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Chapter 1


"And stay out you Filthy RAT!!!!" Shrieked the horse faced receptionist of the L2 district3 theatre, as he bodily threw the skinny, dirty girl out onto the gutter.

"Awww clam it yer horse assed collar. I wouldn't wanna be comin bak anyhows yer slimy, filthy, fuken skuller." She yelled from her seat in the mud. She calmly stood up and spat on the receptionists spotless shoes before walking down the street in the direction of district 2.

It was a shame, she mused, that he had found her before the end of the show. She wanted to know what happened to Elphaba after the witch hunters came after her and Fiero. /Oh well/ she thought, as she wandered she hummed "the wizard and I" to herself. Reaching her destination she glanced around herself before slipping through the crack in the door of the abandoned warehouse.

The pattering of bare feet told her that the boys were still home and that she should feed them with what she had filched that day before they went out to work. Suddenly Tony's skinny face appeared round the corner before she had to catch a crudely repaired knife.

"Have ta be faster ta catch me off me guard Tony!" she laughed as she grabbed him round the waist and slung him onto her shoulder and raced through the twisting halls to find the rest of the group.

Tony, his chin resting on her now fully rounded belly cackled madly and shouted gleefully to the others.

Trowa smiled calmly at his golden haired partner as he straightened his tie for the hundredth time.

"Quatre love, you look fine." He murmured placing his hands on the smaller mans shoulders and kissing the crown of his head. Quatre looked up at him and smiled

"I know" he said, "but this is big for us and…. Well I just want this to work, so badly…I…" He sighed and smiled up at his partner "Lets just go and get this started shall we?" Trowa smiled and steered his Love out the door of their dorm and towards the auditorium. "I love you" he murmured as he took Quatre's hand "I love you to Tro" the blond said as they walked.

Duo wiggled in his seat, he was not accustomed to sitting still for long periods of time these days and he was getting twitchy after just two minutes.

"If you don't sit still, I am going to cut this off rather that braid it" the man behind him said calmly.

/Bugger/ Duo sat still as commanded until his hair was declared 'done' at which point he jumped up and wriggled into his lovers arms.

"Aww, you'd never cut this off Hee-chan." He said, dusting the stoic pilots' nose with the tip of his braid "you love it too much"

Hero just grunted and rested his arms comfortably around Duo's waist "Baka." He murmured affectionately "If we don't leave now we will be late for the opening. You don't want that now do you?"

" Plenty of time to get there, I'm quite comfortable where I am thankyou." Duo snuggled closer. Heero closed off the part of his mind that wanted to abandon Chang to get to the school on his own and spoke to the braided idiot in his arms again. "We still have to collect Chang, and that takes an extra thirty minutes Duo."

The smaller Pilot sighed and straightened up out of his arms and with a quick kiss pulled on his jacket.

"Fine!" He sighed "Let's go get wu-bear and try and catch Quat an Trowa before everything starts." He grinned and waved the keys at Heero, "But I'm driving!" He laughed gleefully at the strained look on his lovers face as he raced down the stairs of the apartment block they lived in and jumped into the crappy looking truck he had fixed up and named Bessie. He turned the radio on and tapped in time to the music as Heero came out of the apartment building and calmly clambered into the dilapidated truck.

They drove for a while in silence and as the pulled up outside Wufei's building Duo shamelessly tooted the horn a few times. Coming to a stop he stuck his head out the drivers side window and shouted "Come on Wu-bear! Were late!!" this he accentuated with and extra toot of the horn.

"I could have walked up and gotten him" said Heero as Chang's head appeared at the window scowling the Chinese man disappeared again only to emerge from the front of the building a minute later. "I know, but where's the fun in that? Hey Wuwu" Duo grinned as said 'Wuwu' clambered into the back seat. He scowled again "Maxwell I would thank you not to yell those horrid nicknames out for the whole street to hear and how many times must it tell you my name is WuFei! Not Wu-bear not Wuwu WuFei, Chang if you must. Now lets get going, I thought you said we were late" He smirked at Duo who just grinned and whilst still looking at Wufei in the back seat slammed on the accelerator and took off down the street.

"Look where you're Going you idiot!" he yelled hanging onto the seat in a white knuckled grip. Duo simply grinned and took the next corner at high speed. His laughter stopped abruptly when Yuy tugged on his braid "Baka. You're going in the wrong direction" Even after his near death experience only moments before the look on maxwells face was just too perfect. That look of total utter bemusement and disbelief as he slammed on the breaks. It was simply too much… Wufei burst into laughter as Duo turned the car around in the right direction Changs' laughter went on.

Toby and Markus were just settling the three smallest before heading out when they heard Tony's shrieks and they were halfway down the hall before the could make out his words. And when they did so did the three in the room behind them.

"Isis is home!!" they cheered spilling out into the hall with the older boys as Isis careened around the corner with Tony on her shoulder. She giggled and tossed Tony off onto the other boys feet "Right" she said as she produced that days spoils, a can if baked beans, a can of spaghetti a loaf of bread and a bottle of water… clean water. "Dinner time gents" The boys scrambled towards her "Ahh…" they stopped short. "Wash your hands first" It was a race to the barrel in the corner that collected rain water when it fell in district 2 where they all scrubbed their hands and faces before presenting themselves for inspection. Whilst they scrubbed Isis started the beans and spaghetti heating in their now opened cans, on the old stove grate held over their fire by bricks. The youngest, a little 4 year old named Mia or Mouse as the boys had dubbed her was the first to present herself, once declared clean she asked if she could help, so Isis set her as chief inspector. As the boys lined up and showed their hands Mouse declared them clean one by one and they sat down and waited to be offered their food, Toby, however, had to be sent back twice once for only washing one hand and the other for trying to get away with not washing his face. But Mouse diligently sent him back each time until he was deemed clean enough for dinner then he sat with Mouse in his lap to wait for dinner with the others. The washing had become somewhat of a game for the two, Toby, the eldest after Isis who was twelve, was 10 and would do his best to get to dinner un washed and Mouse would giggle and send him back to their tub every time until he was clean.

