Can't Have It Both Ways

Chapter 2

The three stood there and watched as Madam Pomfrey headed straight for Ron, McGonagall seemed to deliberate before deciding Poppy could handle the situation and moved in their direction while Dumbledore and Snape could hardly wait to get to them. The sight of these three heading in her direction had Luna actually shaking but she was determined to stand by the two Gryffindors, she was also unaccustomed to being the centre of attention and was sure her housemates would make her pay for it later.

"Potter, what did you do?" sneered Snape.

Harry kept his face straight, "I'm sorry sir but I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Don't lie to me Potter, what did you do to Weasley's hand?"

"I didn't do anything to him, all our wands are still in our pockets. I really would appreciate you having some proof before you accuse me of lying, sir." Harry looked around the hall and raised his voice slightly, "And that goes for everyone."

Snape's sneer was running full force now, "You're not still trying to maintain that ridiculous 'I didn't enter' story are you? Just be a man and admit it."

Harry removed his wand and pointed it straight up, "I, Harry James Potter swear on my life and magic that I did not enter myself in the tri-wizard tournament."

The light that surrounded him illuminated the entire great hall, as the light faded Harry cast his patronus and the silver stag sprang forward looking for enemies, on finding none prongs faded slowly out of existence but not before leaving quite a few people revaluating their opinions.

"It would appear sir that you owe me an apology, will you just be a man and give it?"

Snape just stared straight into Harry's eyes and then those closest to the group clearly heard the hissing coming from the hidden ring, "Mr Potter, what is that?" asked McGonagall.

"That Professor, is a gift from a friend of mine that's telling me Snape is attempting to enter my mind. It's also telling me that I can legally kill him where he stands for his transgression."

"And what do you think of that Harry?" Dumbledore asked.

Hermione spotted the verbal trap and answered before Harry could say anything, "Actually, we're more interested in what you think headmaster. What have you to say since a member of your staff just carried out an illegal attack on a student in the middle of the great hall?"

Dumbledore's eye's twinkled, "To quote Mr Potter, where is your proof Miss Granger?"

Hermione was done bowing to authority figures, especially ones that were out to harm her Harry, "Well, following Harry's outstanding example of honesty. I'm quite sure Professor Snape wouldn't object to swearing an oath that he didn't just try to invade Harry's mind? That would easily clear up this whole misunderstanding. That would be the manly thing to do, wouldn't it Professor Snape?"

If looks could kill Hermione would be dead as Snape stared daggers at her. The confrontation was interrupted by the arrival of Gringotts owls, the sight of owls at dinner was a rarity but since they were easily recognisable as belonging to the wizarding bank then everyone paid attention.

One headed to the Hufflepuff table and delivered its message to Justin Finch-Fletchley, a pair landed at the Gryffindor table beside Ginny and Colin.

"Potter, what is this?" asked Justin.

"Compensation Justin."

Ginny's voice was quivering, "Harry, this is a cheque for fifty thousand galleons. Why are you doing this?"

"This payment is for the people who were attacked by the Basilisk…"

"Where's my owl then Potter?" shouted Ron who was still being worked on by Pomfrey.

"The only thing that attacked you was Lockhart. If you want compensation, I suggest you speak to the person that hired the imposter to teach here."

Another owl entering drew everyone's attention as they now knew these birds carried a fortune, it headed straight for Hermione though.

"Harry you didn't have to…" as she put her arm up for the owl to land on, shrill screams came from the Gryffindor table that gave Hermione barely enough time to collect the message before the owl shot up to the rafters and safety. Snape found himself shoved to the side as both Hermione's dorm mates spotted her ring and rushed toward her.

"Oh Hermione it's gorgeous…"

"You and Harry…"

"We always knew you two would get together…"

"You have to tell us everything!"

"GIRLS!" McGonagall was in her Scottish Terrier mode, why her animagus form was a pussy cat was an unsolvable mystery. "Mr Potter, if I don't get an explanation soon I'm going to get angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!"

