Note: The Big O anime series does not belong to me. It belongs to Sunrise Studios... This is a novelisation of Act 8 Scene 15....

by Genine Silverio

Scene 15

My android spine stood straight as I yelled the fateful word with all my power possible. Whether it be a plea or command, this monosyllabic vibration felt strange against my robotic lips-- and upon me saying it, it seemed like the world became a slow-motion camera.

Perro, frame by frame, began to plummet to the ground as soon as the Big O loosened its death grip.

The flying dust settled. The actions of Roger and Perro ceased as they turned to me alike in curiosity, the heat of battle momentarily interrupted; what was this small female voice they somehow heard amongst the voluminous songs of destruction?

My eyes could not watch them battle; I had to do something. I could not tolerate Roger harming my pet. With my life, I would not allow Perro, my beloved Perro, any more injury. Every time Perro suffered a blow, something began to be detracted from me at a horrible cost. Not physically, but in a way I could not fathom, could not explain. Simply, whatever happened to Perro, I felt it, too.

I could not understand why the humans chose to inflict pain upon Perro. Perro was innocent, whether we chose to see him as a harmless kitten, a ruthless scientific experiment unfortunately bred for evil, a simple lump of tissue, or the tragic memory of a lost young child. He didn't do anything, he didn't ask for it to be this way, he had no say. He did what he could only do-- respond to what was given to him. Go merely by extinct with an attempt to survive peaceably even though the chances of success within the environment are at total odds. And yet everything is justified with his humane will to live. It wasn't a complex matter; everything as I saw it happened to be understandingly simple. Why couldn't the humans see, understand? That he wasn't just an animal, or a boy, or even a monster? Couldn't they see beyond the shell of appearances what really mattered?

I felt the barrel of the gun that Eugene held against my temples. I could feel the evil scientist breathing on my ear, his maniacal cliche giggle. But there was someone else who was taken hostage that seemed to be of more importance in his very situation.

"Roger Smith! Don't hurt him! Perro's in there and his soul is in there, too!" I screamed in a voice that did not seem like my own.

In the distance, one could hear the rumble of thunder. Perro's head cocked to the side curiously, its questioning eyes gazing at me.

I imagined a stunned Roger in his cockpit contemplating about how to react, a vengeful Angel hiding behind somewhere concerned about the hostage of memories, the smug and proud look on Eugene's face as he marveled at the conflict his amazing scientific power caused. I saw the torment, the confusion of innocent Perro's soul as he struggled to defend himself against exploitation and fathom the nonsense words and actions of the humans.

Perro slowly began to stand again, its strong tentacles all the while still attached to one of the Megadeus' shoulders. As Perro stood upwards, he dragged Roger with him. The Big O struggled not to fall due to the unbalanced movement. however, the laws of physics prevailed.

The Big O fell on its hands and knees, literally, near our toes. Eugene braced himself behind me, for there was a large plume of dust that made our way. Once the debris had cleared, he popped out once again to regain his composure, staring in awe at the Megadeus which seemed almost like it was groveling at the scientist's feet.

"If you would like to know, I make the point of incorporating any rejected properties into this chimera. And I'm sure this little android would make a fine contribution. And no one will stand in my way. I'm the ruler of all, I'm the creator! Yes!" Eugene exclaimed with egotistical laughter as he pulled me closer onto his grip with his right arm. He again dug the gun onto my temples playfully and for a few seconds stared at the Chromebuster in challenge.

"Hmph! Come on. Get up, my faithful servant!" he yelled, turning his shift expectantly to Perro who was standing near the Big O.

Perro's ears perked and his slit expressive eyes widened, sensing a command. He cocked his head in response, then turned towards the fallen Megadeus in anger.

"Devour that piece of scrap metal! Devour anything that stands in my way!" Eugene yelled, raising his left arm and firing a shot of his gun in childish eagerness.

