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Naru was in trouble. She had known this for some time now, but seeing no way to deal with the problem had shunted it off to the side. But it wasn't in her nature to ignore things, she might seem to put on a happy face in the face of them but the gears were turning to try and produce some solution.

She couldn't just dismiss things like Anko either, her mother could accept the disdain of the village writing them off as idiots. She had her family and friends, that was enough to keep her afloat. But Naru, she still dreamed about being able to make them see, and that wasn't something she was going to let go.

Holding onto insane goals was what had made the Hidden Leaf in the first place!

So in her own opinion this tenacity was an asset, persistence had won her many of the better things in her life after all. But now staring up at the cracked ceiling of her new flat it was driving her to a knife's edge.

Wearing a white short sleeved shirt and small purple shorts she laid back in the crappy flat she had acquired. She didn't mind the mess, she had slept in the wilderness with nothing but the clothes on her back and the gear in her pouch. And the safe houses she had occupied at times made this look like a palace.

Ibiki had told her every shinobi however great has a breaking point. And its not something to do with quantity. Sure throw enough horrors at them and you can break several, but its often a matter of just striking a single blow to a psychological weak spot.

Naru's spot had a kunai on it, and the weight of the world was starting to press down on it.

It was a brave new world. There was a time when she would have reveled in the possibility of having a fresh start and the new possibilities that it held. It was a world where something as basic as Shinobi was missing. It was true that some men ran around with the name, but as far as she could tell they were mere shadows of the shadows.

However, it seemed as though the Green Beasts' philosophy had caught on at some point and had been allowed to spread like a virus.

She wished that she could tell him and Lee.

But that was the crux of the problem: she was far from home and the friends she left behind.

Naru had been gone for a long time before, but the ties persisted in the people around her and the news of the world. She smiled sadly recalling how she would scan foreign bingo books for entries on her friends and classmates.

Not this time, this time he was cut off. Whatever happened with the seal during the battle had sent her out of reach from those ties that bound her together.

And of course there was that dark little voice whispering there may be nothing to return to. The battle had been turning, but what had happened with the seal? Her own limited education is seals didn't account for what happened, not that being in the middle of it had given her a good perspective. She couldn't even blame the jerk as he had his hands full with the dolls last she saw him. The kunoichi vaguely recalled the fox falling with her, and actually prayed it was so. The demon had never been shy abut the village being the top of its list.

Not because of anything to do with its host, just to render the Fourth's achievement void. It was petty like that.

And there was honestly no way to know what had become of her family, friends, and home. Gods she would be glad to see Sakura walk through the door, creepy dolls and all.

So there was her problem, the social ties that had kept her together through the ambiguity of shinobi life, and the troubles of life in general were for the time being severed. And she honestly could not claim this was temporary.

And the lack of any solution was threatening to unravel her! What could she do about this? Nothing. It was like trying to open a door when there simply was no door, where do you even start?

She could certainly survive, but just living had never been on her to do list. She was ambitious like that.

Rolling onto her side she decided to consult the experts.

"Wallowing in self pity is out, obviously, so what do you guys think I should do?" Naru asked her three confidants.

The three plushies sat in a row as usual on her bed. The purple snake ,the brown dog with its lapping pink tongue, and the red fox with the fluffy tail. The oh so secret contents of her special scroll.

She grabbed the fox first and rolled onto her back hugging the animal.

"The tenant left me this tail, and I can't get rid of it. Even with him gone my chakra's ridiculous, but not what it was. Even if its purple I don't like it, I wish Baachan could look at it and figure it out," Naru grumbled. The red fox had nothing to say to that and she put it back scooping up the dog. This one she let sit on her chest.

"This sucks, there must be a way out of this, but I'm not Shikamaru figuring out puzzles and stuff. I'm good at taking things apart, people included. And these not-shinobi are crazy with their rules, I'm pretty sure they would sooner lock me up than help me," Naru sighed.

The Justice League and their ilk were strange she had found. They never killed their enemies, even when those enemies kept coming back to cause trouble. Then again it seemed these heroes rarely died for good. With a revolving door on the underworld she supposed one might be inclined to mercy, or view execution as a less than permanent solution.

It still struck her as inexcusably sloppy, they seemed more concerned about following the rules tan getting their jobs done.

"Well crap, I'm starting to sound like the Cripple," she grumbled. The less she thought about the ROOT the better, so she lifted the dog to lick her cheek and put it back in place.

That left one distinguished personage for her to consult. She draped the purple snake on her neck and gave an exaggerated sigh.

"Its like the old riddle what happens when an unstoppable force, your's truly, meets an unmovable object, my problem here. The answer is they both get five kinds of fuc*ed.

"What am i to do Hissy Chan? I don't want to be done five ways. There are probably some kids of ramen i haven't tried yet," Naru lamented. The girl suddenly perked up and lifted her head.

"What's that?" she inquired of the purple plushie. With one hand she lifted it head to her ear to listen intently.

"Of course! I just have to plow through the immovable object, why didn't i think of that! Hey!" Naru cheered only to admonish the snake immediately. She leapt from the bed to her feet still holding the toy to her ear.

"But how? When in Kumokagkure does as the Kumo nin?

"That's right a lot of these freaks are from other worlds and even other times according to the gossip. i just need to get myself hooked up.

"But that's probably expensive and these guys seem to have stupid standards for membership. Maybe the other side? Nah, not sure I can be an ass on purpose to strangers without orders.

"Money will be needed either way, and intel, and connections . . .

"Play both sides against the other and leave laughing maniacally? Brilliant!" Naru cheered. She twirled on one foot hugging the snake plushie. She came to an abrupt halt looking thoughtful while petting its head.

"But I'll need an outfit, if I go around dressed well they will fear me to soon. Oh and a name. But no spandex, Mum's snakes would cross the divide to kill me for that," Naru smiled at the thought. She still had a piece of the purple spandex Lee had given to her as a birthday present, it hadn't even been her birthday at the time. It had to be maliciously destroyed of course, but it was still sweet, in a Lee kind of way.

No she would need an outfit that fit this world's requirements while still displaying her pride as a shinobi of the Leaf.

"Hey, I think I just came up with a name," She told her toy. Replacing it in its spot she grinned from ear to ear. Regardless of how she got there, she was back on track and now could build up her steam again.

Marching over to the window she opened it and looked out over a stretch of slums where she could see the shining center of JumpCity; and somewhere beyond it the bay, and the Titan's Tower.

"Look out world Mitarashi Naru is coming to kick ass and take names," she vowed smiling.

The atmosphere was broken when her stomach growled loudly.

"But first, ramen," Naru amended slamming the window shut and ducking out of sight.


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