*disclaimer* well, this is officially the last chapter. I'm pushing the 'complete' button after this...now i'm sad! I loved working on New Moon, but now Eclipse is getting my undivided attention...and it's going to be a mess! most of the characters know and read the book (except for certain parts that bella didn't want them to read...you can probably guess which ones they are) and everything is just not working out for poor Bella.

but, she'll get through it!


These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,
Which, as they kiss, consume.

"Her voice is so annoying."

"We know, Alice."

"I mean, she just sounds so lifeless. But, I've seen her in interviews. She's not that dead when she's talking to reporters!"

"We know, Alice."

"And this whole thing with her dating Robert Pattinson is total bull! She should just come out and tell everyone she's doing him, not dating him and carrying his baby."

"We know, Alice."

"And her fashion sense! I mean, look at that green shirt. Totally manly…and for another thing, her other clothes in the movie—"

"NO! Not that!" We'd never be able to watch the movie in peace if she started talking about Kristen Stewart's lack of fashion taste. Alice had very strong opinions about that. "Shut up, the movie is starting."

"Bella, you've already seen this movie at least twice." Alice had to remind me. But both of those times shouldn't count. I barely made it through it the first time I watched it because I was still in the crying mode of our breakup. The second time was during the plane ride to Italy and I couldn't watch it because I was so nervous.

I couldn't think of anything else to come back at her with that wouldn't make sitting with Edward more awkward than it already was. So, I just said, "So have you, but they haven't." The rest of the Cullens were all sitting around their huge television in the living room just like we did when we watched Twilight. Everything was exactly the same, except Edward and I were really uncomfortable sitting next to one another since we both knew what was going to happen and we really didn't want to relive it, but we were both going to sit through it so we could have family bounding time.

I wanted to sit next to any but Edward, but my family wanted me to sit next to him because they all wanted to sit next to their significant others. So, I was forced to sit next to Edward and be quiet about it.

I am a damn good person.

It was almost nauseating to watch all the happy couples sit together, holding hands, snuggling, and, in Ava and Angel's case, making out. Okay, fine, it was completely nauseating. And I just knew that if I even looked at Edward, I would probably pounce on him then and there. Not that we'd do anything because Edward is a gentleman, but I would still do it. There's been a strange tension between us lately, and it might be because we've been so close to one another, as in he's back living in town, but we haven't so much as shaken hands since we got back from Italy. It's making every single muscle in my body go crazy. They're all used to having Edward around, and I think they're going to eventually rebel against my brain one of these days.

Like I said, I am a damn good person for sitting here next to the boy that I really just want to pounce on, and watch the movie about the most painful months of my life.

And about the best kisses that I've ever received. Oh, just watching them kiss in the parking lot like that on her birthday makes me want to…

"Bella, honey, are you okay?" Esme looked painfully worried about me. She's made it her obsession to check in on me lately to make sure that I wasn't too broken up about Edward and my break up.

Actually the entire Cullen family, except Edward, has been really worried about me. I think I've been asked if I was okay about ten thousand times. By each person. Even Rosalie worries about me, which scared me a lot the first time. "I'm fine, Esme. I hate this movie, but I'm fine." Thank the good Stephanie Meyer for not letting Edward be able to read Bella's mind.

Esme, on the other hand, might be the best mind-reader in the world. "Alright, dear, just tell us if you need anything. Even if you need to leave, that's okay with all of us. We all know how much this movie is based on reality so if there is any need for you to go, just say so."

"Mom, she's fine." Edward snapped. Obviously, this movie is taking its toll on Edward too. And we haven't even made it to the birthday scene yet. Oh, God, we're screwed.

"Edward, you should recite Shakespeare more often." Ava said, winking at him. Oh, boy we do not need to remember the day that she made Edward make out with me in Mr. Berty's class. That was just…wrong.

