Early the next morning, before Jan and Paul awoke, Tryphaena slipped out of the house, carrying the satchel she had brought with her.

Taking a deep breath she made her way back up the forest path to the castle one last time.

Before too long the castle loomed into sight and she paused for a moment to take it in before she continued on her way. With a heavy sigh she stopped to rest near the entranceway, before reaching inside the satchel and pulling out an ornate box.

Lifting the lid she scattered the ashes to the wind, "Good bye, my Master," she said softly, "you're free now," she watched the wind carry the ashes away from her until they were out of sight.

Then she made her way back down the mountain.

A/N: Yes, this is meant to be the same as in "Ashes, Diamonds & Pearls" :)