A strange feeling consumed me. I lifted up both of my arms toward Perro, the weight of the solid metal handcuffs trivial to my abilities. Eugene gasped and pointed the gun towards my head again.

My cat turned to face me curiously, recognizing the simple gesture. Both our eyes locked and I felt my heart skip a beat. He looked very different externally compared to when I first saw him out in the rain but if there was one thing that never changed about him, one thing that made me sure that the true Perro wasn't some horrible monster, were his soulful eyes. Those dark alert green-hazel eyes that I had for so long been mesmerized at, gazed at, laughed and shared with, even the simple memory of his purrs; truly, none of that could not or would not ever be changed by science or nature.

And yet, despite all of this, something was different, something about Perro indeed from within him had inevitably changed, and it pained me to realize this. A pure matter-of-fact was in existence and this alone had the power to sever the bonds which had previously tied Perro and I close together.

"I'm so glad I rescued you because I've come to like you so much. You will never be alone again, and neither I or anyone else will ever hurt you."


"Perro..." I murmured. Like I had so many times before.

"Silence!" Eugene barked in my ear, shaking me violently. He then turned to the cat. "What are you doing? Hurry up and destroy that thing will you?"

Perro's head lifted up gradually to face the Megadeus, but then he turned back to lock his solemn eyes with me.

"What's wrong? Why won't you obey me?" Eugene exclaimed in suspicion. "Hey, this is all because of her isn't it?"

His eyes widened.

"You are nothing but a worthless mechanical doll," he said desperately, stepping back to let go of me. All the while he was still pointing the gun in my direction.

Perro growled menacingly.

"Whatttttttttt!" Eugene said.

Immediately, Perro's tentacles let go of the Big O to wrap around the evil scientist.

The ground shook with every single movement of the large animal. I fell onto the concrete, watching Perro hoist him into the air, the tentacle disappearing behind the shadowed ruin of a large building. He screamed, his voice carrying into multiple octaves. One could hear shots of blind firing filled the air.

The Big O gradually stood up.

"You idiot! Stop, stop!" I heard Eugene demand to no avail. The tentacles swiftly jerked with an angry bark. Then, a couple of seconds silence, contrastingly followed by a final ear-piercing scream. The last contributing act was the sound of bones snapping in half and organs being released out onto the cold air.

Eugene's ammo-free gun seemed to defy gravity and flew a couple of meters away from my feet with a clink. My cat's tribute gift.

Feeling quite strange again, I closed my eyes as Perro's giant face neared mine at a couple of feet's distance. He was now sitting. He purred as he brought his tentacle to gently caress my face. I reveled in the touch of my loyal, loving pet. Oh, how I had missed him! I wished for this moment to last always. My android heart felt like soaring.

From the back of the injured animal's throat came a precious, large meow.

"Perro," I said, gently stroking one of his tentacles with my neck. My hands were still bound by Eugene's heavy handcuffs.

"You can come with me!" I said warmly, extending my handcuffed hands toward him.

The child's eyes lit up and we gazed at each other for a few moments. My lips formed a smile.

But then Perro's eyes quickly narrowed, then quivered, then averted away from me. His tentacles withdrew into the pores of his body. He rose up, heaved his body to the opposite direction, and began to make his way towards the museum.

"P-- Perro! You're going the wrong way!" I exclaimed, leaping forward to follow him.

Suddenly, I was halted in my tracks by an arm of the Big O.

Resuming to a standing position, I questionably looked up at the Chromebuster, imagining Roger sitting in the cockpit. My android mind lagged a few seconds to process the given circumstances. My heart sank upon realization that there was nothing he Roger and I could do. Perro, as he was, could never fully be accepted into the human world.

Each resulting footfall rumbled fainter than the last, the bright flame of the burning museum silhouetted Perro's body. I watched as my child made his agonizingly slow, sure encroachment toward Hades, a forever banishment from the living world. With every footfall my Perro would be gone from me forever. Perro, my Perro, becoming a mere amorphous shadow, a shadow amongst memories.