The new dragons

Nightmares past

Cassie:…and rai I want you to have my music collection and garnettfox your getting squat

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Dojo: cassie's going to kill herself so she doesn't have to live threw this chapter

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Garnettfox: jack next

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Kimiko: craptastic

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Kimiko: oh really

Garnettfox: what about tubbymorea or panndabubba?

Kimiko: ok, ok I get it Jesus take a chill pill

Garnettfox: jack is a cool character I know he's a cry baby but to me he is raver cool and he seems to be more grey then black in the show.

Raimundo: ok what?

Garnettfox: he seems to be more a neutral then a bad guy

Clay: oh I get ya

Garnettfox: anyway on with the show

Cassie looked around at the devastation around her. Human bodies horribly mutilated here all around her. Then she recognised then "louse, skye, sarah no this is not happening its just a nightmare…. Come on cassie wake up wake up." She muttered pinching and slapping herself. Then she saw something that nearly broke her heart. A horrifying dragon stud there feasting on the dead and in its jaws was the body of a little purple dragon. The huge dragon snapped its jaws turning the little dragon into data which it absorbed "no, dragramon, NO" she cried out the huge dragon looking around at her smiled evilly "and this is the start little child of flare soon I will feast upon the flesh of those new friend's of yours. Starting with the boy you love. Oh how sweet his screams of agony will be." It tormented it was then surrounded by a cocoon of data "and the best part is that you will be screaming as well." Cassie breathed in and screamed as the thing struck

Cassie gasped air she was drenched in sweat. Another night another nightmare. It was nothing new for the former warrior of flare. Once she had been corrupted by a evil digimon and the result was the horrifying dragon and cassie nearly tearing her friends apart and since that terrifying time she had nightmares about what could have happened and cassie could swear sometimes she could hear darkshedramon and wvernmon trying to escape.

The next morning

"cassie hey CASSIE!!!" cassie jumped when here name was yelled several explosions knocked raimundo over leaving the two on the floor. Rai glared at his friend "have you even been listening to what master fung was saying ten minutes ago?" he asked cassie looked around not knowing what he was on about "master fung was here?" raimundo looked at her in disbelief "im sorry I had another nightmare and couldn't get back to sleep." She muttered looking away embarrassed. Rai looked at here sympathetic "maybe if we use-" "THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL AM I LETTING YOU LOT USE THAT GOD FORSAKEN SHEN GON WU ON ME." Cassie yelled storming off to vent

cassie sat under a cherry tree that was in bloom contemplating her predicament I know I cant keep running from the past. So what am I so scared of? That they will reject me…they will fear me what? she sighed confused and intimidated by the daunting task of telling her friends a great truth "so the little dragon of flare has a few nightmare problems. This is something I can work to my advantage." Hanibul bean mused high over head. And he knew which wu he would need.

That night

Ying yang stole into the temple his master having the items he needed for his plan to be successful. Hanibul looked down at the girl sleeping beneath him. She was curled up in a ball her face peaceful and content not for long ying yang thought sadly once long ago he had been a xaiolin dragon himself but he had lost his freedom to hanibul many century's ago.

"SHADOW OF FEAR" cried hanibul. Ying yang perked up hoping that the monks had heard him but lowered his head disappointed that the only hope the child had was not to be.

The others point of view

Raimundo and the other's woke from sleep hearing a monsters primal cry of rage. They ran out to the court yard to see the beasts responsible. One was taller then a human but human looking all the same it had the scales, claws, wings and other things that a dragon would have but it wore armour which covered it from head to foot and in the cracks between the plates black and red scales could be seen and in its pure red eyes rage and anger refused to be stopped. Again and again it lashed out with a sword trying to take out its unending rage on the temple.

The other was three or four times bigger then mala mala jong and was also black and red. Its huge snake like head was surrounded by snapping and snarling snakes reaching out blindly tearing apart anything they could. Its huge wings it had instead of arms where half decomposed and as it flapped them in anger scales and skin fell in putrefying heaps around it. Its red eyes also knew a rage that could not be ended.

"monsters prepare for a humiliating defeat!" omi cried getting into a attack position. The human sized one looked amused at him and nudged the huge dragon "look at the human wvernmon if it weren't for the robe I would swear he was a kittymon. I mean he's the right size." 'wvernmon' chuckled "right colour to darkshedramon." She mused. 'wvernmon' bent down to see eye to eye with omi "listen little kittymon look alike where are the legendary warriors?" she asked her eyes narrowed in disgust "we don't know who these legendry warriors are but if it's a fight you want it's a fight you'll get." Raimundo said the winds whipping around him 'darkshedramon' glared at him then laughed "these human's think they can scare us by imitating the warriors." Wvernmon laughed as well "human we have the power to kill you a thousand times over and do the same to your friends without breaking a sweat." She said two of her snakes grabbing Kimiko and clay tossing them like rag dolls. Suddenly she sniffed the air and smirked evilly "the warrior of flare resides here darkshedramon." She said making for the bed chambers. Dojo (who only just woke up) "I'm warning you I'll-" he was cut off by darkshedramon yelling "karate talon!!!" her hand became covered in crystal and she whacked dojo in the head slamming him into a wall.