"Professor McGonagall, tonight I'm going down into Salzar Slytherin's secret chamber to collect the body of a sixty foot Basilisk that I killed with a sword. No offence ma'am but, scary as you are, you can't kill me with a single look."

Snape verbally exploded at that revelation. "You insufferable little brat, there will be nothing removed from Hogwarts tonight. The basilisk will be rendered into potion ingredients for use in the school, after you open the chamber."

"There may be a slight problem with that sir as I've already sold the carcass, that's why I shared the money with its victims. Nobody else seemed to give a Knut for them losing months of their lives."

Dumbledore was growing concerned. Harry should be full of nerves, worry and doubt, not standing here confidently facing down Minerva and Severus. His usual tactics of unleashing his two attack dogs while he stood and observed, ready to step in and play his benevolent mediator role, was not going to work here. Whatever had changed with Potter needed to be reversed, and quickly, "Perhaps you could explain who you sold the basilisk to Mr Potter?"

Barchoke proved he had impeccable timing by choosing that exact moment to enter the great hall. As he was accompanied by a dozen goblins with long, razor sharp blades that could cut through a basilisk's hide, they provided quite a show and froze everyone into position.

"Our apologies Lord Potter but it took slightly longer to put together your accommodation module than we anticipated. In our defence, I would like to say that we built in a few additional extras"

"Thank you Barchoke, my betrothed and I will check it out after our business is finished in the chamber." Harry turned to Luna, "As a tri-wizard champion I'm apparently allowed an entourage, would you like to be my press representative? It would mean moving out of the Ravenclaw dorm and moving in with us."

Luna spared one glance at her housemates before answering, "Hell yes!"

"Nobody will be moving anywhere!" Dumbledore pronounced, arrogantly passing judgement over everything as if the matter was now closed.

This was Barchoke's moment, the goblin's payment, an opportunity to stick it to Dumbledore. "I'm afraid that's not your decision to make headmaster, by forcing Lord Potter to compete in this competition you unintentionally made him a legal adult. You could have cancelled the competition and redrawn the names anytime in the first four hours, you chose instead to tell a fourteen-year-old wizard he must compete then sent him off to bed with a patronising pat on the head."

McGonagall had just gotten her anger redirected and turned on Albus. "You knew this and still let the lad compete? What the hell were you thinking?"

Barchoke continued, "A supposition was made that Lord Potter's name had been scurrilously entered under the pseudonym of a fictitious fourth school, this must have indeed been the case as the rules clearly state that each school is allowed only one champion. Cedric Diggory is without question the Hogwarts champion." This really perked up the Hufflepuff contingent in the hall.

"Lord Potter has graciously accepted our offer to represent the Goblin Academy of Youth, we of course realise that GAY has different connotations in your culture so it will just say Gringotts on the front of his robes."

Having Harry appear in robes that proclaimed Gringotts on the front and Potter on the back would do more for goblin/wizarding relations than any other act this last century, there was no Goblin Academy but the expression on Dumbledore's face at the though of 'his' golden boy parading around proclaiming GAY on his shirt was worth the lie and prevent him objecting to Gringotts. Anything that took the piss out of the chief warlock was manna from heaven to the goblins. The misconception that the goblins hated wizards in general was one the purebloods were happy to cultivate, what the goblins hated was being treated like second class citizens and the fact they'd had to fight a couple of wars to get even that. Treating a goblin with respect would see that respect returned, along with greatly improved service. It was such a shame most wizards never bothered to find this out.

Barchoke was really enjoying himself now. "As he's now considered an outsider competing in the tri-wizard, Lord Potter is entitled to the same conditions as the other two champions. Both are living and training in separate dwellings on Hogwarts grounds, we have taken the liberty of supplying something similar for our champion and his entourage."

