Chapter 3

Lexi was walking through the house looking at the way the floor plan was laid out and making sure she had enough room for all of her furniture. Alexis grabbed her blackberry and called the realty office and waited for someone to pick up…A voice said, "Charming Realty." Alexis said, "Hi this is Alexis Winston from Alexis Winston Realty…I'm currently standing in the property at 5647 S. Capricorn Lane…This house is completely perfect for me…I can run my realty business from here and it's livable…How soon can we make this deal so I can get the keys and get my belongings moved in?"

The lady said, "I'm pretty sure we can get the paperwork filed and get you moved in by tomorrow morning…if you can find your way to our office we can get started tonight."

The following morning Alexis had everything moved into the house on Capricorn Lane by 10 am. As she tossed a few empty cardboard boxes on the street front for the garbage men to pick up she heard a Harley coming down the street…She looked again and it was her brother and he was being followed by a police car. Both of them came to a stop in front of her house.

Opie got off the bike as the officer stepped out of the car and they both walked over to her…Opie leaned down and kissed his sister's cheek and said, "Are you done getting everything moved in already?" Lexi smiled sheepishly and said, "Of course big brother…My insomnia has been getting the best of me…the movers got here at 4 am and I started at 5…I finished a few minutes ago and started unpacking the kitchen…I'm dying for a fresh cup of coffee."

Opie chuckled and said, "Sis…I wanted to bring over the Chief of the Charming Police Department…Chief Wayne Uncer…Him and Deputy Chief David Hale are always on duty if you need anything…They will keep an eye on your house for you…If you need anything at all and can't get a hold of my or Jax then you are to call them immediately. Especially if were on out of town jobs…you got me?" Alexis laughed as she slapped a salute to her big brother and said, "Yes Sir Captain Weenie." Opie said, "Oh…We got jokes now?" Lexi smiled and said, "No…Just me."

Opie started play swinging at his little sister and she started swinging back at him. When they finally got all the laughs out and stopped…Opie said, "Hey by the way…Everyone is heading over to Gemma and Clay's house for a BBQ…Jax's son Abel is turning 1." Alexis said, "Sounds good…What time and what'ca want me to bring?" Opie said, "Around 6 and your macaroni salad of course." Alexis giggled as Chief Uncer and Opie go to their respective modes of transportation and took off in separate directions.

At 6 the black mustang pulled up to the house, where all the black Harley's were sitting on the street and in the driveway. Lexi walked up to the door and rang the door bell, a familiar woman answered the door and said, "Alexis Winston? Tell me your shitting me...You can't be her." Lexi smiled and said, "Hi Gemma." Gemma was Jax's mother. She used to tell Lexi to not take any shit off the boys and taught her how to fight dirty. Gemma said, "Damn...The last time I saw you...I didn't feel this old." Gemma wrapped her arms around the lady in front of her who used to be a little girl and kissed her cheek and said, "C'mon in...Everyone is out back." Lexi walked in and said, "Opie insisted I make my macaroni salad." Gemma said, "Oh good...Shove it in the fridge and grab yourself a beer or something...Like I said everyone is out back."

Lexi nodded her okay as she opened the fridge and pushed the huge bowl onto the second shelf, then grabbed a fuzzy navel wine cooler out of the door and walked through the sliding glass doors onto the patio. Opie said, "Lex...Over here." He held up his beer in the air as she smiled and walked over to him and leaned down placing a soft kiss on his cheek and said, "Hey sweetie." As she sat on the arm rest of the chair he was sitting in. Opie put his arm around her waist he didn't want her to fall off.

A big burly man with long curly hair and fuzzy beard walked over and said, "So I heard you almost made our little Juice into a juice maker?" Lexi laughed and said, "Guilty...Lexi Winston." As she held out her hand and the burly man took it and placed a kiss on the back and said, "Bobby Munson." Opie said, "Bobby...She's my little sister...Man Don't even THINK about it." Jax chuckled and said, "Yea...and half your age you old man." Bobby laughed hard and said, "Guys gotta try right?" Lexi laughed and said, "Of course...It was a good effort...Just not a successful one." That earned a round of laughs from the other guys in the group.

Lexi leaned over and said, "So...Is dad coming?" Opie shrugged his shoulders and said, "I'm not entirely sure...You know how bad he felt the last time you and him got into it...You left and we never saw you again." Lexi said, "I know...I kept in touch but every time I would call he would hand the phone to you or mom if she was over collecting his laundry like always. It's been 5 years Op...Do you think I'll ever get a chance to say I'm sorry?" Opie took a swig of his beer and said, "Hell...I don't know...I guess anything is possible...Just gotta give the old man some time." Lexi nodded in understanding hoping she could patch stuff up with her dad soon.