I really shouldn't be watching this. I'm going to hyperventilate if I keep watching. I doubt I can stand the part with the Volturi since just the picture of them is pissing me off. We don't make spectacles of ourselves, or kill conspicuously, unless you want to die. I think I might have ripped some holes in their couch from my nails digging into it. I hate Aro! I hate him! I didn't realize I was breathing so hard until Edward's hand slid on top of mine. "Bella, you're okay. Aro isn't here, you're safe."

I let him keep his hand where it was. It was really calming me down, at least until I thought of Aro again. "Yeah, but he isn't." Luckily, my little freak out completely blocked out my hearing of the sweet moment between Edward and Bella right before Alice comes to take her to the party.

"Hey, I talked! 'Dating an older woman? Hot…' I rock." Emmett! "Rose, you look smokin' in this movie." Emmett realized he made a mistake a little too late, but he still tried to salvage something out of it. "I mean, look at that girl! She's gorgeous, but you're ten times that! Which is what I meant…"

"Emmett, you're an idiot." Ava was laughing her head off at Emmett's idiocy. "You're such a moron." Oh, God they're going to fight again like they did when we watched Twilight. Well, at least we'll be entertained.

Shockingly, Emmett agreed. "Yeah, I sort of am…sorry, Rose." And here's the part where Emmett and Rosalie fly out of the room to do unspeakably gross things to one another. Oh, why couldn't I be doing that with Edward? Why am I such an idiot?

Just focus on the movie, Bella. Don't pay attention to Rosalie and Emmett making out. The bad part is coming up, anyway, so watch it!

Here comes the paper cut. Okay, so maybe I won't watch that…I'll just close my eyes.

I heard Alice snort. "Ha, paper cut. More like catsup on her finger. Jazz, it's in the past. Don't worry about it. Bella's over it, I promise." My eyes snapped open immediately. Jasper never really apologized for everything that happened, but I didn't really expect him to. I mean, it wasn't his fault that he's still not completely immune to the smell of blood. And I commend him for the choice he made in not letting Ava help him because he wanted to learn control on his own.

Jasper's eyes were on me, which made me a little uncomfortable. We'd never really talked before, but I would like to get to know him a little better if he were comfortable with that. "Truly, Bella? I never have quite expressed my humblest apologies for that…incident."

I smiled at him. Maybe if he could sense that I'm not angry at him, he would feel better. "Don't worry, Jasper. I blame myself for it, not you. And, if it makes you feel better, I forgive you. Maybe you'd like to practice your control by hanging out sometime?" I felt Edward tense next to me. "With the proper supervision, of course."

Jasper smiled back at me. "I'd like that." His accent is so cute! He's next in line to read the parts of the book that I've allowed them to read after Carlisle. I'm sure he'll be happy to know how much of a help he is in teaching everyone to fight the newborns.

"Hey, look! There you are Carlisle." Esme is always so happy when she and Carlisle are on the screen.

"I still think that they chose an excellent actor for me." We know, Carlisle. We all sort of sat in silence until the part which no one was looking forward to. So, come take a walk with me. Okay, maybe if I just don't say anything, I'll be okay. And if I close my eyes and plug my ears, I'll be just fine. Now if could just quit thinking about the real day it happened, I wouldn't have to pretend I was okay.

We have to leave Forks, Bella. I could tell everyone had their eyes on me, but I didn't dare take my eyes off the screen. I couldn't close my eyes, or look away from the movie. Carlisle's supposed to be ten years older than he looks and people are starting to notice.

Okay, I've gotta think of something to say to Charlie. Oh, God, the music. I just want to go curl up and cry. And the Edward in the movie looked and sounded just like my Edward, I couldn't stop from reliving every single moment of the day he left. Sarah, you are not included in my family.

Sarah, I don't want you to come.

Sarah, that's exactly why I have to leave. I'm tired of pretending to be something I'm not. I'm not human. And I realized that you need to stop pretending too. You need to stop living in a fantasy world, Sarah.

I don't love you anymore. I don't really believe that I ever did.

I would never want you.

I'm not supposed to want you.

"Excuse me, I just need a minute." I can't. I thought I could, but I can't. At least I got outside before I started crying. I didn't know how far I ran, but eventually I just collapsed on the ground and sobbed.

