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There once appeared in the land a Nine-tailed Demon Fox. One swing of its mighty tails could crumble mountains and raise Tsunamis. To face the Demon the people assembled the Shinobi but only one could stand against the Demon. Yet even he could not destroy the Fox. That shinobi sacrificed his own life to seal the Demon within a newborn infant. He was the Yondaime Hokage.


14 Hours after the Sealing of the Kyuubi.

Sarutobi Hiruzen sat behind his new old desk, tobacco fumes wafting from his pipe. It had been years since he smoked. Tsunade ever the medic had always hated his habit, even if regular treatments of healing chakra kept his lungs healthy. His excuse had always been that the tobacco helped relieve the stress of his duties. Not one to give up she had made him promise he would give it up when he retired. Though Tsunade herself might have forgotten, he had kept that promise.

Now he was unretired, with the hat back on his head and his body behind the desk he had thought he had escaped. This was not good, power is meant to be passed down the generations as time passed, for the old to replace the young is a sign of trouble.

True enough Konoha was in trouble. Disaster had been averted but their victory over the Kyuubi was the very definition of Pyrrhic. Another battle like this and they would be ruined. If they had not been the dominate power before the Kyuubi they would be crippled as it was they needed to show strength least the other Kages smell blood in the water.

So now he had been confirmed as acting Hokage until the crisis lessened to a degree to formally select a ruler for the Village. Sadly it looked increasingly like he would be restored as leader of the village. He was tempted to shake his head at the tragedy, of it all. It should not be like this, he had once pondered which of his students would be the best suited for the mantle of Hokage and now he was at a loss to find a successor at all.

There were those who aspired to the mantle. Uchiha Fugaku had been very bold in his bid. The man was ambitious as was typical for the strongest of Konahoa's Shinobi Clans. However, he was not truly on the level of a Kage and while commoners revered the Uchida they drew hatred and envy from the other great clans. Also the Uchiha held too much power as it stood, no single branch is the greater than the tree. He did not trust Fugaku to put the interests of the village before his clan.

Hiashi Hyuuga had also more discreetly been proposed as a candidate by his father. The heir to the Hyuuga was perhaps a better choice. He seemed to have been shaped into an embodiment of that clan's values for good or ill. The rigid conservatism left something to be desired, but his loyalty to the village was certain. But the Uchiha would not stand for one of their rivals to surpass them and the sealing policy alienated too many.

Jiraiya was actually the best suited to take the mantle. But he would not, especially so soon after the death of his surrogate son. To push the issue would only run the risk of further alienating the only Sanin still loyal to him.

Minato had high hopes for Kakashi, but it would be years before he could stand for the title, and it was no certainty he would be fit then.

No the only viable option was for him to take back the mantle he had passed on.

So it was now his responsibility to safeguard the Yondaime's legacy as the jackals closed in.

"Now that everyone is present by my authority as acting Hokage I call this emergency meeting of the Shinobi Council of Konohagkure to order," he declared. Sitting and standing about his office where the key members of the higher body in the Council. Many of the lower ranking clans were not represented either due to duties in the field or confusion on succession in the wake of Kyuubi. Notably the Akimichi and Yamanaka clans were not represented, the respective clan heads having granted their votes to the new Nara clan head.

Uchiha Fugaku was in attendance naturally. And the elderly Hyuuga Hideki had also stirred from his clan compound. His old rival Danzou stood looking out the window with his one good eye and likely already was trying to find a way to twist these events to his agenda. Of all those present only Aburame Shibi and Danzou seemed completely nonplussed by the events of the last day.

"As you all know the Yondaime with his final act sealed the Kyuubi into an infant in order to defeat it. It was his final wish that the people of this village acknowledge her as a hero. However, the villagers and no small number of Shinobi have rejected this and insist on seeing the infant as Kyuubi reborn. They call for her death, this we will not allow."

"I agree Sarutobi; the Yondaime has left us a valuable parting gift. Jinnchuruki have always been powerful, and the Kyuubi has never before been contained. We stand to gain control of the very force that nearly brought us to our knees," Danzou stated. Sarutobi turned his head slightly in acknowledgement. He doubted and Danzou would agree on anything else regarding the child, his return to power was in small part in order to keep the war hawk in check. In politics, Shinobi politics in especially, uncertain allies and moral grays were the norm.

"Troublesome, people are really stupid enough to not being able to tell the difference between a cup and the water in the cup?" the young Nara groaned. The young man seemed to holding up under the mantle of leadership the same as most Nara. This consistency actually eased the Sandaime somewhat

"Is it really possible to contain such power in something so small and weak? If the fox escaped we would be doomed," Homura inquired.