Dumbledore was now sweating buckets. Harry had his inheritance, was legally an adult and now a goblin champion, how the hell was he supposed to get him to go back to the Dursleys this summer? This wasn't a set back but a bloody disaster, all those carefully laid out scenarios just got flushed away. He would just have to do this a bit at a time, Albus didn't know his night was only going to get worse.

Barchoke turned to Harry, "Whenever you're ready Lord Potter."

Harry glanced over at the Gryffindor table. "Colin, I assume you've got your camera with you? How would you like to get a picture of the monster that put you in the infirmary?" Colin literally jumped at the chance, he actually was jumping up and down on the spot with excitement. Harry's eyes next sought out Ginny's, the poor girl was white as a sheet but with a determined set to her jaw, "Ginny?"

"Yes Harry, it's time to put it behind me. I need to do this."

Justin had his answer all ready for when Harry looked in his direction, "Oh yes please Potter, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thanks for including me."

They headed out the great hall in the direction of Myrtle's bathroom only to find that what appeared to be the whole school was following on behind. "Em, Harry we may just have a problem here," Hermione whispered.

"Don't worry love, me and Sal got it covered. Keep an eye on Ginny though since she's the only other person who knows what's waiting on us down there. She's really terrified and needs her friends to stick close."

Luna had spent her time at Hogwarts listening and watching, never participating because Loony Lovegood wasn't wanted. She listened as Harry told Hermione that Ginny would need her, watched as she gave his hand a squeeze before moving across to the girl and Luna knew it was time to participate. This couple actually wanted her, Loony Lovegood. She moved over to be with Hermione and offer support to Ginny, the two smiles she received actually made her feel what it was to be wanted for the first time in years.

They reached the toilet with the goblins acting as a buffer between Harry's invited guests and the rest of the school, Ginny was now visibly shaking with both Hermione and Luna having their arms around the girl.

"Ginny you know I'll never let anything happen to you, don't you?"

She managed a weak smile, "Yes Harry I always feel safe when you're around. Congratulations on your betrothal to Hermione, I'm really happy for you both but sorry about my prat of a brother."

Everyone watched in amazement as Harry opened the sink, the Slytherin ring hissed in parseltongue which saw the chute become spotlessly clean, stairs appear along its length and Harry certainly felt the wards that went up.

He led them down but the real fun started after the goblins followed them, Albus attempted to enter the chute but found his way blocked by an invisible barrier, a barrier so strong it supported his weight as if standing on a thick sheet of glass. That he couldn't even detect it, far less dispel it frightened him more than anything else he'd see or heard tonight.

Unsurprisingly the barrier also blocked Severus, perhaps less of a surprise was his reaction to this. "Potter, if you don't get back up here and remove this barrier now then you will have detention with me every day for the next three years." There was absolutely no surprise in the fact that Harry totally ignored Snape's ranting.

The real surprise was when Minerva pushed past the head of Slytherin and found no barrier in her way. Quick as a flash Albus took her arm, hoping that this would gain him entry as well, being flung onto his arse on the other side of the toilet confirmed this method would not work either. Snape's anger was escalating exponentially as he watched the other two heads of house allowed entry as well but when the Weasley twins were granted access, the greasy haired one reached for his wand.

As luck would have it Albus was quicker and grabbed his arm. "Severus, we have still not ascertained what happened to Mr Weasley's hand when he fired that curse. I have yet to meet a one handed potion master so perhaps you should desist from this course of action for the moment. Let us learn from whom the barrier lets through and wait on the party returning, we can then make our claim that Hogwarts should receive at least part of the basilisk without having the unpleasant task of having to harvest the decaying carcass."

Snape had to smile at the old man's guile and control. The headmaster being barred from a part of Hogwarts must really hurt his pride yet he appeared serene, almost as if he planned to be spending Sunday night hanging about in a girls' toilet. While the Slytherin struggled to work out what was wrong with that last statement, Albus never took his eyes off who was being admitted/rejected.