It'll be like I never existed.

I didn't even care if they could hear me crying or not, I just kept going until I felt someone wrap their arms around me. I didn't look to see who it was because all I needed was someone to lean against and cry on. Why did I even agree to watch that stupid movie anyway?

"Because you wanted to prove you were brave." Whoa, I didn't know I said that out loud. Nor did I realize that I was followed. By Edward.

Which, of course, just made me want to cry harder. "Does this mean that I'm not, then? I don't think brave people generally cry into other people's shoulders over a stupid movie!"

His voice my slightly muffled since I had my head pressed against his chest so tightly. "Bella, you and I both know it wasn't the movie you were thinking of."

I sniffled, and finally moved out of the fetal position. It's a killer when you're on the ground. "This is true, but still! I must sound like an idiot to everyone in there! I'm out here blubbering like a freaking baby!"

Edward smiled reassuringly. "No one could ever think you weren't the strongest, bravest, and loudest person in the entire world. Except Ava, but all she can think of is someone named Renesmee whenever I get a slight hint of her thoughts. Her control is definitely slipping. One day Emmett might be able to tease her freely without fear of acting like a two-year-old for the rest of the day."

Wow, he and I are laughing together and I don't feel like I should be kissing him. Well, at least I didn't until I thought that. "I know what you're doing. You're trying to change the subject so I'll go back inside. But, I have to make a deal with you."

"Okay…" We both have trust issues! That's why we're not together, Bella! Remember?

"If either of us gets flustered by something in that God forsaken movie, we'll both go outside and…scream if we need to. Sound good?" I know he'll need the same sort of escape like I just did when Jacob and Bella almost kiss in the movie, despite that not happening in my house before I left. Sure, I hugged Jacob until my arms hurt, but there was no almost kissing involved at all!

Edward shook my outstretched hand, and then helped me up. I didn't realize I had sprinted so far away from the house. It took us a few minutes to get back at my slow human pace. "You know, maybe we should have a code word just so we know when one of us needs to get out." Edward suddenly suggested. Man, why couldn't I read his mind now?

"Okay, like what?"

Apparently I was supposed to come up with this secret code word because Edward looked totally baffled when I asked him what it should be. "Umm…vampire?"

I know I've called him uncreative before, but this takes the cake. "Vampire? Seriously? Can you even imagine if one of us randomly screams 'vampire' in the middle of the movie? Everyone would jump up and run outside, thinking Victoria was watching us in the window! No, I do not think 'vampire' is going to work." Crap, I find that I have no creativity in me either. "What if one of us sneezes?"

Edward stared at me for a moment before bursting out laughing. It scared me for a second because, well, I've never really seen him laugh like that. I've never really seen anyone laugh like that. It was full, from the gut laughing, mixed in with rolling on the floor laughing, and with a pinch of hysterical laughter. "SNEEZES? YOU THOUGHT MY IDEA WAS BAD AND YOU SUGGEST SNEEZING?"

Okay, seriously he's a five-year-old. I just crossed my arms until he was done. "Fine. Suggest to me something better or laugh it out until the movie is over. You are so immature and you're the one who's over one hundred years old!"

His laughter slowly decreased, but I still was angry with him. The big immature jerk! He's turning into Emmett! "Alright, fine. When one of us is upset about something in the movie, we'll sneeze and say we need some fresh air. Even though vampires don't sneeze."

I won't crack a smile. I won't crack a smile! Fine, I cracked a tiny smile, but I quickly glared at him again when he looked triumphant. "Oh, shut up! Now, get up, we're missing the movie."

We could hear the TV as we walked towards the back door.

Bella, where the hell have you been, loca!

Whoa, we missed quite a bit. Well, maybe it's for the best that Edward not know about my not-that-wild night in Port Angeles.

"Ah-choo!" It took me a minute to realize that Edward had just done his impression of sneezing, but when I did, I whirled around to whack him.

"Really, Edward? We aren't even in the house yet!"

