Duo shuffled the files in his hands, glancing at his watch quickly as he did so. It was well past working hours but he had stayed at the mansion to catch up on some work he had been putting off. It was close to nine and Hilde would be furious if he didn't get home soon. She had been hinting at some sort of surprise that would most definitely be to his advantage if he managed to back it home in time. Which he would, he told himself firmly. Now, if he had still had Deathscythe, it would be another matter entirely.

Humming under his breath, he hurried through the plush corridors of the glamorous Peacecraft Mansion, offering a smile to faces he knew. He soon entered the quiet family wing, and he glanced down Relena's hallway to check who was on duty. After all, old habits die hard.

Heero himself leaned against the wall next to the princess' door, his dark head bowed, arms crossed over his chest. He appeared to be asleep, but Duo knew better. Everyone did. Nothing escaped those Prussian blue eyes. Nothing.

For a moment, he entertained the thought of speaking to Heero before deciding against it. The man was hardly built for conversation and Hilde was waiting for him, preferably with handcuffs. So he watched his best friend for a moment, seeing irony in Heero's situation as he did in almost everything. The soldier with a heart of ice, and the pacifist with a soul of gold. He knew Heero was in love with Relena, and she with him, everyone did. It was just something they never spoke of. Like a sound beyond hearing that no one acknowledges. It was an odd twist of fate that Heero protected Relena's life, but never shared it. He sat outside heaven's door, so to speak, but never entered.

How could the man be so incredibly blind?

Relena's door swung open and light drifted in the hallway. He heard Relena's musical voice grace the air and Heero straightened, his gaze focused on the figure inside the room. Feeling curiosity get the better of him, Duo leaned forward, intent on the scene unfolding before him. Was ojousan really inviting Heero into her room? Incredible…

Heero said something and Relena laughed, making Heero blink. A delicate hand reached out and grabbed his, pulling him inside. In the light of the doorway, Duo could just make out the amazed expression on Heero's face before the it shut and Duo had to let himself smile.

The angel had dragged Heero into heaven after all.

Whistling to himself as if he had just done something extremely clever, he hurried out of the mansion and into the night, imagining just what his own angel had in store for him. He laughed again, suddenly realizing that heaven had been good to them all.

Besides, if Heero could get lucky, he could just imagine how his night would turn out…

* * * *

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