They had just made it into the building when they…vanished right into thin air. A second later cassie raced out gasping for breath "what's….going ……on?" she said trying to recover. "TWO HEYLIN MONSTERS JUST ATTACKED US THAT'S WHAT." Omi yelled into her face. Cassie blinked stunned and momentarily deafened by the monk. "well you didn't need me then seeing as you sent them packing." She retaliated this only made omi angrier "THEY DISAPERED ONTO THICK AIR!!!" cassie blinked confused "don't ya mean vanished inta thin air?" omi growled at her. "and they had strange powers." Clay clarified leading omi away to cool down. "what kind of power's" as the other's explained what they looked like and what they had done cassie visibly paled at every word they said and all but fainted when they said when they said what their names where. "I need to lie down." She said looking ill and leaning on Jeremy to stop her falling on the floor. Kimiko glared at her "what do you know about them?" she asked a note of anger evident. Cassie looked hurt but inside she was panicking should I tell then…. They would never believe me…unless I let them use the shadow of fear on me and look into my memories. Cassie looked up into their trusting faces. She sighed "ok but if I JUST tell you then you won't believe me so. And I don't believe im saying this. Im giving you permission to use the shadow of fear on me to see my memories."

Ten minutes later

"its not here." Clay said coming up from the wu vault. Omi glared at cassie "maybe she hid it so we could not use it on her." Cassie looked shocked and angry with the monk "why would I give you permission to look in my head. only to hide the wu honestly where is the logic in that?" she said looking at the others for support. Raimundo shrugged his shoulders "she has a point omi why do something like that?" Kimiko looked up in thought "is anyone else having major déjà vu right now." She said giving clay and omi a questioning look. Clays eyes widened and he ducked down looking for more wu. Both cassie and Jeremy gave each other a WTF? Face. "dare we ask?" she asked wondering what they where talking about and doing. Rai looked clueless at then until clay popped up again "the Safire dragon and Moby Morpher are gone!" he said panicked and raimundo did the leaderly thing to do….and fainted.

A hour later

"…JELLY FISH?!?!?!?!?!?!?" was the disbelieving tone which woke raimundo. From the looks of it everyone had been laughing. "S-s-s-orry (giggling) but JELLYFISH" cassie fell off of her chair laughing uncontrollably the others following suite. Rai glared at them and then muttered "my friend died from a jellyfish sting when I was six." Cassie stopped laughing having heard this. "sorry rai I didn't know-" rai put a hand up to silence her "I never told ANYONE about it so don't worry about it. Any way when't YOU going to tell us about darkshedramon and wvernmon?" cassie fidgeted a bit "im sure that you wont believe me. But here goes-"

long ago in a world known as the digital world which was sculpted by dreams a all consuming war broke out between animals known as digimon or digital monsters. The beast types and the human types battled one another for control of the digital world. Then a light descended from the heavens a angel digimon known as lucemon he ended the fighting and rule the digital world as a true and just king.

Then he became corrupt with his own power and tried to destroy the digital world so no one could challenge his rule. Then when all hope was lost twelve brave warriors appeared each a master of a element. Ancientgreymon the warrior of fire, ancientdranoxmon the warrior of flare, ancientsphinxmon warrior of darkness, ancientbeetlemon warrior of thunder, ancientnewtonmon warrior of gravity…(if you want the rest look it up this will just go on forever if I don't cut it off) the twelve warriors came together and sealed lucemon away. Weakened by the long battle the warriors became two spirits a human spirit and a beast spirit which where scattered far and wide across the digital world. To be used by the chosen ones when the time came.

Years passed and lucemon threatened to rise again six of the warriors where chosen to come forth and defeat him. And so takuya kamdara, Zoë izumi, tomiki (tommy) himi, koji, kouichi and junpa came forth and became the warriors of fire, wind, ice, light, darkness and thunder and defeated lucemon for the second time ensuring that he would never rise again.

A year later a greater evil known only as the darkness nearly destroyed the digital world only to be stopped by all twelve warriors and two others who at any time could take over if the need was great enough

The new warriors where:

Shina kamdara the warrior of earth, yutaka himi warrior of magnetism, louse danvil warrior of wood, Bethany kish warrior of water, steven smith warrior of gravity, me the warrior of flare and the reserves where my best friends sarah selina and skye Jackson.

