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I was instantly at Bella's side when she saw the envelope. I wanted to stop her, but I knew she wouldn't appreciate it. All of my senses were on alert and I noted on the scent of wolves in the house. It couldn't be the pack, could it?

My suspicions were answered when Bella squealed. Ness and I flashed to her side and I looked down at the letter- no invitation- in her hand.

It was a wedding invitation.

Renesmee and Bella squealed together and started bouncing around the living room. I chuckled softly at Bella's enthusiasm.

"Bella? Remember what Carlisle told you" I smiled adoringly her way. She smiled brightly back and squealed one more time before taking a deep breath and calming down. I walked forward and wrapped my arms around her waist.

"You know, I bet Alice will be going crazy about now…"


"Why would she?" I was really confused now.

"Why wouldn't she?! She is going to be crazy with planning the final touches before the wedding." 'I knew Seth wouldn't be able to handle Leah…'

"Wait what?! Alice? Planning? The wedding?"

"Yeah… didn't I tell you that you were also invited to the wedding?!"

"It must have slipped your mind…" I smiled. I was glad there wasn't any animosity with the wolves. I knew they were important to Bella and I would hate myself for being the wedge between them. And they all sounded like great people that I couldn't wait to meet.

Just at that moment Alice came barrelling inside the house. I was surprised I hadn't heard her thoughts before. That was happening more often than not near Bella, I was so focused on her, everything else ceased to exist.

Alice was bouncing around squealing with Ness, and Bella was laughing from my embrace. I let her go talk with Alice and Renesmee and looked over at the door. I smiled reassuringly at Jasper who was hovering uncertainly in the doorway. He smiled back before glancing at the mass of bouncing and laughing in the living room before coming to stand besides me.

"When did she find out?"

"She had a vision about thirty minutes ago" I chuckled and smiled.

So Alice.

"Carlisle is very happy about the trust with the wolves, they are letting us come on their land, and to a wedding nonetheless. You should see Esme, she is so happy to be able to meet the wolves. Now she's waiting for your wedding" I gasped and snapped my head to look at him.

I loved Bella, and wanted to spend the rest of forever with her. Sure I had thought about marrying her but it wasn't in the fore front of my mind. Now I couldn't stop thinking about it. I could see Bella in a white dress smiling up at me, beautiful as usual. I smiled but snapped out of it when Jasper cleared his throat. I snapped to look at his smirking face. I was about to say something when Alice, Bella and Renesmee bounced up to us.

"We're going to La Push. I need to speak to Seth and Leah about the flowers and cake and-"

"Okay, okay. Does the pack know we are coming? I don't want to have any misunderstandings with them." I cut Alice off. I didn't need to know, I heard enough in Italy. I shivered at the reminder. I would never let Bella be in danger again.

I followed after Bella to her car. Ness gasped and ran forward. Bella laughed.

"Would you be a little careful, I don't want to wipe of your drool, Ness"

Ness… Nessie… Renesmee?


"Why is your car named after Renesmee?"

"We built it together" 'How old is Ness?' Bella smirked. 'No where as old as me, but she's nearing ninety everyday. Don't talk about it though; she's pretty sensitive about her age' I chuckled and Ness looked at me suspiciously. I shrugged and she scowled. It was apparent that she didn't like being out of the loop.

I had thought we would be driving there, and was surprised when Bella turned for the forest. But I followed, I will follow that woman anywhere.

"Whipped…" Jasper walked past me.

"Join the club!" Jasper chuckled and I smirked. Jasper was just as whipped as I was, and he knew it. Bella and Ness both shifted into wolves. It never chased to amaze me when she shifted. Bella growled at Ness playfully and pounced on her. It wasn't often when Bella let her guard down fully, but it happened more often now. She was wonderful, amazing, and utterly beautiful.

Ness barked a laugh when Bella jumped on Alice bringing them both to the ground. Alice shrieked and Bella jumped off immediately.

