said, her given name rolling uncomfortably off his lips. "People are supposed to be naked."

"It's procreation, Booth. Sex is just a means to an end. And don't call me Temperance. It's a little too..." she paused taking in a breath, "personal."

He grimaced. "You can't be serious about doing this," he said, his tone edged with incredulity.

"Are you changing your mind? You said you wanted to give me a baby. Artificial insemination didn't work. It's either this way, or we try another donor. It may be that your sperm isn't viable." She looked away, studying the drapes.

"Now hold on a minute there, Bones," he broke in, "We've already determined my...swimmers...are just fine. You know, maybe it's you, have you ever thought of that?" The moment he spit out the words, he regretted it. Her eyes flickered down for a moment and he realized he had hurt her. She gathered herself and stood up straighter, looking Booth squarely in the eye.

"That may be, but this is our last chance before I switch donors. Then, if that doesn't work, I guess I'll have those tests, regardless of how painful they are."

Booth felt a sudden wave of tenderness towards her. This was going to be hard. He loved her, as a dear friend, and wanted to help her, but was this too much for their friendship to bear? He thought she was amazing, beautiful, too smart for her own good, and damn sexy. But he was always very careful to not want more, not to imagine her in any way other than as a colleague, a companion. Now she wants me to have sex with her? Baby-making sex. The hottest sex there is. Dear God, he thought, wiping the sweat from his brow.

"I'm ovulating right now, so this is an optimal time, " she said, as if she was trying to convince him all over again.

He sighed. "Ok, ok. I said I was in, and I'm in. What do we do again?"

She smiled slightly, arching an eyebrow.

"Yeah, yeah," he said, "Not...that. The rules you mentioned."

"No kissing. No unnecessary touching. No talking. Make it quick and get out," she paused, raising a finger to her lip as if she was trying to remember something else. She nodded, "Oh yes. Don't forget to ejaculate into me."

Booth rolled his eyes. "I got that. That's the whole reason we're here."

They stood arm's length regarding each other solemnly. He suddenly became aware of how small the room was even though in reality it was quite large. The weight of what they were about to do was on them. Once they started things would never be able to go back to the way they were. But, if it worked, if these "rules of engagement" would keep things in perspective, they might have a good chance to get out of this thing with their friendship intact.

Booth was unsure if it was possible to have sex with her without some kind of attachment happening, but there was no way he was letting another man father her child. And besides, he'd had sex with women he only knew casually and nothing ever transpired other than a good time. Like with Cam. Great sex, but there was no risk of emotional entanglement. This would be just like that. He hoped.

She turned suddenly and rummaged though her purse on the bed. "Oh, I forgot." She pulled out a brown paper bag and removed a tube of lubrication. "Thought we might use this to minimize foreplay."

He ran a hand roughly through his hair. He was never going to get through this. She placed the lube on the bedside table. "Ok, where were we?"


"Oh, right. Undressing. Although we need to keep as much on as possible to minimize contact."

"I know, you already said that," he growled, suddenly feeling grouchy.

She stepped out of her heels and went over to the vanity to remove her jewelry. He sat on the bed and slipped off his shoes. "Should I take my socks off?," he called out.

"Up to you," she said.

He slipped the socks off and tucked them into the shoes. He glanced over at her. She had one leg up on the vanity seat and was reaching under her dress to pull off her pantyhose.

Good God, he thought, as he caught a glimpse of her long pale legs. He instantly felt himself grow hard and looked away before she caught him. He stood, unzipped his jeans and stepped out of them. He turned, holding his pants, unsure of where to put them. He walked over and dropped them on a nearby chair. Now he was, he hoped, as naked as he would ever get around her. BlackRamones shirt and plaid boxers. He wished he had worn a different shirt. Something less form fitting.

"I'm going to leave my dress on."

"Ok." He couldn't look at her. Best to keep my head down and plow through this thing, he thought.

She walked over to the opposite side of the bed. "I want to thank you Booth, for doing this for me," she swallowed hard, emotion making her voice quiver, "You are a true friend."

He looked up and smiled, cocking his head to the side, "You're welcome Bones," he said softly. "So, lights on or off?"

"Well, a brightly lit room may keep things more neutral, but at the same time may create too much visual stimulation."

"Let's play it by ear then. Lights on, but if its too much, then we'll turn it off."

"Ok," she said, her wide gaze the only indication of her nervousness.

She reached down to the bed, pulling the duvet down to the foot.

"Wait," he said, "What happens if this doesn't work? If you don't get pregnant?"

"Well, I guess we can try again tomorrow ," she said, "but if I stop ovulating we'll either have to wait till next month, or," she paused, unsure of what to say next, "Or we decide it's not going to work and we go to plan B."

"Right." Plan B was never going to happen. Not in his lifetime.

They climbed into bed pulling the duvet over them. They lay side by side looking at each other, unsure of how to start.

She pulled her dress up over her hips. "I'm ready."

He grimaced. "Just like that? It's not so simple for men, Bones."

"Yes, you'll need an erection."

"Gah, don't say it like that."

"What should I say?"

"Nevermind," he said. "Just give me a sec." He reached down and through his boxers gave himself a tug. Hm. Nothing. He was surprised. He thought for sure sex with such a beautiful woman would have him harder than steel at just the thought of it. His body was not complying. As if it knew something he didn't.

