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Part Three: Evil

By Zandermon

[Two days later]

Gennai called them to his library [newly equipped with a replacement door of pine] to discus something he had said was important. Hawkmon thought it odd that Tsukaimon had not been asked to come; gennai had even requested that they not tell him! As SnowBiyomon pushed open the new door and poked her head in shyly, gennai said "Ah, come in, I have been waiting"

The small group of four digimon filed into the library and took the seats offered by the young guardian. Sitting down himself, gennai began to speak "Over the past few months you may have noticed your comrade, Tsukaimon, acting a little… strangely, his behaviour is somewhat darker than it was when I first met him, it worry`s me and frankly… I do not trust him"

This made the digimons eyes widen in shock, yes they had noticed the behaviour, but for it to be bad enough that gennai would no longer trust him!"

"Hold on!" Veemon said quickly "Yea he`s acting weird, and he broke your door… but is that a reason not to trust him? He`s our friend!"

Gennai shook his head "Tsukaimon was always darker than the rest of you, he becomes increasingly more malicious each time he digivolves, you yourself know that at his ultimate level he was practically uncontrollable and even, one might say… evil"

He looked around at them, studying there reactions "The volume you pointed out to me veemon, the one he was reading, after looking at it myself I have come to conclude that Tsukaimon is far from good, and most likely never really counted you as a friend.

"I watched him as your partners left, he felt no sadness at losing his own partner, while I was gone I discussed this with Azulongmon… he agrees, Tsukaimon cannot be trusted… we must each watch him, to see what he does"

As each of them agreed one after another, Tsukaimon, listening through the half opened door, fumed with rage. That they would not trust him [even though he knew they were right] was unforgivable… for this, they would suffer.

Four miles below the ground, on the very threshold of the dark area Tsukaimon stood with a malevolent look in his eyes. Only the darkest digimon crossed through to the dark area, them and there servants, Tsukaimon had been here only once before, with his partner and friends… his Ex-friends. They had been hunting the previous master of the dark gears and had, after a great deal of work, defeated him.

"Only to find that the foul soul was only a pawn in the bigger picture... and now, I will inherit the power of Apocolomon`s dark gears!"

"Awaken! I, one who threatens life and justice! One who would abolish peace and harmony! One who would bend minds to his will! I Tsukaimon command you… Give me your power!!"

For a moment nothing happened, then, an almighty howl erupted from the darkness as the gears awoke. There power drew closer to him, he could feel it, like fear for your life, like threatening another, like the glory of death and the power to inflict it… the feeling was wonderful.

He breathed in the shadowed air, tasting the evil infesting it… and spoke three words in a voice deathly quiet, but that somehow echoed throughout the room "Come to me…" The gears burst from the ground and hurtled towards him; they ripped through his data and embedded themselves in his core.

Gear after gear gave him it`s power, until finally, he felt the welcoming corruption of his digivolution. "I, Am, Devimon!!!!!" the cry tore through the rock, causing stalactites to fall from the ceiling.

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