All the Gryffindor forth year, sans Ronald Weasley who was in the infirmary and the Quidditch team were allowed, as was Hufflepuff's Susan Bones and Hannah Abbot. Cedric Diggory was a surprise more for the way his girlfriend was ejected, a la Dumbledore, Miss Chang appeared to be more upset that Mr Diggory chose to go on without her as teenage tears fell. Apart from Miss Lovegood not one Ravenclaw student was granted access but the real surprise was when Miss Davis and Miss Greengrass were allowed to proceed down the stairs. The look of shock on their faces was mirrored by everyone left standing in the toilet, trying to tune out Myrtle's moaning.


They were all gathered in a group waiting as the goblins removed the cave-in. "This is where that fraud Lockhart tried to obliviate us. We went to him because he was the defence professor and the coward was going to leave us all here to die while he played the tragic hero, the git already planning to write it up as his new bestseller."

As the group digested that information Little Professor Flitwick just had to ask. "Mr Potter, what was that ward upstairs and why did it let some people through but not others?"

"This is a founder's chamber that apparently recognises me from before, it's only allowed those through that it found worthy."

Flitwick appeared concerned with that analysis, "That worries me Mr Potter when we have more Slytherins down here than Ravenclaws."

"I have no problem with Slytherin house sir, the sorting hat originally wanted to put me there but I refused to be in the same house as Draco." Harry pointedly looked toward Luna, "I also hate bullies which may explain the absence of your house professor."

Images of the young girl with the strange earrings sitting alone at dinner, in the library and charms class came to mind. He'd just never connected the dots before, Filius had now got the message loud and clear. "Rest assured, I shall investigate."

Tracy had only stepped forward with Daphne for a laugh, no one was more shocked than her that they were allowed through. Yet here she was and now even more shocked, "The sorting hat really wanted to put you in Slytherin?"

Harry smiled and nodded, "When I got on that train I knew practically nothing of magic, never mind houses. I didn't ask for Gryffindor, just not the same house that Malfoy was in. After meeting the arse I didn't want to be classed the same as him."

The goblins had cleared a passage so they moved along to the large door with snakes on it, "This may smell a bit since its been lying here for two years." Harry hissed to open the door and discovered it definitely smelt more than a bit, the three heads of house had their wands out casting air freshening spells as they entered the chamber proper. Torches lit around the walls and the basilisk was revealed, stopping everyone in their tracks.

Hermione desperately wanted to go and throw her arms around Harry but currently she and Luna were the only things holding Ginny up. Harry led the three girls over to where he'd found Ginny and the little redhead sunk to her knees and sobbed. Hermione and Luna were trying to console her as Harry found himself suddenly grabbed by two seriously crying, emotional wrecks of Weasley twins.

"I'm looking at it and still don't bloody believe it!"

"You fought that to save our Ginny?"

"Anything we have is yours."

"You ever need us, we're there."

"You're more of a Weasley than that prat upstairs is."

Both then pulled him into a hug that would rival their mother's before wiping their eyes and going to help their sister. This freed Hermione to fly into his arms, "I know you told me it was big but that's not big, it's bloody gigantic! How the hell did you kill that with a sword?"

Harry held her face gently in his hands, "You should know nothing touches my Hermione and gets away with it." At any other time and place, that would have been considered the cheesiest line in the world. With a giant basilisk as a backdrop, it just worked. He kissed her tenderly on the lips and even McGonagall had tears in her eyes.

Justin and Colin were staring at the monster in disbelief, it was only now beginning to sink in how close they had come to death. Neither had any illusions that they would be able to take that thing on with a machine gun, far less a sword. Colin was so shocked he'd yet to take a picture.

Cedric Diggory thought they should take the tri-wiz trophy and just hand it to Harry right now. This beast was roaming the corridors of the school and all the ministry had done was arrest Hagrid. What made him even angrier is that instead of rewarding Harry and looking after the students who were petrified, the whole thing had been swept under the rug as usual. The rumour mill had Harry defeating you-know-who again in his first year and all he received for his efforts was house points and another cover up, looking at this beast Cedric doubted if the combined efforts of himself and the other two champions could have survived the encounter, never mind defeat the huge basilisk. He had thought Harry's patronus in the great hall was an impressive piece of magic but this! Cedric had a feeling that a certain French Veela would be left to eat her 'little boy' comment before too long.

