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Chapter 1


It was so unfair. I must be the only girl in the world who was forced to start high school at the age of 5 and I wasn't even super bright. You see the thing is, I'm half vampire and half human and before you lose your head let me explain. My Dad is a vampire and he married my Mum when she was still human. After I was born she nearly died, so my Dad changed her into a vampire too. I may have only been alive for five years, but I have the physical and mental appearance of a 14 year old and tomorrow I would walk into a high school for the first time.

Up until now I have been home schooled by my family, Mum taught me maths and English, Dad taught me how to sing and play the piano, Auntie Alice and Auntie Rosie had taught me everything I needed to know and about art and fashion design, and they always came with me when I went shopping, and were never far away when I had a girly problem. Mum is rubbish at that sort of thing. My grandpa Carlisle had taught me science and history, for he has been a doctor for nearly 400 years, so he knew pretty much everything. Thanks to my Uncles' Jasper and Emmett I now had the best fighting skills of anyone my age, I liked to have competitions with them. Although they always won it was still fun to try. Nana Esme was always full of good advice of how to treat people; she is so kind and caring. The reason I haven't been to school before is because I was aging too fast and everyone would notice and start to ask awkward questions. The funny thing is that everyone else in my family has the problem that they not aging at all and my dilemma was that I'm growing too fast. However, just after I was born my parents met a boy named Nahuel, he is like me but fully grown. He explained that I would be fully grown by the age of seven but have the physical appearance of a 16 year old and that the growing would get slower and slower until it eventually stopped, and I would be immortal too, just like vampires. I am now at a stage where my rate of growth can be classed as normal.

I was lying on my bed ready through the list of equipment Forks High School had sent through the post. I kept picking it up and checking again even though I already knew that I had everything. I wish now that Mum and Dad had refused to my request to wait until after Christmas before joining school, everyone will have already have made their friends and I'd be the new girl again. I was always the odd one out, different to everyone around me and I had no human friends.


"No, no, five more minutes," I muttered groggily as I rolled over.

"Renesmee! You need to get up! NOW!!!" yelled my Mum.

"Okay, okay, keep your hair on." I pulled back my duvet cover and stepped into my slippers, I padded to the window and pulled upon the curtains, the sky looked just as grey and miserable as it always did. A good thing in my opinion, I didn't want any strange looks from people when my skin faintly shimmered in the sunshine.

"I'll be in the kitchen if you need anything," I heard my Mum say as she retreated back down the stairs.

I realized now that that it would have been sensible to choose what I was going to wear last night, as there was no way I was going to make the right decision. As I frantically rummaged through my draws I heard the creek of the window opening and a gentle thud as Alice glided over and put her arms around me.

"Were my visions deceiving me or is someone having a fashion crisis?"

"Auntie Alice" I whined "I have nothing to wear!"

"Well, I remember a very similar situation to this about a year before you were born. Bella was being hunted by vampires as a human, as usual, and this time they'd stolen all of the clothes. But, I saved the day, by turning up with a perfect outfit for her graduation. Never fear, Auntie Alice is here!"

I fell about laughing. When I had finally gained composure I looked up to see my beloved Aunt glaring down at me.

"Okay," I giggled, "What have you got for me?!"

"That's better" the pixie replied" you ought to show me more gratitude. Which reminds me, how long have you had those pyjamas?"

"They were a Christmas present from Nana Renee."

"Good gracious, I've been so busy with Angela's' wedding that I've completely forgotten its' been that long!"

"Buts' its' only been two weeks, and I really like these ones!" I protested.

"Don't worry, I'll have it all sorted by the time you get home from you first day at high school!"

"Thanks Alice" I smiled at her anguish at the fact I had had the same pyjamas for over two days. Alice has always loved buying me pyjamas as they are probably the only article of clothing no one else in the house wears. I grabbed the bay she had left abandoned on the floor. Excitedly I yanked it open, to reveal the most gorgeous pair of dark blue skinny jeans, and the prettiest top, which was purple. I stared at it in shock, we Cullen's normally only wear blue, white, grey and silver. I realized that this must be my favourite Aunt keeping up with the latest trends, as purple was hot off the catwalk this year. The top was one of those sets that was a lacy camisole and with a matching cardigan. She'd also bought me a white scarf, big chunky purple belt and high-heeled suede ankle boots.

"You like it?" asked Alice

"It's perfectly perfect!" I could always trust her to bring up my spirits when I was feeling down.

"I'm going to go and have a talk with your mum. Hurry on down, everyone wants to see you before you go."

She left me alone to change. I pulled on the clothes and smiled at my reflection in the floor length mirror that took up the majority of one of the cream walls. When I was happy with the way that my auburn hair fell on my shoulders I returned to sit on my bed and took up my two bracelets that lay on the bed side table, and put them on. My Quileute promise bracelet which had been given to me by my good friend Jake on my first Christmas. The other was a silver charm bracelet on which hung the Cullen crest, worn by every person in the family.

I ran down stairs, navy bag over my shoulder and white jacket on my arm, and knocked straight into my Dad. His face lit up when he saw me.

"There you are" he said, "I was just about to send up a rescue mission. Your mum and Alice have gone back to the house, so we'd better get going."

I ran after him, weaving in and out of the trees as we darted together through the forest. Birds, foxes and rabbits ran out of my way as I charged, making a clear path for myself and my Father. When we reached the river that bordered the Cullen's home I took an enormous leap and flew over landing gracefully on the opposite bank. I raised my head to see the whole family gathered on the front steps.

"Renesmee!" cried Auntie Rosie as she ran down the steps her arms wide open and reaching out to embrace me. "You've grown up so fast and now you are starting school!"

Grandpa Carlisle pulled me over and placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Now remember Nessie, the most important thing is for you to learn and have fun. But if anyone starts asking questions then you must come and tell us and we will move. Lots of the teachers and some younger siblings of the students who attended the school at the same time as your parent and their siblings may recognise you or your name. Tell them that Esme and I adopted you 5 years ago after you were taken away from your real parent because they were too young.

"I'm sure she will be fine" soothed Esme. "Just smile and be friendly and everyone will fall in love with you, they always do. Oh and before I forget, Jake brought this round for you last night." She handed me a sealed envelope and I slipped it into my bag and looked up everyone.

"So this is it" I breathed. "I'm going to school." I walked round to the garage and Dad followed me. I took my place in the front seat of the silver Volvo as he climbed into the driver's seat beside me. I leaned out of the window as we pulled out of the drive, waving frantically and the only people I truly know and love.

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