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BPOV, August 13, 2004:

Marriage. The social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments or religious ceremonies. To have and to hold, to love and to cherish. The whole nine yards.

And despite the fears I had about being so committed one person for the rest of my life, I was calmed by the knowledge that the other person would be Edward.

Getting married was Edward's idea, not mine. Although I loved him more than my own life, marriage wasn't something that I wanted to enter into lightly. He asked me solidly once a day for a week straight, and I kept telling him that I needed time. And then, on the eighth time that he asked, I said yes without another thought.

What had I been thinking, putting it off for so long? I loved him. And he loved me. The obstacles set in front of us were just that; obstacles that we were meant to overcome. And we could overcome them if we just banded together and stuck through everything thick and thin. Things were not easy for us, and they never really would be. There was no telling what would happen in our future, but all I really needed to know was that through everything, the two of us would be in it together.

So here I was, wearing a very simple white sundress and a pair of comfortable white sandals, about to get married.

Alice had freaked out and very nearly killed us when we said we were doing this wedding in a simple and informal fashion. Neither of Edward nor I wanted a big wedding, so the only people that would be present at our beachside nuptials would be my dad and his girlfriend Sue, Carlisle and Esme, Alice and Jasper, and Rosalie and Emmet. And I wouldn't have it any other way; they were the people closest to us and were also the most important people in our lives.

After the ceremony, our families would fly home and Edward and I would stay for our honeymoon. The ten of us had been here at the resort for a week, and it had been amazingly fun. We had done a lot of fun activities around the beach, and Edward and I had stolen away every chance we got.

"Bella, are you ready yet?" Alice asked, coming into the room and looking me up and down. "Oh, Bella, you look beautiful! I wasn't into the idea of such a simple wedding…but it really does suit you and Edward perfectly."

"Thanks." I said, blushing and bringing up a hand to self consciously touch my hair. Rosalie had put it up in a casual updo, and I was worried about accidentally messing it up. "Alice…why am I so nervous?" I asked, biting my lip and wringing my hands together. "My heart is beating a thousand times a minute and I can't relax…"

Alice smiled sympathetically, putting her arm around me. "Honey, that's totally and completely normal. You're supposed to be nervous. This really is a big decision, and even though you and Edward are meant to be, marriage isn't easy. Jasper and I have only been married for a year and we've already learned that marriage doesn't come easily. You two are going to have to learn as you go and compromise, or otherwise you're not going to be a very happy camper. You and Edward are going to have your fair share of problems and troubles, but I know everything is going to be fine. You love each other, and you can make things work.

I nodded, taking a big breath and then throwing my arms around her. "Thank you, Alice. I just want to get this wedding over with and get on to the marriage."

"And the honeymoon." Alice winked, and I blushed. "Oh, little Bella, just don't be so sensitive." She laughed, rubbing my arm. "We all know you and Edward have sex."

"Let's talk about something else." I said, looking down at my feet and still blushing. "When is your flight back home?" I asked, and Alice grinned impishly at me, rubbing her hands together. "Alice, come on…I really don't want to talk about my sex life, especially since you're Edward's sister. Do you really want to know about it?"

"Fine…and the flight leaves at seven o'clock tonight. That'll give us plenty of time, because you're not having a reception." Alice said, a hint of resentment obvious in her voice.

I swatted her arm playfully. "Right. No reception, we're just going to go out to dinner."

"Bella…no reception means no cake." Alice pointed out, and I rolled my eyes just as someone knocked on the hotel room door.

I hurried over to unlock it, first looking through the peephole to see who it was. My dad. I swung the door open, smiling widely at him. Charlie's breath caught slightly, and then he smiled at me, and I noticed that his eyes were a little glassy. "You look beautiful." He said in a low voice, reaching out and squeezing my hand.

"Thank you, dad." I said. "Are we ready to start?" He nodded, and Alice hurried forward, handing me my simple bouquet of flowers.

"Let's get going!" Alice said happily, picking up her flowers as well and leading Charlie and I down the hallway and outside to where the ceremony would take place. The sun was just starting to set, and everything looked absolutely perfect. Our families were all sitting down, talking quietly, and Edward and Jasper were standing by the minister, facing away from all of us; looking out towards the ocean.

The music started up and everyone stood and looked towards us as Alice, my only bridesmaid, started to make her way down the short aisle. Jasper gently nudged Edward's arm, and both of them turned and faced me. The moment Edward's green eyes met mine, all my fears and worries suddenly vanished and a feeling of calm washed over me.

This is our destiny.


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