"The Yondaime was the greatest seal master to ever live, if anyone could do it he was the one. Jiraiya has also inspected the seal and confirms it to be functioning," the Sandaime answered. His tone was undoubtedly that of a Hokage declaring the matter closed between his words

"This data confirms my stance. The Aburame will not support the destruction of the vessel until such a time as it presents a clear and present danger to the Village," the Aburame Clan head answered in flat neutral tones.

The newly elevated Inuzuka Alpha did not offer an opinion for or against. His shifting posture indicated indecision, that clan had always been more suited for fighting and the field than politicking.

"I will not contradict the professional opinion of two geniuses on their craft. The Hyuuga Clan will oppose any motion for terminating the container until it poses a threat to the village," Hyuuga Hideki answered. The old Shinobi chose his words with care, beyond that he was unreadable.

Uchiha Fugaku offered similar sentiments. As it turned out the only one to support terminating the infant was Koharu.

Then came the matter of what to do with the new born Jinnchuruki. There was no unity to be found on this matter.

Fugaku had asserted that the Uchiha should receive custody of the container. As the most powerful clan they were twice over qualified. They could train the container to be a deadly and loyal Shinobi of the leaf already possessing the strongest force to act as instructors. By virtue of that same strength he claimed they would be able to quickly close the matter if the container weakened or became a threat.

No one supported this measure. Uchiha ambition had long made them an object of distrust. To have them gain more power was to invite disaster.

Hideki presented his clan as a more reserved and stable option. Their sealing school would add to the late Yondaime's work and ensure control over the container indefinitely.

It was as better proposal to be sure. His argument held more logic than the Uchiha boasts of strength. The Uchiha opposed seeing this move rightly as a power play by their current rivals. Nor could the Sandaime allow the child proclaimed a hero by his successor to become a slave to the Hyuuga. He tolerated their seal slavery because of the balance of power, but he would not let them become a nuisance on par with the Uchiha.

The Inuzuka and the Nara were not interested. The Pack was not likely to be accepting of someone bonded to the demon that had slain the former Alpha and so many others. The Nara called it troublesome that clan politics had been brought into the matter; he did not elaborate amounting to a refusal. The Akimichi and Yamanaka clans not being represented were passed over.

Danzou proposed that such a potent weapon would be best wielded by the state alone. His ROOT program again, likely before long the Sandaime would have to reinstate it in exchange for something.

Danzou had support from his former teammates and the Alpha, a potent backing. But even though his title was only "Acting" the village was still not a democracy and he would not allow this. He informed them that Jiraiya considered Yondaime's last request a binding contract, and if they broke it he would sever his ties to the Village.

It was even true. And while any other time they would pounce on such a proclamation to denounce Jiraiya at this stage the Toad Sanin was indispensable.

Surprisingly the Aburame Shibi offered his clans services in the matter of the container. He believed that regardless of their decision the populace would demonize the container and attaint those close to it by association. The Aburame already held a semi pariah status and thus unlike other clans would not be adversely affected by such a reaction. Furthermore due to the nature of the clan as living hives theyweretheleast the most likely group to bear no ill will or adhere to illogical beliefs.

The Sandaime was tempted to support this since it seemed Shibi was actually considering the child's well being. But for such an adoption to take place the child would have to become a hive. He considered himself a tolerant man, but he did not think the Yondaime would want such a fate for his child. The others objected on the grounds the process could disrupt the sealing or some such nonsense.

So the discussion continued with no one gaining head way and all of them having pressing business to attend too. Te solution finally came from the Nara.

They signed a binding agreement that the container would be classified as an orphan and not be approached for training until reaching genin, or engagements until achieving chunin. It was depressing how easy it was to return to the twisting words of legality. The concerned parties left the table, no one getting what they wanted.

Departing the office himself a short time later Sarutobi regretted that he had not been able to bring the Yondaime's legacy under the protection of his clan. But it would have been seen as a political maneuver and at this time he needed to ensure the Hokage hat was safe from the Uchida and other claimants.

Moving with speed stunning for a man his age (even as a Shinobi), he made his way through the Village. Though the village itself had been spared damage the signs of war were all too apparent in the people. The air was thick with an electricity f anger and restlessness. He knew all too well who would stand to be on the receiving end of the coming storms.

His destination was a hidden chamber within the ANBU headquarters. Even as Hokage he had to observe procedure in traversing the complex, at last reaching a nearly sterile underground chamber.

Dog and three other ANBU stood at alert within, between them sat a cradle of all things. The security was fitting for the object of this last night's deliberations. Once his identity had been confirmed he picked up the sleeping infant, a shock of sun blonde hair adorning her head.

"I did what I could Naru. I can only hope it will be enough," the Sandaime Hokage sighed. The girl slept on blissfully unaware of the future unfolding before her.

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