As Isis handed out slices of bread with beans or spaghetti on them Marcus, 9, spoke up. "How was the day Isis?" he said around a mouthful of beans and bread.

"Don't talk with your mouthful" she admonished. Marcus swallowed "Sorry."

She smiled "The day weren't so bad got us a good meal and only had a few crapups." At this she rubbed he rump where the clerk had tossed her into the gutter "Gotta new glower on me bum thow" Toby was up in a second

"Did sums one touch yer Isis, I'll kill the dirty culler! Hittin a reseplectable, Pregnant woman!" he waved a threatening fist for emhasis.

"Settle down Tobes, no ones touched me rump, buts I landed on it when that cranky ol' boozer from the music house tossed me out on it."

"Isis! You know that happens every time. You gotta stop goin there." He rested a hand on her stretched belly, "One of these days someone's gunna do yer some nasty and yer'll lose this. What'll yer be doin then 'ey" Isis put her hand over Toby's "Nothins gunna happen Tobe. I promise yer, I'll even spit on it. This'un 'll come inta the world if it's the last thing I ever does rights?" Toby just smiled and sat back down.

"Yer know Solo'd cull me if he hear'd yer talking like that's yer know right" Isis just laughed and rested her free hand on her belly.

/If it's the last thing I does baby, I'm gunna bring yer up nice n good. Only 2 more months baby, just hang on and I'll have yer safe with me/

As Duo, Heero and Wufei took their seats at the front of the crowded auditorium Quatre waved from the stage. "Looks like we missed talking to them before the opening." Duo whispered ignoring Wufei's admonishing glare. The crowd hushed as Trowa stood up and introduced Quatre. The blond moved to the Microphone and after thanking Trowa he begun the speech he was supposed to have written but had forgotten about. No one would ever know, he smiled "Hello ladies and gentlemen and students alike, and welcome to the Winner and Barton Conservatorium of Creative Arts…"

It had been a long time coming, the school, it had been Trowa's idea and Quatre had fallen in love with the concept. He told the students as much, he also told them that it had taken nearly 2 years to just build the campus let alone the year of planning and begging for grants from the higher-up's. Three years and they were opening, he could barely contain the pride he felt looking out on the youths in the room, his students.

After the main part of the pomp and ceremony was out of the way Trowa addresses the students, "Class begins on January 15th, On campus dorms are available for free from today and we hope you enjoy the festivities tonight. Thankyou."

Through the applause Duo leaned over to Heero 'accidentally' brushing his groin, and whispered into his ear, "Wow, I've never heard Tro talk so much in one stretch." Heero's breath hitched by the barest amount, but Duo noticed. He Grinned, "Wanna go dance Lover boy?"

Wufei watched as the two disappeared into the twisting crowd of dancers then set himself to the task of helping the other adults and newly employed teachers move all the chairs to the sides.

As he sat keeping an eye on the proceedings Wufei suddenly found himself between Quatre and Trowa, both of whom wore enormous smiles.

"Wufei…" "Chang…"

Wufei glanced at the two of them somewhat suspicious "Yes…"

Quatre just smiled serenely " Wufei, we still have not managed to find a teacher for the literacy workshop"

"And this concerns me how?" Wufei raised one eyebrow


"What Quatre is asking is would you take the class?" Wufei started, He hadn't seen that coming. He had expected them to be pushing him to dance, but they wanted him to… Teach! They wanted him to teach a literacy workshop, at their new and prestigious school! He could be a scholar again. Forget the preventers Hello Books!

"I know you were going well with preventer but I was rather hoping that Trowa and I might tempt you, we will pay you a fair salary and you have the right to plan the lessons any way that you want…"


"You see we just….What?" Quatre blinked at him

"I said Alright, are you hard of hearing? You shouldn't really teach music if that is so." Quatre stared a moment more before cheering and standing up with Trowa He grinned and hugged Wufei, "He's all yours Sal" He waved jauntily to the doctor before tugging his somewhat reluctant partner onto the dance floor leaving Wufei with Sally.

Sally stared at the ex-pilot before her, he looked nothing like she remembered. He was still sever and still held himself with the same dignity but tonight he wore dress slacks and a crisp white button down that was left undone at the top two buttons. His hair was out and sat around his face sweeping just past his shoulders, When he stood to greet her she realised that he had also grown and was now a head taller than her. She huffed, "No fair, I'm older. I should be taller" She pouted Wufei simply smiled and bowed as he always had only this time he stayed down. Looking up at her he smiled "better?"

Wufei took her moment of silence to admire her, She was the same as he remembered her except that the honey coloured hair was swept up in a bun with a few wisps escaping around her face and ears and she was wearing a slimming black, spaghetti strap cocktail dress that came to her knees. "Much better" She patted his head and he straightened.


"Yes Sally"

"would you care to dance with me?" Wufei looked at the crowd of writhing bodies dubiously.

"No immediate refusal. I'll take that as a yes" Sally declared as she tugged him by his hand into the mass of bodies twisting to the pulse of a song he could not identify. As Sally begun swaying to the beat one last thought went through his mind before he fell into the rhythm as well…

/ I'll never hear the end of this/


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