Barchoke approached Harry and Hermione with awe in his voice, "Lord Potter, I fear we have seriously underestimated the value of this beast. Never before has one this size been discovered, Gringotts would be more than willing to renegotiate your payment."

"Barchoke, we made the deal in good faith and I'm happy with it. If you feel bad about it then donate some new brooms to Hogwarts, Luna here will make sure you get good publicity for it."

The goblin was afraid Lord Potter would think they had deceived him on price and, while a goblin loved making profit, there had to be honour involved. Here was a way for great profit, with trust and honour satisfied on both sides, and good publicity for the goblin nation thrown in. Working with Lord Potter was going to be very different.

Ginny had got herself under control and approached as Barchoke spoke to Harry, Hermione and Luna, the young girl was carrying a certain fang. "Harry, can I have this as a keepsake?" The funny looks she was getting from both girls and the goblin forced her to explain. "Harry pulled this out his arm and stabbed the diary with it, saving my life. He was dying and trying to apologise for not being quick enough before Fawkes cried into his wound."

Hermione just held him tighter, "Typical Harry Potter, thinks of everyone else before himself."

An embarrassed Harry replied, "If it makes you feel better Ginny then by all means take it. I would like you to give it to Barchoke first though so we can be certain all the venom has been removed."

Drawing on reserves of courage she didn't know she possessed, Ginny kissed Harry on the cheek. "I can never thank you enough Harry, all I can do is try to be the best friend I can be."

The flash that illuminated the chamber signified Colin had overcome his initial shock and was now happily snapping away. It took the goblin team the best part of an hour to decide on the most efficient method to harvest this mountain of gold, the minute they started cutting into the basilisk, the exodus back upstairs hurriedly began.

Soon only Harry, Hermione and Luna were left, though as Professor Sprout walked passed them she couldn't resist a comment. "You know of course that the headmaster and professor Snape will be waiting for you leaving here?"

The smile on Hermione's face could only be described as wicked, "You might want to send them some cocoa later, they're both in for a long night with only Myrtle for company."

All three students were certain they saw a smirk on the head of Hufflepuff's face.


Colin had a smile on his face that was wider than the Grand Canyon as he exited the stairs into the bathroom. Dumbledore pounced at once. "Ah Mr Creevey, I would be most interested in a copy of your photographs taken tonight."

Colin's smile never faltered, "I'm sorry headmaster but I have signed a contract giving Harry and the Quibbler exclusive rights to my pictures until the summer. I'm going to have my pictures published!"

"Foolish boy, you're too young to sign a contract," sneered Snape.

"Oh I know that sir, so Professor McGonagall signed it as my head of house. It's not for a lot of money but Harry's already given me a fortune tonight so that didn't matter. I am now the only person allowed to take Harry's picture with only the Quibbler able to print it, I would have paid any amount of money for this opportunity."

Minerva chose that moment to exit into the toilet, "Is there a problem here?"

Albus didn't want her ire directed at him, she would be needed for bringing Potter back to heel. "We were just discussing Mr Creevey's contract and why you felt that I didn't need to be involved in the business negotiations."

"Since the sum involved was one galleon, I felt confident in my abilities to handle the negotiations. For that sum Mr Creevey gets a wonderful opportunity to perhaps turn something he loves into a career. He will receive accreditation in the newspaper for every picture they print and a payment based on sales. Unlike some present here, Mr Potter has proven that his integrity and honesty is beyond reproach so there is little chance of financial exploitation in this case." Minerva's stare was directed at Severus with her last comment. She then left to escort Colin back to the Gryffindor common room, the lad was desperate to develop his film.

