The Legend of Zelda

Secrets of the Lost Woods


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Many tales exist in the ancient land of Hyrule; a place of forgotten myth and mystery. The Kingdom of Hyrule was known for its great legends and even greater heroes, but few could compell the enormity of the importance of one such tale; the Tale of Time.

Many years ago, during one of Hyrule's many golden ages, the kingdom was a peaceful and prosperous land with many an ally and very secure in the fact that they were a force undefeated by any foe. However, things changed as an evil man came to Hyrule, a man who was the king of a race of thieving women; born and bred in the deserts to the southwest. He was to become the very heart of all evil, and he was given kingship over all evil forevermore by title from the people that came to hate him. His name was Ganondorf, King of the Gerudos.

Ganondorf was a powerful foe, though he used deception to seek his all-timely goals. His desire rested upon an object of legend, the Triforce, a mystical artifact left behind by the Golden Goddesses long ago when Hyrule was first created. Ganondorf had heard of the legend of the Triforce, learning that if someone was to touch the golden object, that someone would be able to have any wish he desired granted to him. Ganondorf greatly sought this power, and began sending his minions to get it any way he could, using his dark arts to create creatures that he used to obtain the artifacts that were used to open the gates to the Triforce's domain. Using these three mighty artifacts, called the Spiritual Stones, Ganondorf would have access beyond the Door of Time, a mystical portal that led straight to a gateway into the Sacred Realm, which was a place that acted as a paradise realm of Hyrule.

The King of Evil, however, did not expect resistance to come in the form of two young children from different worlds. One was a small boy of the forest, who was believed to be born of the Kokiri race and was given the title, the boy without a fairy. The other was a princess of Hyrule, one of the greatest born of her line, gifted from birth with the powers of magic stored in her soul and with psychic capabilities that granted her visions of the future.

These two children plotted to take the Triforce away from the King of Evil, the boy acting as an adventurer while the girl acting as the fountain of knowledge that provided guidance for the young boy in green. Taking his newfound fairy friend as well as a sword, shield, and tunic of his people, the boy in green began a quest to save Hyrule, fighting evils and retrieving the Spiritual Stones from Ganondorf's forces. Fighting against countless odds, losing blood and innocence along the way, the boy soon became victorious, taking his prizes heroicly to the land of the Princess's birth; Hyrule Castle.

However, his goals were in vain, for the King of Evil had managed to gain control of the kingdom, driving the princess out in an attempt to retrieve yet another piece of his puzzle. Though Ganondorf had lost a small battle, his war was far from over, and vowed to capture the princess and find the artifact in her possession.

The boy in green found this item, the Ocarina of Time, the legendary instrument used to enter the Door of Time. The boy in green, under the guidance of the princess through a telepathic message, used the Ocarina as well as the Spiritual Stones to open the Door of Time himself in an attempt to enter the portal to the Sacred Realm. Finding a sword, the boy was compelled to pick it up, only to be suddenly frozen in space and time by the sword's magic. Ganondorf, meanwhile having followed the boy, strode into the gate on his own, stealing the Triforce of Power and gaining dominion over both Hyrule and the Sacred Realm. In a reflection of his power, the land was called the Dark Realm due to the taint his power caused to the land.

Seven years later, the sword released Link from his bond. The boy looked down to find that he had become a man, transformed into a mighty hero due to the power of the legendary Master Sword. The Sage of Light, Rauru, told the boy in green that he had become the Hero of Time, and was given the task to give Hyrule aid in its time of need. Given the task to find the five other Sages, the Hero of Time took the task none too lightly, willing to face impecable odds for the safety of his people.

The Hero of Time, given aid by his fairy guardian as well as the last of the Sheikah race, quickly managed to defeat the forces of evil that Ganondorf used to stop the creation of the new sages. Using his powers, the Hero of Time succeeded in defeating the monsters that Ganondorf used to guard the five temples of power, succeeding in freeing the five Sages: The Sage of the Forest, the Sage of Fire, the Sage of Water, the Sage of Shadow, and the Sage of Spirit. As the Hero of Time returned to the Temple of Time to finish the job, the last Sheikah revealed herself to be the princess, having hidden herself from the world and chose to reveal her final secret to the Hero of Time. Before she could, however, Ganondorf used his magic and sealed her away, commenting to the Hero that he had once again helped him succeed in his goals, warning him to run off and to never return.