He had a look of complete innocence on his face. "Bella, we agreed that if either of us was uncomfortable…"

"Edward, if you're uncomfortable every single time Jacob is on the screen, we won't watch anything!"

"That's not true. Alice told me he's not even mentioned when we go to Italy."

Alright, that's it. "Edward, get your old butt in that house right now, or I swear you will rue the very day that you walked into Biology and sat down next to me!"

Oh, my God, why aren't we together? I have the worst idea in my head that if we were, he would have thrown me against the wall to make out. Oh, dirty mind, Bella! Dirty mind! "Yes, ma'am." Edward finally said and moved inside. I need to work on my control or one of these days, I will completely go mad.

Oh, hey, be careful. Those things are actually really heavy, so…Jake, you're, like, buff. How did that happen? You're, like, 16. I don't get it.

Everyone was riveted by Jacob on the screen when we finally sat back down. Apparently, Taylor Lautner is even appealing to married vampire women. What is this world coming to? No one said a word until the part when Taylor rips his shirt off for the first time.

A collective sigh came from Esme, Rosalie, Alice, and Ava. "Those abs…"

"So chiseled…"

"They're perfect…"

"Emmett, why don't you work out more?"

And that was how one comment caused all of the Cullen men to rip their shirts off and compare themselves to Taylor Lautner. All five of us girls just sat and became the judge and jury to all of our shirtless men standing next to the television.

"Never mind, Emmett, you're absolutely perfect." Rosalie purred to Emmett. This is so not going to happen while we're watching New Moon!

"Jasper, you're more perfect." Oh, God, here goes Alice.

"Carlisle, I love you just the way you are." Esme! Stop this! All this sexual tension is driving me up the wall.

And now it's Ava and Angel's turn. "Oh, Angel…" I can't take this!

"STOP! I am pushing play and we are watching the rest of this movie without anymore speak of abdomen muscles until it is over! I don't care what you do in your free time, but I can't handle this stuff right now! So, please, if you value what is left of my sanity, you will all put your shirts back on. Now."

Okay, I'm just going to stare pointedly at the screen, and maybe I can ignore the grumblings of all the couples around me. I really wish that I was watching the movie that Bella, Jacob, and Mike are watching instead of this. We got through the movie theater part and now we are moving onto the scene with a shirtless, wet Jacob. Now that I think about it, Jacob did look rather nice when he was wet and we were arguing in the woods when he tried to kidnap me. I wonder why I didn't notice this before. Oh, yeah, because I was lividly angry at him for trying to kidnap me!

"Bella, we should totally check to see who looks better wet and shirtless." Ava tried to make me calm down from my latest freak out. And, truth be told, it would be quite interesting to see who looked better wet and shirtless, although my money would be on Edward. No one could beat him in a hotness test.

Edward suddenly growled at the screen, which brought me out of my random thoughts. "What? What is it? Oh, Laurent…well, he's back with the Denalis in Alaska. Ava took care of him quite nicely. Isn't that right, Ava?" If she could read my mind, she would have heard me screaming say yes, say yes, say yes!

"Of course I took care of him. I'm awesome, remember?"

Edward glared at her, but at least he stopped growling. "Fine, you took care of him…but did you make sure that he didn't tell anything to Victoria?"

Great, now Ava was growling. They're drowning out the horrendous dialogue, but sadly I can still see Kristen's face. "Duh! I'm not stupid, Edward, despite the fact that I've only been a vampire for a little less than a year. He's not going to be able to come within a few feet of her if he even comes close to wherever Victoria is."

Their bickering went on for another few minutes. For me, anyway, they drowned out the part where Jacob was in Bella's room. I didn't hear a thing until Bella slapped Paul in the movie. For a brief moment, Edward looked like his eyes were going to bug out of his head. "You. Slapped. A. Werewolf?"

"Yes, but I lived." I smiled until my cheeks started throbbing. Positive attitude equal positive results, right?

Wrong. "Bella, do you realize how utterly reckless that was? You could have been decapitated or worse, killed!" Edward is having a break down.

