Chapter 1

The black convertible Mustang pulled onto the Main Street of Charming California. The raven haired beauty behind the wheel let her sunglasses slide down as her eyes scanned over the rims along the streets and sidewalks. Her luscious red lips were pushed together with a quizzical look adorning her face. She found the street the warehouse was on and turned down the street.

Several of the younger biker boys were sitting outside screwing around and making what she imagined sexual remarks towards the scantily clad women standing around outside in the cut off jean shorts and tank tops. Their bleach blond hair in messy curls…Clearly it was bottled blond…She'd bet anyone a million bucks none of those hochies were true blondes.

Jean Carlos 'Juice' Ortiz watched as a shiny black convertible mustang pulled up in front of the club house and turned off…He watched with anticipation as the door swung open and a black sneaker covered foot stepped out of the driver side…followed by a long jean covered leg…A tall raven haired woman stood up out of the Mustang her legs were encased in black jeans that went all the way to the ground…she had on a red tank top and a black jean jacket with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. She pushed her sunglasses up to the top of her head…Her raven hair was down to her ass and was slowly dancing with the slight breeze that was blowing through Charming.

The woman stood there for a good 5 minutes looking around her surroundings…a bald guy who had lightning bolts tattooed on each side of his shaved head walked up and said, "Can I help you with something sweet heart." The woman smirked and said, "Sweat heart? How cute…Yea…Sweet heart….you can point me in the general direction of Opie." The bald man looked her up and down and said, "I really was hoping you would have me help you with something…Opie can't be bothered right now…so I guess I'll have to do."

The woman smirked again and said, "Well you can either go get Opie for me….Or me and you are about to have a problem…and believe me…when I say…You don't want me to have a problem with you…Were not having a cock fight…because I will win." The bald head guy took a step towards the raven haired woman and touched her face with his thumb and let it slide along her bottom lip. His antagonizing voice said, "C'mon Sweet heart…just tell me what you need."

She smirked again and let the tip of her pink tongue touch his hand as her hand came up and touched his hand and then as she bit down on his meaty thumb she pulled her 9 mm out of the back of her jeans and shoved the barrel into the crotch of his jeans and bit down harder on his thumb until she drew blood and he started screaming at the top of his lung. She let go of his hand and said, "Now…Sweet heart you wanna get Opie for me or am I gonna have to blow your dick off."

"OPIE, JAX, CLAY…SOMEONE…ANYONE…COME GET THIS CRAZY BITCH OFF ME." Jax looked out the window and said, "What now?"

Most of the members of SAMCRO came running out to the parking lot…Jax said, "Whoa Lady what the fuck do you think you're doing?" The woman looked at the dirty blonde addressing her and said, "About to make your friend here into a woman if someone doesn't start telling me where I can find Opie."

A familiar voice said, "Jesus Christ Alexis…What the hell are you doing back in Charming?" The raven haired woman who answered to the name of Alexis looked over and saw Opie jogging over to the group of people and she said, "Looking for you…What else? Dad called and told me what happened to Donna." Lexi let go of the tortured moron and tossed her gun into her car as she walked over as everyone watched Opie and the raven haired woman embrace. Jax said, "So…I should assume you know her?"

Opie nodded and said, "Yea…She's my little sister."