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The following takes places after the episode when Owen gets eliminated

So its just another day as Bridgette and Geoff air another edition of the Total Drama Action Aftermath Show. Geoff was sitting on the left as Bridgette was sitting on the right.

"Hello there everyone!" Geoff yelled out to the audience, "Your watching another edition of our Total Drama Action Aftermath Show."

"I'm Geoff!" Geoff said, "And I'm Bridgette!" Bridgette said. Geoff then began to talk to all of the viewers in the audience.

"A lot of stuff has happened in the past couple of episodes on this season of Total Drama Action, what do you think has been your favorite part of the season?" He asked to the viewers. Everyone then applauded to his comment.

"Well, that seems very energetic to you all." Geoff said to everyone. He then just put his arms behind his back and relaxed to the crowd's cheering. "Thank you very much Geoff, and sitting next to us are all of our friends from Season 1 including the people who were voted off in Season 2." Bridgette announced to the audience. "As you may have heard, Courtney sewed the show and has been granted a return to the game, we have to respect what she did."

"What are you talking about Bridge?" Geoff asked, "She may have ruined many people's job because of one thing." Bridgette didn't seem to care as she did stand up a bit for Courtney. "I wanted to make everyone here on the Total Drama Action Aftermath show comfortable." Bridgette said to the audience. "So that is why I'm giving out free brownies that I made myself." The crowd was applauding to Bridgette's generosity.

"Wow, ever since I been voted off, I've been really hungry!" Owen said, "Give me a brownie baby!" Izzy was in the audience as she was waiting for her brownie to be served. "Hey you, that's mine!" Izzy said to the person who was handing out brownies.

They all grabbed a brownie and then something strange happened to them all. No one knew how it happened, but the brownies were starting to come to life.

"Bridge baby?" Geoff asked, "Are these brownies you made supposed to be...alive?"

"No?" Bridgette questioned.

After everyone received their brownies, they came to life and attacked everyone in the studio. People were screaming and running for the exits. Everyone that was on stage panicked and didn't move. "What's going on man!" DJ screamed. "I think the brownies got a mind of their own and want to kill us all!"

"Not to worry, I'll vaporize them!" Izzy shouted out. She got some wires from the studio and turned the camera into a ray blaster. "I created a blaster, now we can destroy these things." Izzy said, that was until.

"What the heck is going on here?" Bridgette asked, "THE RAY BLASTER CAME TO LIFE TOO!" Everyone yelled and started to believe what is going on. The camera blaster started to shot everyone in its sight and they were all trying to head for the exit.

"Were trapped!" DJ yelled out in fear. "What in blazes is going on here?" Some of the people on set thought it was another on of Chris's schemes to bring viewers, or for his enjoyment. But suddenly, it wasn't. "Wait a minute, was I making coffee?" Geoff asked, then a liquid monster came from backstage which happened to be the coffee Geoff believed he was making.

"Something's not right about this?" Gwen said, "How can Chris be doing this when we have been kicked off the show?" Trent then yelled out and said, "If Chris is doing this, then I'm sure glad Courtney won her lawsuit against the producers." What they don't know, is that there is an evil force to look upon.

Meanwhile on the set of Total Drama Action, the cast were all in the craft services tent having their meals following the Prehistoric challenge. They all got back into original clothing.

"Hey, this pterodactyl yolk is all but melted metal!" Harold yelled out after he spit it out. "Of course you moron, the pterodactyl egg was obviously a fake." Courtney shouted out as she was walking by.

Meanwhile at the other table, Courtney took her seat near Beth, Lindsay, and Justin knowing that they are really aggravated. "That's not fair!" Beth protested, "Not only do they let you back in the game, but you get to use your PDA." Courtney then smirked at all three. "When you have a good lawyer, the people here can give you anything you want." she said. "So if I sued this show for good reasons, and won, Chris would take me to the mall?" Lindsay asked. "Just forget about it!" Courtney shouted.

Duncan walked over by Courtney and asked, "Babe, why did you do that!?" he asked. "I was trying to win the challenge, duh!" said Courtney. "Stop your crying and eat some of this metal we found in this fake egg." Heather screamed out from the other table. "No thanks, I'll look for something myself." Duncan said as he stormed out.