"Do you realize how utterly dead I would be if I were decapitated?" Well, it's true. I would be dead if I were decapitated. Even Edward should realize this when he's freaking out. "Jacob's back! Werewolf, ha, that was fun when he found out that I knew he was a werewolf!" Okay, everyone thinks I'm crazy. "Well, it was…" Crap it, Edward's still mad. I need to distract him somehow. "Hey, look! I'm jumping off a cliff."

Well…he isn't very mad at me anymore. He just didn't take his eyes off of me during that whole minute of that scene. Don't do this.

You wanted me to be human, watch me.

Please, for me.

You won't stay with me any other way!

Bella, please.

"Ah-choo!" It wasn't me, I swear. But, just like I agreed, I jumped out of my seat and was back outside in a second.

"What is it? What's wrong?"

Edward has that pained look again. I hate it when he has that. It always means there's something deep and heartfelt he wants to tell me. "Is that what was going on? You were trying to see me before you jumped?"

Oh, that's what he wanted! "I wasn't going to jump. I was just testing my new balance skills, which were obviously good enough that I didn't fall until I was pushed by the ensuing battle between you and my best friend in wolf form!"

He snorted. "You don't have any balance skills. What were you really doing, Bella? The truth?" I hate those golden puppy dog eyes. They're so irresistible, which makes it impossible to lie. Grr, he should be in the FBI or something and do interrogations. He'd be the best one!

"Okay, fine, I was trying to make Hallucination Edward pop up, but I wasn't trying to kill myself. Or jump. I was just going to walk on the edge and wait until the hallucination of you came around. He was much nicer to me than the real you, by the way! He never interrogated me because of my motives for being on the side of a cliff."

"Well, Hallucination Bella was much nicer to me as well. She didn't insist upon being friends when she kept pushing me to come back to Forks."

If there would have been a studio audience watching us, we would have heard a huge gasp mixed in with a few 'boo's. At least, that's what I heard in my head. "Well, maybe she should have! She wouldn't want to date a bitter jerk like you! Because I know I certainly don't!"

Another loud gasp and more 'boo's. "Well, Hallucination Me wouldn't want to date a rude loud-mouth like you! Because I know I certainly do not!"

Okay, I know I should have learned my lesson by now, but I really couldn't help it. Not after that. So, just like before, I slapped a very strong mythical creature that very well could kill me if I made him too angry. But, it made me feel just a little better, except I can't believe my Edward would ever say such a thing like that! A rude, loud-mouth? Me? Okay, maybe it is true, but he still shouldn't have said that.

I think he realized what he said finally after my slap, but I didn't hang around for him to try to apologize. I slammed back in the room without so much as saying a word because if I had, I probably would have burst out crying.

So, instead, I calmly watched the movie and ignored the fact that Edward came back inside as well.

I'll tell you all the time how special you are.

Hmm, Jacob's looking mighty fine in this movie. He hasn't returned any of my phone calls lately. I'm really starting to miss him. You know, I just noticed, all the guys in my life, including my father figures, have this overwhelming need to protect me. All of them! It's too much!

"Look, I'm back!" Alice tried to perk everyone back up, but no one else really wanted to say anything. They'd heard Edward and I squabble outside, and I guess the tension was getting to them a little too much.

I, on the other hand, am going to sound happy if my life depends on it. "You have great fashion taste in this movie. They really represented you well. And they made you funny! I love that line when you're like I'll be back as soon as you put the dog out. It's one of my favorites." Alice could tell that I wasn't happy, though. She smiled at me, but there was pity there. To her, it seemed like Edward and I just weren't meant to be happy. At least we can't seem to make one another happy.

"Ah-choo." Edward muttered just as Jacob and Bella almost got some lip action. "Ah-choo!" He said again when the movie switched to Edward in Rio breaking his phone. "Ah-choo!" Once more when Alice came in the room to say that Edward thought Bella killed herself and he was going to Italy.

I stayed where I was this time.

He can relive this scene right here for all I care. I'm going to, so he should too. I even kept my face completely emotionless when the Volturi were speaking to Edward.