Pomona was last to exit and Albus groaned as the sinks moved back into place, "Tell it to open again, if that egotistic arse Potter can manage it then surely you can?" Snape was almost pleading with Dumbledore now at the thought of all those prized potions ingredients slipping away from him.

"Alas Severus, parseltongue can only be spoken by a parselmouth. Its not a language that can be learned like Mermish, rather a special ability that very, very few possess, otherwise you would have hundreds of people talking to snakes. Did they say anything before you left Pomona?"

She really had to bite her lip to control her laugh, "I was advised to bring you both some cocoa later as you were in for a long night."

Pomona allowed her laughter its release as she walked along the corridor, leaving the two men alone in the girl's toilet.

"It is as I feared Severus, they have another method of leaving the chamber. Were you able to ascertain any information from Mr Potter earlier?"

Snape actually appeared embarrassed, "Both Potter and Granger's minds are now totally closed to us, even a few seconds scanning the Lovegood girl leaves you with a blinding headache and no way to discern if the information gained is fact or fiction. Do you think it would be worth asking Fawkes again if he would take us down there?"

Dumbledore shook his head, "He has refused on every occasion, last time he disappeared for nearly three weeks. I'm afraid to continue our vigil here would be fruitless so I suggest we turn in for the night."

Both left and set off in the direction of their respective quarters, Severus wasn't exactly paying attention as he had a few other things on his mind. After walking for ten minutes though, and once again finding himself at the entrance hall, he began to suspect everything was not as it should be. He tried once more to reach his quarters but again found himself unerringly ending up at the entrance hall, deciding to inform Albus of this latest prank of the Weasleys he changed direction to the headmaster's office.

Three times in the next ten minutes saw him standing perplexed in the entrance hall, no matter what route he chose the castle appeared to shepherd him back here. The problem now was exasperated ten fold by the pressing fact that, after spending most of the evening standing in one, Severus Snape was now in dire need of a toilet.

He tried to call for an elf with a chamber pot but even that didn't work, reluctantly he passed through the doors to the outside, looking for a dark place up against a wall.

His welcome relief was short lived though as, when he attempted to re-enter the castle the doors refused to open. The potion's master was denied access for the second time tonight, Severus Snape was left standing in the cold and dark literally without a pot to piss in.


Back in the chamber Hermione had a question she couldn't wait any longer to ask her betrothed. "Harry, who is Sal?"

Harry turned to their blond companion, "Luna I'm really trusting you a lot with this information but it's definitely not for repeating, far less printing."

Luna had never had someone place their trust in her before and was determined to be worthy of it, "I won't let either of you down."

Harry held out his hand that now contained three rings, the lion on Gryffindors appeared to be awakening from sleep while the snake of Slytherin was clearly animated. "This is Sal, I think it's a bit like the marauders putting a piece of their personality into the map but this wasn't done by four students. I've felt them getting stronger since we came back to the castle, it's as if they can talk to Hogwarts herself. Sal here hated Snape instantly and despises Riddle, that's why he was happy to choose me as the heir of Slytherin."

Luna tried to remain calm but it was difficult, "Let me see if I've got this right, you're Lord Potter, head of an Ancient and Noble Family, the Heir of Gryffindor, the Heir of Slytherin and a Tri-Wizard Champion representing the goblins? What the hell do I call you?"

"My friends call me Harry, Luna. Will that be ok for you?"

Luna was so choked she could only nod as Sal began hissing.

"Sal said there is a library of sorts down here, that is if the half-blood bastard hasn't ransacked it. he really doesn't like Riddle."

Luna was trying to get her emotions back under control as they started walking in the direction Harry had indicated but a few things Harry said were confusing her. "Harry aren't you a half-blood and who is this Riddle?"

"Luna, blood purity means nothing to me but it meant everything to Riddle. So much so that he changed his name from that of his hated muggle father to one you might recognise, Voldemort!"

Hermione now had a question, "Does that mean that Salazar was not a blood purist?"

