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"This show is as boring as Hell," Kevin Levin complained, lounging on his girlfriend's living room couch. It was her turn to pick how they were spending their date night, and for some reason unknown to Kevin she decided that they were watching Little House on the Prairie reruns.

"If you don't like it, you can leave," Gwen replied simply, not even bothering to take her eyes off of the screen . "I'll probably be able to hear this better if you're not here anyway."

"Oh, you say that now," the boy groaned, sitting up to get a better look at the red-head, "but as soon as I leave, you'll be cussing me out because I abandoned you or some bull-shit."

"Well, it looks like you're screwed then, so sit back and shut up."

Gwen grabbed the remote and turned up the volume, and her boyfriend obeyed her without so much as an eye roll. Over the few months of their relationship he had learned not to argue with her, at least not over the dumb things anyway. In the end it was never really worth it.

A few minutes passed in which Gwen was sighing contently and Kevin was as confused as Hell. He had never understood this dumb show, not that he had ever spent an extended amount of time watching it. He just remembered it being one of his mom's favorites, and that's what he was confused about. What was it with it women and Little House?

"Why do you like this?" he asked, unable to keep silent any longer.

Gwen looked at him as if he was stupid, which was something he was used to sadly. "This show is amazing, Kevin. Why wouldn't I like it?"

"It's just so….old."

"So. It may be old but it has a really great story line and the romances are adorable. Besides it's one of the only shows I know that actually has morals."

"Morals are over-rated."

"So is my attraction to you."

Damn. He needed to shut up now before he got himself in trouble, so instead he directed his attentions elsewhere: to the remote on the other side of his girlfriend to be exact.

If he could only get a hold of the controller, then he could be rid of the dumb show. The TV in Gwen's living room was old and the power button was messed up. The remote was the only way to turn the thing on and off. All he had to do was get the remote and run, then he'd be free.

The only problem was getting passed Gwen.

Kevin knew that she'd be expecting him to try and get the thing; he did anytime they were watching something he didn't like. Unfortunately she never let him touch the remote. It was like she was always one step ahead of him, but not this time.

This time he had a plan, an actual, thought-out plan.

"Hey, Gwen?" Kevin asked in a very sweet and charming way.

"What do you want, Levin? she replied, not buying it for a second.

"Can I have a kiss?"

All the red-head did was raise an eyebrow.

"I'm serious!" Kevin exclaimed. "I want a kiss."

"Fine but make it quick."

The incident happened in the course of three to five seconds. Kevin leaned in and Gwen closed her eyes, then, while kissing his girl, the raven head snatched the remote and took off in the opposite direction, laughing like an idiot as he did so. He turned off the TV and bolted out of the house.

No one's really quite sure of what happened after that. All that's known is that Kevin went to school the next day with a broken wrist and a black eye.

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