You may know my wife.

She's one of the most famous, beautiful, graceful, classy, influential women in the world. If not the most…

And not to mention her talent.

You may have seen one of her movies. Or three…

Depending on your taste in film, and whether or not you like to keep up with all the latest movies nominated for awards every year. To date, she's been in five Oscar nominated films. Two of which have won Best Picture. Five of which have gotten her nominated for either Best Actress or Supporting Actress. Three of which she's actually won.

And one of which I've actually sat beside her- as her husband. I've seen her up on stage all three times, but have only been with her by her side, in the seat next to her, as the camera pans over to her reaction, and she rises up out of her seat to collect her award. I was there the last time, the most recent occasion when she most recently won. Which was last year. We hadn't been together all the other years. Hell, I didn't even know her- personally.

It wasn't until my manager begged me to take this one role, that we met. It didn't take too much convincing. I was a sucker for a great script, great writing- which it had. I was already set on it. My manager couldn't have been more thrilled, considering I was accustomed to foreign and independent films that usually never saw the light of day or mainstream theatres. Critically acclaimed I was, and so were my movies for the most part, just no one ever saw them.

I didn't seem to mind. Acting was my art form. A creative drive for me. No matter the language (I spoke three), no matter the set. If I was invested, I was glad to do it. But I couldn't deny, sometimes, when you put all your heart into something, and you live in a certain character for so long, and no one gets to see it, no one seems to get it, it can be a little disappointing. Like no reward after a long, difficult trial.

But apparently, one person had seen my movies. Or at least one of them. Tanya Denali. The very same Oscar winning actress previously mentioned and most famous woman in the world.

You see, what my manager had failed to mention, was that Ms. Denali had requested me.

Me. Of all people. Of all actors in this business.

Now I'm not sure what she said or threatened to do to make the studios consent to book me, but it worked. The next thing I knew, I was spending half the year working on a film with one of the most incredible actresses of our time.

I'll barely mention that the movie went on to be the 2nd most grossing film ever. We played a suburban married couple of the 1960's. Sounds simple enough. So commonplace. So ordinary. What was so special about that? Essentially I was just playing a man, who thought he had found the love of his life, swept her off her feet, and got whisked away in love. So did she. But eventually, they realize they have missed out in life, and come to resent and hate the other.

Doesn't sound like it should be the second greatest money making movie of all time, right? Well that's what I thought, essentially. But so I hear, what makes the movie was our "electrifying chemistry." It didn't matter what Tanya and I did. Whether they were scenes of passion, scenes of love, or the most explosive, dramatic, horrible arguments two people can have, our dynamic on screen was worth watching. After some convincing and watching of my own, even I could admit to that.

Now, I am still acting. I am married, for about 3 years now. My wife is as beautiful and classic as ever. Oscar buzz surrounding her and her latest film, while I'm currently circuiting the media as well, promoting my first commercial main stream movie.

But at this very moment, I'm in a hotel room by myself. It is quiet. It is 3 o'clock in the afternoon. A beautiful day. I am using the hotel stationary to write a letter. The page is half way through, the pen is simple, with the name of the hotel elegantly etched on the side. As I pause in my writing, I'm contemplating just how…perfect my wife is. Blonde, gorgeous, tall, sleek, slender, all the right beautiful feminine curves, infectious laughter, paralyzing beauty, astounding talent and skill…

On the best dressed list of every magazine, A-list guest to every industry party. One of the most sought after to work with actresses.

We were the Hollywood It couple. No, we were more than that if I were being honest. We were the picture of the ideal. The perfect example of Hollywood royalty if there ever was one. Her star was bright enough to carry both of us, to cast a shine to illuminate even me. Suddenly, I was just as royal as she. Almost comparable. And yet, more often than not, I was considered to be the lucky one in the relationship- even though I was currently People's reigning Sexiest Man Alive. Surely that was saying something on just how magnificently beautiful and charming my wife is.

And yet here I am, thinking of just how perfect she is, and writing her a letter.

Telling her I was not happy. I was lonely. And I do not want the most perfect woman in the world. Ironically, just like the role I played that got us the 2nd highest grossing movie of all time, I thought I found the love of my life. I was wrong.

I have now found the one. The right one. A woman I love more than the art itself. And she isn't even fit to pour my coffee.

I am having an affair.

And the whole world will hate me for it.

I sign the letter:

Sincerely, Edward Cullen.

Okay. Something entirely different than what I usually write or what's already on here from me. If this should be continued, please review, otherwise I'll just let it go. But the idea came to me and I wanted to get it out. Yes, everything sounds perfect and ideal: they can't be touched in the acting business or as celebrities. It's supposed to sound overly perfect because the whole point is that you can have everything but it means nothing without love. Edward realizes this. If you want to read more, let me know! Thanks for reading! Hope you like!