Tomboy Trouble

By Skye Silverwing

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Chapter 1: Morning Fight Gone Bad.

It was a normal day for Akane Tendo. She had woken early that morning to go on her morning jog, seeking to improve her martial arts ability in spite of her father's refusal to train her beyond the basics of the Tendo style of Anything Goes. She returned home and stripped off her jogging outfit to change into her training gi, then headed for the Dojo.

Her Father refused to teach her anything beyond the basics of Anything Goes techniques, so she had to make up for her lack of skill with power. Lots of power. Akane stacked a pile of fifteen concrete bricks and with a mighty punch, shattered them all. Then she did it again. And Again.

Her sister Nabiki entered the dojo and raised her arms to protect her face from flying shards of broken masonry.

Akane noticed her sister and stopped stacking the next set. "Oh, Nabiki, I'm sorry. I didn't see you there." She said, "I was just getting in my workout."

Nabiki smiled at her little sister. "Is that so?" she said, "And here I thought you were redecorating the Dojo with gravel flooring. Oh, well. Kasumi says to get cleaned up for breakfast."

"Ok." Akane said, turning to leave the Dojo.

"Oh, by the way," Nabiki called after her, "I thought your workout doesn't really begin until you get to school."

This caused Akane to stop, clenching her fists and growling angrily at the thought of what was to come. She then proceeded to stomp to her room with an aggravated cry of "I HATE BOYS!"

Nabiki smiled. Her sister hated the attention that she had received upon starting High School. Especially since Tatewaki Kuno had declared his love for her and that any boy who wanted to date her would have to defeat her in combat. Naturally, the boys, as High School boys do, mistook this declaration as a promise that if someone beat the girl, she would date them. Thus, the following morning, and every morning after, no less then Fifty of Akane's classmates and sempais had turned out and attacked her.

Fortunately, one of the most basic techniques in the Tendo style of Anything Goes is called the "Dance of the Thousand Fists", a way of flowing from opponent to opponent at high speed, battling an entire crowd as one. If not for that, Akane might have lost on her first day. That and Kuno went easy on her.

Nabiki sighed. Her sister was easily among the top three fighters in Furinkan high, but Kuno was the best. He had money, power and skill with that boken of his, as well as his own family ninja. Akane stood no chance if he ever fought her seriously, as the trail of would-be fighters the Upperclassman had put in the hospital clearly showed.

Still, Nabiki had found ways to use her sister's "misfortune". Even after several months of these "Morning fights", there were still some students foolish enough to bet against Akane winning. Nabiki was always there to take their money. She even got some money out of Kuno while fanning the flames of his interest by selling him tasteful pictures of her sister in her morning training regime. Not that she let Akane know about that. No, her little sister would surely overreact.

As Akane finished cleaning up and headed for the dining room where her Eldest sister, Kasumi, was serving breakfast to Nabiki and Soun, their father. Nabiki finished her food as Akane entered and excused herself to leave for school early as she usually did.

"I am glad to see that Nabiki is taking her schooling so seriously." Kasumi remarked obliviously.

Soun nodded. "Hadn't you best be going too, Akane?" he asked.

Akane sighed, finished her food, and rose to leave.

Little did she know, today would be the most important day of her life.

..o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

Akane met her friend Yuka on the way to Furinkan, as usual.

"Hi Akane, did you get your homework for Mr Fujimara's class?" Yuka asked.

"Yeah. Kasumi helped me with it." Akane replied.

The two friends continued to chat as they walked until they came within sight of the school gates. Akane tensed up visibly.

Yuka knew what it meant, and felt sorry for her friend. "Oh, no, Akane, not again." At her friend's curt nod of confirmation, Yuka sighed. "There has to be something you can do about it. Maybe talk to Kuno-sempai, get him to call it off?"

Akane shook her head. "Nabiki tried that already, when this all began." She said, steeling herself, then smirking, "Besides, it is a good workout."

Then she charged forward with a Battle cry of "I HATE BOYS!"

As expected, a milling mass of men waited in the courtyard, waiting until she appeared, then charging forward, intending to overwhelm her with sheer numbers. She flowed through the Dance of the Thousand Fists, sending dozens of her male classmates flying and crashing to the ground in unmoving heaps. Spinning and whirling through the mass, she struck out against one after another opponent, before she finally received the shock of her life.

A calm, relaxed arm caught her fist, redirecting the energy easily and sending her tumbling, flipping her helplessly in the air. She expected the pain of landing hard on the ground, but instead, found herself suspended by a strong pair of arms and staring up into the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen.

The mass of fighters fell silent, shocked by Akane's defeat, and dropped back to take stock of the situation. From a classroom window on the second floor, Nabiki looked on in shock. She grabbed the girl next to her by the shirt collar, and looked her straight in the eyes. "Who is that?" When the girl shook her head, denying knowledge, Nabiki let her go, "Well, FIND OUT!"

