Nick awoke lying on the ground, the woman and the man over him. She seemed genuinely concerned, while the man just seemed confused. But it wasn't just any man, it was –

"Greg!" Nick shouted sitting up and throwing his arms around the surprised man, "Greg, Greg, Greg…" Nick seemed to almost chant to himself, finally subsiding into tears.


Melanie watched dumbfounded from the sidelines. When the man had flown up to grab John she had been pushed back onto her butt from her squatting position and now stared at this grown man cryING while grabbing onto John, who looked severely confused.

What had he called John? Greg? Does he really know him?

Melanie started to get excited. She grabbed the other man and turned his crying face to her.

"Do you know him?"

"Yes! His name is Greg Sanders, we work together, he's been missing for months!"

Melanies features blazed with triumph. "John.. er.. Greg? Greg, do you know him?"

John/Greg, who had finally been released from Nick's arms, was staring at Nick in a way that Melanie could not decipher.

He looked at her slowly, and then back at the man, "No…" he said slowly, "I mean.. I don't know… No… I don't"

Melanie watched the man who had been about to stand fall back down.

"You don't… You don't know who I am? It's me Greg, Nick, it's Nick! We work together at the Crime Lab, you're a CSI! You have to remember!" He pulled a folded and worn photo from his wallet and gave it to him. "See, that's you and I! Please Greg, you have to remember!"

Melanie peered over John's shoulder at the photo, it appeared to have been taken at a Christmas party. The man in the photo looked different than John did now, but it was clearly the person he had been when he had been admitted to the hospital.

"I… I still don't know…"

"Come on Greg, you have to remember, you were a criminalist!" the man ran back to his truck and opened door to the back seat and started pulling a silver case out.

"This is a kit, you used one just like it, here!" and with that a vest caught on the case fell out on the ground.

Melanie watched the man hold out the case to John and put it in his hands, but she saw that John's gaze was on the vest on the ground. She watched him reading a word to himself over and over again. Melanie looked down and saw the name sewed to the patch.


Melanie gasped and heard a thud and looked over to see the silver case hit the ground.

John stood staring almost in awe at the man in front of him. Nick gave Melanie a worried look and then looked back at John.

"Nick?" he whispered.

Nick and Melanie's eyes widened, seeing the recognition in his eyes for the first time.

"Nick?" he seemed to cry out, his voice breaking. Suddenly, it was Greg Sanders standing before them and he crumbled into Nick, both of them sinking down onto their knees sobbing.

"Nick, I… Oh my god, I…" Greg blubbered into Nick's chest.

"Oh god Greg… I thought I'd lost you… I'm so sorry!"

Melanie almost burst into tears in front of the two men, and then walked slowly to her car, knowing an important phone call would need to be made.


Nick held Greg tight, promising himself and Greg that he wasn't ever going to let him go like he had before.


He felt Greg's hands come up and rest on his own head. Nick pulled away and looked into Greg's face.

"I…. I… I cut my hair!"

Nick burst out laughing and pulled Greg back towards him.


One month had passed since Nick had found Greg, and he had made enormous progress. His memory had come back slowly in the first couple of days, and then almost a rush when Nick had taken Greg into the crime lab during the shift change when no one was in.

Greg had actually been cleared and had started work a week ago, saving Catherine from a new hire for the moment. A huge party had been thrown in Greg's honor, and he had seemed almost like his old self. He had even had fun making Mandy upset by faking that she was the only person from the crime lab he couldn't remember.

Greg was staying with Nick, apparently when you go missing and declared dead, your house doesn't wait for you. Greg seemed in no hurry to move out on his own, and Nick thought it was best that Greg be with someone anyway, and Nick enjoyed the company

Greg's hair was coming back, just very short spikes, but Greg said he was glad he had shaved it, it allowed him to "perfect his style", as he put it, causing Nick to laugh every time.

There were still things Greg couldn't remember, but Melanie, who came to visit Greg often, said the memories may return, and they may not. Greg couldn't remember a thing about the day he had wrecked his car, and Nick had had to fill him in. He didn't relate how guilty he felt about letting Greg go though, he thought maybe one day he would tell Greg, but not yet.

One evening, they both sat on Nick's couch, watching the game.

"You never stopped believing I wasn't gone did you?"

Nick looked over in surprise at Greg, who hadn't talked about anything relating to his accident since being told by Nick.

"No" he whispered quietly, "Somehow I just kind of knew…"

Greg smiled and sat back on the couch.

"Figures it would be your name that would bring me back from the dead"


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