The Hero of Time did not comply, instead facing Ganondorf in his mighty tower. Using the power of the six Spirit Sages, The Hero of Time made a bridge into the castle and used their powers to give him access to the tower above. Soon, the Hero of Time finally found Ganondorf, and Ganondorf revealed the final secret to the boy in green. The Hero learned that when the Triforce was touched by his hand, it broke into three pieces; one, the Triforce of Power, became his while the other two dissapeared. Ganondorf learned that the Triforce of Wisdom was located in the possession of the princess, while the Triforce of Courage was infused into none other than the Hero of Time!

With the knowledge in mind, the Hero of Time fought Ganondorf to the death. In the battle, the Hero used one of his most powerful weapons, the Arrows of Light, to attack the King of Evil and destroy his power. In the battle, Ganondorf was brutally wounded, and lay to die, while the Hero of Time quickly saved the princess and escaped Ganondorf's crumbling castle. Facing impeccable odds, they both barely managed to escape, using their combined strengths in both magic and combat to escape the enemies of the castle while it crumbled to the ground.

In the ashes, the princess attempted to confess their situation with the Hero of Time, but was interrupted once more as Ganondorf arose from the ashes. Using the Triforce of Power and his unbreakable will, Ganondorf transformed himself into his true form, a monstrous creature known only as Ganon. The Hero of Time fought the final battle with the monster, facing it one on one and using only his wit, courage, and the Master Sword to defeat it. As Ganon's body broke apart in the final blow, the real Ganondorf was cast into the Sacred Realm, where he was imprisoned for all time by the power of the Six Sages.

None know what happened after that event, save that the Hero of Time dissapeared from then on during the months of reconstruction efforts after Ganon's defeat. However, the Hero of Time returned to his homeland from whatever journey he accomplished, using his will alone to escape the forces of darkness in the gap between dimensions. The Hero of Time soon began a relationship with the heir of Lon Lon Ranch, and soon married and raised a family; all the while anxious and unnerved for the day that Ganondorf's promised return would occur.

Many centuries had passed after Ganondorf's defeat at the hands of the Hero of Time. To ensure that Ganondorf, should he ever return, attempt to return to his lifelong goals, the Hero of Time and the Princess of Destiny would re-incarnate when the Goddesses feel that Hyrule was to be in a time of great need. Ganondorf did indeed rise again and attempt to return to conquer his homeland, but was again defeated by the Hero of Time reborn, sent back into his realm once more. Hyrule believed itself to be a free land once again, and the world seemed to be at peace…

That was before the great rise of man.

The human race was long considered one of the strangest ever seen under Hylian eyes. Though they had the general appearance of Hylians, they had several key differences; heavily muscled, gruff body hair, tall demenors, and round ears. Humans were also easy to argue with and hard to forget things, and were far too different from the Hylian race to be considered an offshoot of Hylians. As a result, the human race kept to themselves, though their nations continued to trade with one another during the years.

During the infamous clan wars that broke apart during its first golden age, a prophet declared in a vision that mankind would become the sole dominant race of Hyrule during the years to come. At this time, the king of Hyrule thought nothing of it, though after the Hylian kingdom was broken up, its resulting provinces becoming little more than "clan" cultures, the Hylians began to fear this prophesy, and a massacre lead to the destruction of almost all of the first "Hylian men." Thousands of years had passed since that time, and mankind had yet to show its face since the second return of Ganondorf. Hylians eventually forgot of mankind, and learned to live in peace once more…

Humans, however, fail to forget such things…

During this time, the human race returned once more on a war-like rampage from the northwest, attacking Hyrule without warning and eventually taking control over a large section of the land. During this time, the Hylians had forgotten of their former alliances and wars with man, and began to fight them with great vigor. However, the humans managed to stand their ground once they gained control of several sections of Hyrule, and over the years the Centuries War had begun.

