Okay, so, I was walking down the street one day and ran into Bella Swan. She asked if I would take her place for a little while, while she took a vacation from Twilight life. So, here's me being her, but soon she'll want Edward back. It'll be one heck of a tug-of-war match.

Haha, jk jk. Here's the prologue I've promised. I'm not entirely sure when the first chapter will actually be up...sooner or later! Anywhooo, enjoy it!

Oh, yeah, I don't own anything...New Moon!

Synopsis: A Twilight Fangirl's continued adventures now that time has moved her into New Moon...Checklist: Avoid birthday parties, Jasper, and, most importantly, Jacob Black. With a friend who's still adjusting to vampire powers, what will Sarah do if Edward leaves? Lie around and mope? I think not! If you thought Bella was reckless, you ain't seen nothing yet!


Running through this maze of a city was a joke. I mean, seriously, did the Volturi have to pick such a crappy location? The only clue that I had to get to my destination was by following this massive crowd that were supposedly heading towards the Pallazo dei Priori. Maybe the Volturi were celebrating National Twilight Day. Or National 'Scare the crap out of Edward so Sarah has to go save him' Day. Either way I'm not having such a great time.

Alice told me to get a move on through the city, nab Edward, and then run in another direction to get as far away from here as vampire-ly possible. Do not, she repeated for effect, do not go anywhere near the Volturi's lair. Despite what the book said, we may not make it out alive because of everything I know. Well, technically everyone but me would already be dead.

I can almost hear Edward's disapproval ringing in my ears. This is no time to be making jokes, Sarah. That reminds me of another thing. No sarcasm if we do end up facing the Volturi. None at all. Well, there goes all my fun for the day. I would be telling Marcus to go buy a sunflower to lighten up his day, or Caius to pull the stick out of wherever he stuck it, and especially especially I would be telling Aro to stop being so damn happy all the time! I mean, really! He makes Jake look emo…but then again, he isn't going to be all that peppy once I get back. If I get back.