By: Alice W. Hale

Disclaimer: All is owned by Stephenie Meyer. Unfortunately. :(

Jasper POV.

We'd arrived at the hotel in the early afternoon and Bella had been sleeping for the past nine hours. I felt so guilty for not being able to take care of her better. She just smelled so good… Alice wouldn't even let me carry Bella upstairs while she slept for fear of what I might do to her. She knew me better than that. She knew I could never do anything to hurt Edward like that. It made me mad to think that Alice doubted me; sometimes I wished my abilities worked on myself.

Alice was flipping through TV channels without really seeing them. She'd let her human charade slip and she was more beautiful to me than usual. I couldn't really be mad at her. She just wanted what was best for all of us; now wasn't the time to take unnecessary chances.

Flip, flip, flip. She continued to stare it the television without blinking. She had taken very few breaths since we arrived and was more alert than usual. She actually jumped slightly when I touched her knee.

"I'm sorry," I whispered.

"Why are you apologizing?" she asked me. "I was the one who didn't trust you." She finally looked at me and I could tell that she was sorry for what had happened earlier.

"I just… I feel like I'm holding everyone back. The family, the hunt, the charade. I'm sorry that I'm so weak, that I can't just ignore the thirst, and that the desire to k—" Alice cut me off.

"Jasper! You know you would never hurt her." Her face was stern and I didn't dare disagree with her. "I know you would never hurt her," she added more softly.

She shifted from the small ball she was sitting in to rest her head on my shoulder. "Don't worry. Everything will be okay Jazz," she cooed into my ear.

"How can you know? How do you know James won't kill Edward, Emmett, all of them?" I was angry again. I didn't like sitting in this hotel room waiting for something to happen. I could help them.

Alice was suddenly straddling my lap. In any other situation, it would have been very sexy, but when she grabbed my face between her small hands, it was too rough, too serious. "Nobody. Is going. To die. Except James."

I took a deep breath to clear my mind. She was right. James was the one who needed to worry, not us. "You know I'll be able to tell whenever something changes."

"I know, Ali, I know." She was now sitting beside me again, running her fingers through my hair. "You're right. All we can do is wait."

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