During this time, skirmishes between Hylians and Humans became common. They both became bitter rivals in this war, though no side could gain a better foothold than the other. However, times changed towards the end of the war, when things were finally looking up for the Hylians, that the humans revealed the true power behind their throne.

Ganondorf had returned…

The King of Evil, using his great power, had succeeded in breaking free of the Sages' hold. However, he became weak, realizing that he had transported himself in a land far from his own. Discovering the humans, he used their knowledge and hatred of Hylians as a means to get what he solely wanted; domination of Hyrule. Gaining their allegiance, they began a brutal campaign that lasted for years, tearing the countryside and causing the beloved land of Hyrule to become more and more like its sister land, the Dark World.

At this time, the lesser races; those that were more vulnerable and who could not choose sides out of fear of eradication, went into hiding. The Gorons pushed themeselves deep into Death Mountain, sealing themselves within the area known as the Fire Temple and leaving their ancient city to gather dust and slowly become nothing more than a memory. The Zoras too moved to their ancestral homeland of Lake Hylia, though great earthquakes caused a cataclysm to split the land, seperating Lake Hylia from the rest of the world save for waterfalls that fell from its reaches.

The area that was known as the Lost Woods, however, received the most change. Both Hylians and Humans fervently believed in the curse of Stalfos upon the land, though due to the power of war the curse had doubled, causing the land surrounding the forest to cause ordinary Hylians and Humans to become Stalfos. The forest shut itself away from the world, growing larger and more sinister, and the Kokiri, the legendary race said to have been like brother and sister to the first Hero of Time, had all but vanished from the eyes of Hylian and Man.

As Ganondorf commanded the final years of the war, he succeeded in taking control of all of Hyrule. With his iron fist, he used his new armies to destroy the entire race that had made him prisoner at least a thousand years ago; the Hylians. With the Gerudo once again at his side and the reclusive Sheikah having dissapeared and shored themselves up within the once abandoned village of Kakariko, Ganondorf had become unstoppable. None opposed him as his armies massacred thousands of Hylians in their wake, leaving no woman or man, adult or child, untouched by his power.

And neither the Princess of Destiny nor the Hero of Time came to save the land.

As Ganondorf ruled his new kingdom with an iron fist, he realized that he could not completely rule without the Triforce to be complete and his to possess. Ganondorf knew that if he was to ever complete his everlasting goal, he would need all three pieces of the Triforce together as one. He had, long ago, dealt with the re-incarnation of the Princess of Destiny by sealing her in an everlasting sleep providing easy access to the Triforce of Wisdom, but it still wasn't enough. Only one piece, one piece too many, was left before Ganondorf could have the whole Triforce under his control...the Triforce of Courage. However, the Hero of Time was never reincarnated, and the line of the Hero had been broken long ago, leaving Ganondorf to forever continue his quest to finding a Hylian with the Triforce of Courage.

This story follows a young boy almost 15 years of age. A victim of the final years of the war, the boy had come to live the life of a hermit, tending to himself and to his animals in the home of his ancestors. Hylian refugees come and go from this place, seeking food and temporary shelter, before evacuating to ensure that they would not be caught by any wandering forces of human soldiers. The boy's only true friend was his horse, a marvelous creature who he raised as a foal.

As we begin our story, we see the final years of the war before its end, where a young boy watches his father prepare for the fight of their lives…

Kerian: This story is a 1,000 year old sequel to my story, Legacy of the Sages. There will be some references to that story, as well as references to Ocarina of Time (the story that Legacy of the Sages takes after). For those of you who wish to know ahead of time, this is a rather dark story, and there will be some questionable scenes as the story goes on (especially in the beginning). For the best experience, viewer discretion is advised. This goes into effect for the entire story. Thank you...

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Well, for a prologue this isn't half bad, so I hope you enjoy the first chapter. Also, for those of you interested in more stories, check out my first (and currently best) Legend of Zelda fanfic to read more; Legacy of the Sages (seeing as this is, technically, a sequel by a 1,000 year standard, you'll probably have to check it out for some of the events to make sense).

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