"Ready?" she said, arranging herself on the pillows.

"Um..well, no. Having a little trouble. Lack of foreplay, I think."

She sat up on one elbow. "Oh. Ok. You want some lube?"

"No, I think I got it. Give me another moment. " She laid back down looking up at the ceiling. Booth did the same, both of them staring quietly into space. He had one hand on his cock trying to force it to life. His eyes drifted shut as he tried to imagine previous sexual encounters. There was this woman a few months ago, she was quite the hellcat, he thought, as he felt himself begin to harden. He pictured when he was entering her from behind, her perfect heart shaped ass underneath his hands. His cock grew harder and longer as he imagined himself ramming into her. He was wild that night, wound up after a particularly long day of crime solving with Bones had him aching for a release. He remembered turning her around to switch positions, and as he pumped his cock harder he could picture her face as she came, except when he flipped her over in his mind, it was Bones staring back at him.

"Whoa," he said, his hand flying off his cock.

He felt Brennan turn over and look at him. "Are you ok, Booth?"

"Yes," he said, his voice raspy, "I'm ready."

She said nothing, but spread her legs as he climbed on top of her. Suddenly he was here, face to face with her, their nether regions exposed and about to be joined. "Hang on," he grunted, positioning himself. He reached down, his hand tugging at her inner thigh to pull her legs further apart. She made a soft sound. He froze. Was that a gasp? That's definitely against the rules. The rules. The rules he was now beginning to think were asinine.

He lifted himself up on his arms and looked down at her. He couldn't help himself, she looked utterly delicious lying there, her hair splayed out on the bed, her eyes smoky and half-lidded. She looked at him solemnly as he took a hand and guided his cock to her entrance. He was unsure if she would be ready without any foreplay, but as he rested the tip on the outside folds, she was very wet and swollen.

He swallowed hard and surged in. Holy cow, she was tight and very, very hot. He paused for a moment at the hilt, then withdrew a little and surged up into her again. He looked down at her. Her eyes were tightly shut. Good, he thought, I can look at her and she won't know it. As he moved slowly in her, he watched small emotions play out on her face, her jaw tighten and loosen, her lips part and close.

She didn't match his thrusts though, but stayed as still as possible. Ok, he thought. If this is what she has to do to remain detached then so be it. But he had to admit to himself he was incredibly turned on. She was astonishingly beautiful as she lay beneath him, her skin a glossy alabaster, her eyelashes long, dark and lustrous, her auburn hair wild and tangled in the pillow. As her lips parted and a tongue darted out to wet them, he felt a wave of longing to kiss her. He felt himself grow harder as he quickened his thrusts. He drove into her relentlessly. His hand drifted down to grip her hip. He felt her start to move beneath him, slowly at first, almost too subtle to notice with the naked eye. They fit together perfectly, he thought, like a matched set of everything: dishes, shoes, twins. She shifted her legs, bringing her knees up to give him better access. He plunged into her, over and over, moving perfectly in sync now, their lower half of their bodies admitting what the upper half could not.

Booth's pace grew quicker and quicker. He knew he wasn't supposed to wait for her to have an orgasm, but it seemed ungentlemanly not to ask.

"Are you close?" he rasped, never losing the rhythm.

"Yes," she called out in a whisper, forgetting the conditions they had agreed to beforehand.

He pounded into her wildly, determined to give her the best orgasm she had ever had in her entire life. He reached around, hooking a leg under his arm, lifting her slightly off the bed with each thrust.

Her eyes flew open and locked on his as she started to come. "Oh, yes, Booth. Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh. Oh. My. God." Wave after wave of pleasure overcame her, her pussy opening and closing on him like a flower. He felt himself explode, a cry escaping his lips as he spilled into her. Their hips fused together, rocking violently against each other. Never breaking her gaze, he leaned down capturing her mouth in his as he felt himself orgasm for what seemed like forever. Their mouths locked together, hungrily devouring each other, their bodies touching, breast to breast. Brennan's arms reached around him pulling him deeper into the embrace. They rode the last wave down together, his hand releasing her leg and coming up to cup her breast, a soft mound with a hard tip pliant under his hand.

They continued to rock together until they slowly came to a stop. For one infinitesimal moment, they were still one being, him lodged deep inside her, her legs wrapped around his, a true beast with two backs. He buried his face in her hair, trying to keep as still as possible, trying to stave off the moment that was bound to arrive sooner rather than later. Suddenly he knew what a bad idea this all was. There was no way he could ever give this up. Not do this again. He would think about it every moment for probably the rest of his life.



"Can you get off me now?"

He frowned and rolled off her. He looked at her face, she looked irritated. Was it not good for her? No way, he thought, she just had a hell of an orgasm.

"You need to leave," she said grimly, "I have to remain prone to give the sperm the best chance to fertilize the egg."

He stood awkwardly, confused, forgetting where he left his pants. She turned away, her back to him. "Thank you Booth," she said quietly after a few moments. She looked over her shoulder, "let's hope this worked."

"Yeah," was all he could squeak out. He finished dressing and left wordlessly, locking the door quietly behind him.

As he walked to his car he tried to block out the image of what she looked like as she writhed beneath him. Think about hockey, he thought. But the images would not leave his head. That's it, he thought, that's all I get. Was it worth it?

Hell yes. No matter what happens now that was worth every damn second.