"Oh I think that Sal here is quite the bloodsnob but it's all about standards. Would he like to see Hogwarts attended solely by purebloods – absolutely! Would he brutally torture and kill all those not of pure blood in order to achieve this – never! The thought of trying to kill a one year old baby makes his blood boil and he will help us anyway he can to cleanse the world of that bastard Riddle, his words – not mine. Riddle has corrupted Slytherin house from a place of cunning and ambition to one where lies, cheating and corruption run rife. Take Draco as an example, he could hardly be classed as cunning and while definitely ambitious, he has neither the knowledge nor skill to achieve them, he is totally reliant on the Malfoy name getting him whatever he wants. Sal doesn't consider him a Slytherin and wouldn't have allowed him entry in his day. Sal said the basilisk was a guardian for this chamber, it was ordered never to leave and had been perfectly safe for almost a millennia until Riddle came along."

They found the library after being instructed to tap certain bricks in order, an arch exactly like the one at Diagon Alley opened in the wall and Harry had a hard time holding both girls back until Sal confirmed it was safe. Harry left the two girls in their idea of heaven while he sought Barchoke to arrange the relocation of the books, the goblins eyes again did their Dobby impersonation as he gazed upon a treasure even greater than the basilisk, these volumes were priceless.

They'd spent time earlier today practicing the portkey creation spell, Harry had managed it quite quickly and his founder's heir status allowed him to create portkeys that took all the cases of basilisk parts and most of the goblins to the storage room in Gringotts they had visited today.

They had eight large crates of books, magically packed and shrunk as Barchoke informed Harry that their accommodation module was quite close to Hagrid's hut. He could only make a portkey to somewhere he'd been but he was well acquainted with the area around Hagrid's, they had no sooner appeared before spying what looked like a gigantic vault about a hundred meters ahead of them. Levitating the crates they headed for what was obviously their new home.

The doors swung open to reveal a massive entrance hall, someone had really done a number with the expansion charms on this place but the three teens were way too tired to give their quarters the appreciation they undoubtedly deserved. It was now after midnight and Harry had very little sleep the night before, Hermione not much better and Luna just had the most exhilarating night of her life.

Barchoke smiled as he pointed them in the direction of the bedrooms, the first one they came to had ALL Luna's belongings in it. The young blond had tears in her eyes at the kindness she'd been shown, she repeated Ginny's actions from earlier and kissed Harry on the cheek. "Thank you Harry, you have no idea how much this means to me."

"Actually I do, but that's a story for another time. We'll see you in the morning Luna."

The next room they came to had Crookshanks lying on the bed and bookshelves on two walls so it was a pretty safe bet this was Hermione's. The couple shared their first goodnight kiss before Harry dragged himself off to the next room and just collapsed on top of the bed, in no time at all he was dreaming of his brown eyed betrothed.


Wormtail hated disturbing his master with news, but if he didn't and it proved important then there would be pain, there would be a lot of pain. "Master your agent has sent word, Potter has used being in the tournament to have himself declared an adult and formed an alliance with the goblins."

The fact that this news was met with silence was not a good sign, if his master ranted and raved then he could usually escape serious injury. Silence usually meant he was going to be creative in his punishment, for at least the millionth time Peter asked himself how he could have been stupid enough to become a death eater.

"Why did no one foresee this happening, do I have to think of everything myself? Yet again you have disappointed me Wormtail, Crucio!"


Dan Granger's bedside digital clock displayed five forty eight, whoever was knocking on his door at this time in the morning better have a bloody good reason or there would be hell to pay. Emma heard her husband get up, then voices from the lounge peaked her curiosity, this saw her putting on her house coat and heading downstairs.

Emma had just arrived when her husband let out a roar as his temper exploded before shouting, "I'm going to kill the little bastard and then my daughter is coming straight home!"

Emma immediately recognised Albus Dumbledore from his picture in Hogwarts a History, she also couldn't fail to notice the twinkle in his eyes at Dan's reaction.

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