….and my nightmare is when I was corrupted from shedramon and dranoxmon and became darkshedramon and wvernmon and… I nearly killed my friends." Cassie curled up into the feudal position waiting for then to condemn her and throw her out of the temple or to laugh their heads off not believing a word she had just said. What she did not expect was for them to hug her and tell her "its ok It wasn't your fault." Cassie looked up into the worried faces of her new friends "y-y-y-you believe me?" rai and the others chuckled "cassie have you been paying attention on ANYTHING that has happened recently?" raimundo asked grinning like a mad man. Cassie chuckled as well and leaned against rai her eyes dropping "tired." She yawned only for Kimiko to shake her awake "sorry but you fall asleep darkshedramon and wvernmon come back and from what you have said they will be baying for your blood." She said cassie glared at her "so what are you going to do?" Kimiko thought for a minute "keep you awake grab the reversing mirror from jack and hope it works." She said shrugging her shoulders. Cassie rolled her eyes and lay down "bloody brilliant I can't sleep cause I will kill you guys as soon as im out." She sighed and rolled over "I wanna sleep" she said punching the floor.

A hour later

Cassie sighed she was soaking wet from omi's unique way of keeping her up (AKA drowning her with the orb of tornami). She got out one of Jeremy's stash of energy drinks and gulped down the too sweet contents. She nearly threw up from it hitting her stomach "uh I can handle cabbage that tastes like fish, I can handle apples that taste like roast pork but someone pump my stomach of this vile god dammed liquid." She said pouring the rest of it down the sink. Omi had fallen asleep ten minutes ago so cassie was just trying to keep herself awake. She looked up at the clock wondering how long it would take for them to get one she gon wu then she heard helicopter blades? She went out to the court yard to see dojo and jack Spicer landing. "he refused to let us use it unless he came along." Raimundo offered as a explanation. Cassie rolled her eyes but smiled anyway "lets get this over with." She said walking back to the temple. "where's omi?" Kimiko asked looking around for him "he ah fell asleep a while ago I've been keeping my self up and uh I'll pay for that relentless Jeremy I kinda drank a bit and pored the rest down the sink cause it tastes naff." Jeremy glared at her "ya could have asked girl ya know instead of taking mah stuff ya know." Cassie glared back "there was nothing else unless you wanted to deal with a grumpy omi and by the way I am keeping the orb of tornami away from him PERMANENTLY." She growled out. "lets just wake omi up and get this over with." Said a grumpy raimundo everyone would be happy to have a good nights sleep.

"REVERSING MIRRIOR!" jack yelled holding out the mirror and cassie was consumed by a black energy and hanibul bean and darkshedramon appeared spitting mad. "Moby morpher." Hainbul said becoming a fly and well flew off. Darkshedramon spun around trying to work out how to get away then her gaze fell on cassie "well what do you its my jailer we finally truly met face to face it's a honour." She said her voice oozing with sarcasm. Cassie glared at her "oh like having you in my head wasn't bad enough." Darkshedramon laughted at her "oh living in your head was a nightmare but I am willing to bet not as bad as the nightmares I stared in every night since you and your friends sealed me away." Cassie growled at her then she lashed out striking darkshedramon upside the head and stunning her for a moment. Then darkshedramon punched her in the back with her "karate talon." Knocking cassie to the ground. "you cant beat me child of flare because in case you have forgotten-" darkshedramon was surrounded by a sphere of data then she emerged. A girl with red and black hair and red eyes "-I AM YOU!!!" cassie glared at her "no your not." She said picking her self up. "your everything from my past that I have ran from since I was born. BUT NO MORE. I KNOW WHO I AM." Explosions surrounded her forcing darkshedramon back "I AM CASSIE HUGHES THE XAIOLIN DRAGON OF FLARE AND FORMER WARRIOR OF FLARE." Cassie yelled darkshedramon appeared to be fading away. Then in her place the Safire dragon reared in pain then became its shen gon wu form again. And cassie fell to the floor tired beyond belief. The others ran to her side and jack hung on the edges wondering if she was ok "she will be fine do not worry." A kind voice sounding like cassie said and a purple and silver dragon like human appeared where darkshedramon had been. Everyone got into defensive positions to protect cassie but the strange being just walked past them and stroked cassie's hair "you have done me proud child of flare." She whispered to her. "who are you?" Kimiko asked ready to attack "I am shedramon and now is the time for me to go." And with that shedramon faded away.

Then the elemental scroll rose up and revealed the kanji for magnesium then jack spicer and rolled back up. Omi was fuming "there's no way he's a dragon!!!" "ever hear of a diamond In the rough?" came cassies voice from where she lay "congrats spicer you're a xaiolin dragon" she said holding out a hand to shake. "uh thanks cassie is it?" he asked shaking her hand

Garnettfox: this one took the longest to write for some reason.

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Garnettfox: it was a good way to tell people how you became scared. And if anyone says its a irrational fear you can just turn around and say 'its not a irrational fear they kill'

Raimundo: that's acutely good advise ^.^ thank you garnettfox.

Clay: so yall got the characters in ere that are in the show so its OC's from here on in aint it?

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