'She's more scaring than Emmett… RUN!' Bella took off running towards La Push, Alice after her. I heard Bella laughing and knew that meant she was in her own form again. I ran after them and scooped up Bella just as Alice was getting to her. Alice growled and before I knew it Bella was clinging on my back urging me to go faster. I happily complied; I had Alice after me for god's sake! Bella laughed in excitement, but I could hear the slight panic there too. I slowed down a little when we were nearing the treaty line. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do? Bella noticed my hesitance and hopped off my back; she took my hand and walked forward. My eyes darted everywhere and I had to fight my protective instinct. The pack wasn't dangerous.

There were six shadows looming farther in the trees and Bella walked straight forward. Alice and Jasper slowed down to a stop besides us.

Hey Jake, long time no see" The pack stepped put from the trees and smiled at Bella and Renesmee. I relaxed slightly and smiled at them.

"Thank you for letting us come. The rest of the family can't wait to meet you either." Leah smiled at me before launching herself at Bella and Ness and Alice.

"I heard that you were helping Seth out. And I can tell we will be friends by your outfit. It's fabulous" Alice launched into her plans about the wedding, and Seth started explaining what was already done.

It was clear that our families would get on great. I and Bella followed after everybody else as they started towards Jake's house.


Everything flowed smoothly after the introductions at Jake's house. The pack and the Cullen's got along perfectly. Alice had called the rest of the family and they had joined us shortly after. Esme was talking with Emily and Sue about their gardens, and Carlisle was happily discussing the hospital with Billy and Harry Clearwater. I think he got them to come to the hospital again. Ridiculous, old superstitious fools. I chuckled to myself. I was so happy about my two families getting along together.

Rose and Alice were happily planning the wedding with Seth and Leah.

'I knew you couldn't handle it!' I shot in Seth's direction. I smirked at his growl.

'Bite me!' I snickered, and looked around at the others.

Edward, Jasper and Emmett were talking with Embry, Paul, Jacob, Quil and Sam. I think I heard baseball mentioned a couple of times.

It was getting late and Edward noticed me yawning, although I tried to hide it.

'Tired?' I nodded slightly. He smiled before standing up from the couch, were he had been talking with Sam.

"I'm taking Bella home. See you at the wedding" he smiled at Leah and Jacob before taking my hand and walking outside. I hopped up on his back and kissed his neck. He shivered and started running. I relaxed and enjoyed the ride trough the dark, quiet forest. The moon was shining trough the trees and I could see the stars. It was the perfect night.

It didn't take long before he was running up the front steps to my house. He let me down besides the piano and we walked upstairs to my bedroom. I shifted my clothes into a pyjama and climbed onto the bed. I slid under the blankets. I smiled when I felt Edward's weight shift the bed. I snuggled into his chest and closed my eyes.

This was perfect.

"It is" Oh, my shield was down again. Edward chuckled. I was too tired to care.

"It was nice to finally meet the pack. The family was really happy too" I nodded into his chest, smiling. I was really happy that they got along so well. I was pretty sure Alice would be one of the bride's maids. It was quiet for a moment and I was just falling asleep when he said the only thing that could make this night better.

"I want to marry you"

"Mhmm… what!?" Wait a minute… Was he proposing? I sat up to look at him. He smiled tentatively, but I was too shocked to do anything but stare at him.

"I know it's sudden, but I love you, and I want to spend rest of forever with you-" I silenced him with my hand before he could start to ramble. He was nervous. I've never seen Edward nervous.

"You want to marry me?" He nodded slowly. A small smile started spreading and soon I was beaming fully.

"I would love to marry you and spend rest of forever with you! You won't ever get rid of me"

He smiled before flipping us over on the bed. He hovered over me, our faces mere inches apart. His smile was radiant and I wanted him to smile like this forever.

"I love you"

"I love you too"

He slowly leaned in and kissed me with passion, love and happiness.

Yeah, this was perfect, and it was forever…

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