A Moment


Psycho-Neurotically Disturbed


He refused to comment. He blatantly tried to ignore her. There was absolutely no reason he even needed to entertain the thought. There was no way he would ever let a woman have control of his life. That was just the apocalypse waiting to happen.

He's seen how it happens. Those little warning signs. Oh, he planned to ignore them. No way would he turn into a blushing, bumbling idiot of a captain. They were sad enough group as it was, the captain-commander didn't need him adding to it.

He was actually proud of his young age. No one was surprised by his rude reactions to the idea of a relationship. He was too young, everyone knew. He would understand eventually, everyone said.

Toushirou wasn't an idiot. He knew.

He figured out relationships over a decade ago. Things like that happened with Matsumoto as your vice-captain.

He found it sickeningly depressing that he figured out what he liked during a battle. He kept catching glimpses of her out of the corner of his eye. He almost had to force himself to focus on the fight, however he did get a few moments to watch while he had the upper hand.

She was a very pretty girl, he thought. She resembled a slightly more grown up Yachiru that drooled quite a bit less. Of course, she was an Arrancar, so he couldn't entertain too many ideas. It was doubtless she would survive the battle, much less be of any romantic interest to him. She was the enemy after all, though he could admit, with Ukitake playfully fighting her, she didn't appear very dangerous at all. Just hotheaded.

A little bit like himself when it came to the white-haired man.

It was obvious that she felt something for the Primera Espada. They seemed…close in a way. Not exactly like Kenpachi's paternal relationship with Yachiru or that she was in love with him. No…

It was his relationship with Matsumoto.

The child taking care of the adult scenario.

He felt a small smile work it's way to his lips as he turned away, focusing on other battles. It was a little nice to think that the Arrancar struggled to live just like they did. They weren't just enemies. He'd never been to Hueco Mundo, but he was certain that there was some kind of society there. They talked and interacted with each other. These Espada and their fraccion were almost like families.

It was kind of hard to believe that the Arrancar were capable of that. He didn't really even have a familial bond any more. He knew most Shinigami didn't. Why should hollows?

He was a little jealous to think his enemies had something he didn't.

They might not love in the exact way Shinigami did, but they did do it, which made them seem a lot more human. It also made fighting them all that more frustrating.

The ice began cracking in front of him. The female Espada was getting loose. He put up his guard, ignoring the girl and thoughts that were going through his head. He'd have time to look later, hopefully.

But then he heard the dark-haired Espada call the girl. He put his hand on her head and she was gone.

A massive reiatsu shuddered through the air almost immediately.

Hitsugaya's thoughts reeled back in, not exactly sure of what happened, but he was suddenly very aware that Arrancar families were not what he'd been thinking they were. That kind of love wasn't normal.

"Lilinette, huh?" He murmured to himself. "Maybe in another life."

From what he could see, the girl was gone.

But it was really okay.

He'd would have been far too mature for her anyway.