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Nai began to snuggle himself closer to Gareki while burrowing his head deeper into his chest. At times like this, nothing can comfort him more than by being close to Gareki.

Gareki slowly near his head towards Nai and place a gentle kiss on his head, breathing in the sweet scent of his hair, before tightening his grip around Nai's small waist.

"No matter what happens, I will always be by your side. So, you can always count on me, ok?" whispered Gareki.

All was silent until Nai began to mumble something against Gareki's chest. "I'm sorry, but what?" questioned Gareki towards the mumbling Nai.

"I am afraid," Nai began to speak, after pulling his head away from Gareki's chest to look up at him. "I am so afraid of losing Gareki…. The nightmare that I had…. It was so…. So..!!" At this point, tears were starting to form at the corner of Nai's eyes.
" I don't want Gareki to be broken! Bad things will happen to Gareki if Gareki were to stay around me…. I do not want Gareki to get hurt! " Nai exclaim while tears began to run down his face.

Gareki couldn't help but feel shocked at what Nai had just said. Without realising it, Nai had grown attached to him in just a short period of time. The same can be said about him as well. Nai seems so much to him that it was unbearable for him to leave Nai all alone and hurting by himself. Nai is too fragile and delicate to be able to carry all of his pain and burden by himself.

Nai began to burrow his face again into Gareki's chest. "Please don't leave me… PLEASE don't leave me…." He muttered continuously, trembling non-stop and trying to control his tears. He knew that he would be lost without Gareki . He feels so afraid of causing Gareki to get hurt YET he does not want Gareki to leave him. He feels so confused. So confused that he feels that he was on the verge of breaking down.

"Listen here, Nai," Gareki spoke in a firm voice, while pulling Nai away from him and cupping his rosy cheeks. "No matter what, I promise that I will ALWAYS protect you. You've got to trust me and fight away your fears, alright? You've got to be strong…. "

Nai looked at Gareki straight in the eye, his tears still flowing non-stop. "Promise that you won't leave me?"

Gareki smiled at Nai before wiping his tears away. That's just how innocent Nai is. It was his innocence that got him attached to him.

"Yes, I promise. And you must promise me that you will fight for what you believe in. Get stronger, " replied Gareki, while nuzzling his nose against Nai's hair.

Nai close his eyes and smiled, enjoying the feeling and sensation he is experiencing with Gareki close to him. He then slowly release his grip from Gareki's chest and looked up at him, before giving a slight nod to Gareki.

Gareki then sat up straight on the bed and asked, "So, is it ok if I were to switch off the light?"

Nai replied a soft 'yes' and Gareki then proceeded to switching off the lights before lying back down on the bed. It was dark but Nai was able to make out Gareki's chest. He placed his head gently against Gareki's chest when he was sure that Gareki was fast asleep. He was able to hear the soft beating of Gareki's heart and his steady breathing, making him feel safe and comfortable. Slowly, Nai began to close his eyes and not long after, he was already fast asleep.

"I will be your Guardian Angel…." Gareki whispered into the dark, while caressing Nai's fluffy hair and wrapping his other free arm around Nai before he himself began to fall into a slumber.