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

Haruka Tenoh loved Nerima. It was full of dojos and gyms to train in, as well as having what was reported to be one of the easiest schools in the area, but most importantly, it was THE LAST place her father wanted her to be, and that alone was enough to convince her it was just where she wanted to be. Of course, it helped that, for some reason, Meioh industries was paying her expenses. Some kind of Scholarship, she supposed.

She had just finished eating breakfast which she had cooked on a skillet that she had just pulled from one of the boxes that littered her new apartment. She threw on the Boy's uniform of her new school (she hated how skirts looked on her) and headed out the door, and hurried down to the private garage and her pride and joy, a Fire-Engine Red Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle.

In moments, Haruka was roaring down the streets to Furinkan High. Sadly, the School was too close, so she barely got her adrenaline up before she reached it. She met with the vice principal, since, apparently, the real Principal had taken a vacation and not returned. Having learned where to go for her first class, Haruka headed through the halls toward her homeroom.

A shred of conversation she heard in the Hallway peaked her interest. Something about a fight. Haruka liked fighting.

She approached the boy who had been talking. "Hey, what's this I hear about a fight?" she asked.

The boy turned and looked her over. "You're new, right?" he said, "Well, if you are a fighter, you should head down to the courtyard and get involved."

Haruka did not need another invitation. She hurried down into the courtyard to find the fight, but only found herself embroiled in a large crowd. A crowd full of men. She looked around, trying to figure out what was going on. They all seemed to be waiting for something. Then she heard it.


All at once the crowd surged forward as a lone girl with long, blue hair charged into the courtyard, striking and flowing, whirling and batting aside assorted males as they charged at her, screaming… professions of love?

The girl's movements were entrancing. The way she flowed from one strike into the next was beautiful, like a dance that made her a blur of blue hair and energy. She dispatched foe after foe with speed, precision, skill, strength and beauty.

Still, Haruka saw a weakness in the girl's technique. She was putting too much force into each punch without really paying attention to where it was going, as long as it had a target. As the girl came within range of Haruka, the blonde realized that there was no way for her to escape without either taking the punch, or putting her counter to it to the test.

There was not enough time for thought. The blue-haired beauty was throwing a punch at her head now. She twisted her body and flowed to one side, allowing the attack shoot past her, and then caught the girl's arm, using a simple Judo move to re-direct the energy in the punch, causing the girl to go flipping helplessly through the air. Ever the lover of a good save, Haruka took several steps back and caught the bewildered girl in her arms, barely preventing the girl from slamming her head into the concrete.

She then held the girl up and looked into her eyes. The eyes of the most beautiful girl she had ever seen.

Silence spread across the courtyard as the other fighters distanced themselves from them. The circle opened on one side and a young man entered, wearing traditional robes and carrying a boken. "How dare you treat the heavenly fierce tigress, Akane Tendo in such a manner?" He demanded, leveling his weapon on her, "I shall repay you for your insolence in full! What is you name, knave, that I might know what to inscribe on your tombstone?"

Haruka set the girl on her feet and faced the man and opened her mouth to speak.

The fool cut her off. "Hold. Is it not traditional to give one's own name first?" He asked. "Very well. I am the rising star of the Furinkan High School Kendo Team, and the Blazing Comet of Furinkan High, third-year student, Tatewaki Kuno, age 17."

Haruka nodded. "I am a second-year student, Haruka Tenoh." She stated curtly. "I gather you are challenging me?" She dropped into a basic combat stance.

Kuno nodded, bringing his weapon into a ready position.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

Akane stood attempting to regain her breath while the introductions were made, but when the two boys moved into combat positions, she realized that if she did not act fast, Kuno was going to kill Haruka. She stepped between them, and held her hands up, thinking quickly. "Wait, Kuno sempai, didn't you tell boys to defeat me if they wanted to date me?" She asked, "Surely you would not go back on your word now?"

Kuno stopped and looked at the youngest Tendo and then looked at Haruka, whose eyes had widened slightly. He nodded to the girl and fixed the boy with a glare. "Fine then, you may have your date." He spat at the other boy, "But do not consider this reprieve to be anything more. Tomorrow you die." He then turned on his heel and stalked away as the bell rang.

Akane looked at Haruka, who smiled sheepishly. "Thanks." The boy said, "I may be good, but I am not sure I can handle him with that sword of his."

Akane nodded, but frowned. "I only managed to delay him," she said, "Kuno is infamous for being able to shatter concrete with his Boken. If you fight him, he will likely kill you."

Haruka's eyes widened. "I had heard of the power of the fighters around here, but that is insane!" He said, "There is no way I can stand up against that… Unless…"

Akane looked at the blond-haired boy. "Unless what?" she asked.

Haruka smiled at her. "Unless you help me train to beat him."

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

Somewhere outside time, Setsuna Meioh watched the events with mounting interest. She glanced at her companion and sighed. "Are you sure this is going to work?" she asked.

Skye Silverwing grinned. "Nope." He said, "But that's why I am doing it."

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

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