Duncan was walking over around by the trailers and looked at the ocean. "What's wrong, why doesn't she love me! Where is the girl I was crazy over?" he said to himself. As he looked over across the horizon, he saw a strange figure to the left. He went over to find out what or maybe who that was, but it vanished. "Huh, I swear I saw something here." he said to himself.

Duncan knew he had to tell someone, so he went back to the tent. "Guys, guys! I saw something!" Duncan yelled. "Yeah, and we saw Harold eating melted bolts." Lasahwna said. "But we don't get crazy over that." Duncan was acting serious as possible. "There was something over by the coastal line." he desperately said. "Duncan, you have just lost your mind!" Courtney said. "Yeah, I saw somethings sometime, but that was in my dreams." Lindsay said, "Or was it real, I'm not sure."

"Here, I'll make a demonstration of what the thing looked like at the best I can vision." He said. Duncan got some materials to just carve out the shape of what the figure he saw looked like. It had a sphere like head, a cape that goes all the way to the floor, and narrow arms holding some sort of staff. "Hey, maybe he's trying to out pose me if I wanted to do a king photo shoot." Justin said. "This is what it looked like." Duncan said. "I rather believe in Beth's boyfriend rather than that crazy thing." said Lasahwna "My boyfriend is so real!" Beth yelled out. While they were bickering, the figure that Duncan made came to life.

"Hey, is that thing supposed to move?" Heather asked. "No?" Duncan replied. "Run for the hills!" Lindsay yelled. "How about the trailers." Justin said. "That works too." Lindsay said.

All eight ran into the trailers running from the thing that came to life. "Is Chris doing something to prepare us for a challenge?" Heather asked. Everyone then just said the same thing, "YES!" said everyone. "It just feels so real, I can't help but be scared." Harold cried. Beth then came up with an idea to calm everyone down. "Hey, why don't we watch something on Courtney's PDA." Beth said. "This is used to call my lawyer and the front office! I don't use it for entertainment!" yelled out Courtney. "Please!" Harold cried. "Fine, but no more after this!" said Courtney.

She then pulled out her PDA to let them all watch whatever they could find, it turns out they found the local news. "Were watching local news and that is it!" Courtney said. "Tell me when the sports edition comes up, maybe find out hockey scores." Duncan said. 'Duncan, I don't think they play hockey during the summer." Heather said.

They watched the local news at 6:00 pm. The story happened to be on the ambush in the Total Drama Action Aftermath Studio. "Welcome to the 6 o'clock news, tonight's top story takes place with the popular reality show Total Drama Action." The anchorwoman on the PDA said. "Yes, please tell us they're canceling the show, please!" Heather said, "Or at least fire that nutball Chris." The anchorwoman went on, "Today on its aftermath show, a sudden group of monsters came and attacked the studio, the monster were thought to be brownies. It is just reported that there are two more creatures in the studio, one looking like a camera, the other looking like coffee. Hosts Bridgette and Geoff have taken everyone into safety behind the set. More on this story coming up."

"How on earth did those two lovebirds get their own show? They stink!" Duncan said. "I don't know Duncan." Courtney said, "But some yeti or maybe it was Chris answered that same question." Everyone now knows that isn't just this monster, but others have came out as well.

"Great, so Chris even decides to torture us after we get eliminated." Heather said. "Stop blaming everything on Chris and start finding a way to stop this, this, thing." Harold said in fear. Duncan took Harold's nosedrops, eyedropper, and his acne cream to squirt out a white clear liquid. It did hit the figure, but it did not affect it. After that, the liquid rose up, fused together and joined the fun. "Great, now we have two monsters." Justin said. "Flee the trailers, now!" Beth yelled out.

Everyone got out of the trailers quickly as possible and they all hoped to know if Chris was up to this. Meanwhile, in the set, Chris was hearing everything. "What's going on, I didn't create those things. I don't bring things to life." Chris said

So we know Chris wasn't behind this, but who is behind the stuff made coming to life? And what was the thing Duncan saw over by the dock? Stay tuned and find out.