"Ah-choo!" Edward tried again during that particular part.

Alice shot him a look. Yay, she's on my side. "Edward, have you suddenly acquired allergies after one hundred years?" He stopped doing it then. Apparently he hadn't figured out before that I was actually very upset about our little spat. Sure, I might have yelled at him, too, but he should know that the woman is always right when having an argument.

Let me just say this now: Edward's abs are vastly superior to anything they can ever put on a screen. Robert Pattinson might look like him face wise, but not in the abs. The real, butthead, Edward's are even better than Taylor Lautner's. At least, in my opinion, they are.

Because it doesn't make sense for you to love me. I'm nothing, human, nothing.

Bella, you're everything to me. Everything.

God, can you say 'awkward'? And that kiss! Sure, the kisses that Edward and I shared in Volterra were much steamier and passionate than that, but it still reminded me of all of them. At least that kiss was a quick one. I didn't have to think about kissing Edward for too long before I was back to being angry at him.

Since I've given up on the idea of an escape plan with Edward, I'm going to have to sit through the Volturi scene without screaming at the screen. That's okay, I can do this. Well, maybe I could if Aro hadn't made himself look freaking identical to Michael Sheen in the movie! It's like Aro is sitting right here in the room!

Interesting, I see nothing.

"Because there really is nothing in that girl." Ava joked. I threw her a grateful smile before having to watch Jane torture Edward…again. There goes my heart rate. It's okay! It's not real! Jane will get what's coming to her eventually. I'll be sure of that.

"I can't believe the Volturi would really treat you three this way. Surely, there must be some dramatization here?" Carlisle looked at me pleadingly.

I couldn't answer, I could just shake my head. Alice looked sorry to have to hurt Carlisle like this with the truth. "I'm sorry, Carlisle. It was actually worse than this."

You would give up your life for someone like us? A soulless monster…

Carlisle took it in stride. "I suppose my friends in Italy have changed over the years."

I still can't get the screams out of my mind that I heard outside the Volturi's main room. "All those people…"

"We couldn't have done anything about it. They would just bring in more after we left." Edward tried to take my hand, but I crossed my arms. He was helpful, but I'm still not happy with him.

He's not going to forgive me easily. Can you? I hope you can, because I honestly don't know how to live without you.

That is what should have happened. I should have just instantly forgiven Edward and worked through the consequences later. I should have! I still love him! I'm mad at him now, but I'll be over it by the end of the night. He was right, anyway. I'm pretty rude to a lot of people, and I'm a loud-mouth.

That's what I'll do. I can forgive him as soon as the movie is over and we can get back together. I threw a sideways glance at Edward, and he was watching Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kissing with rapt attention. I'm guessing he's imagining what would have happened if I hadn't pulled the 'friend' card on him.

Emmett started laughing extremely loud when Bella told Edward to shut up in the movie. "Damn, is that why the two of you broke up? Bella just owned him!"

"Emmett, shut up." Angel cracked a smile at him.

I vote yes. It would be nice to not want to kill you all the time.

I started cracking up when Jasper looked confusedly at his character's vote. I can only imagine why. "Alice? Didn't you tell me to say that when I voted for Bella?"

"Shut up, Jasper." Alice sang. The power of 'shut up' is growing very quickly.

I vote 'hell, yeah'! And we can pick a fight with these Volturi some other way.

Emmett whooped and jumped up, ready to fight. "Hell, yeah! You know I'm right behind you, Bella, anytime you wanna take them on."

"Damn straight, Emmett. You and me could beat 'em all down." I think Emmett is the mood changing Cullen, not Jasper. Emmett always automatically makes me feel happy.

Angel stood up and gave Emmett a fist bump. They so wish they were on Jersey Shore. "I'm in too. They won't see what comin' for 'em."

"There will be no Volturi fighting without me present." Ava pulled her husband back on the couch beside her. "I'm not taking any chances on one of you bozos from hurting yourselves."

"Whatever, Av's. I could take you down anytime I wanted to. You're almost a year old now…it'll be a fair fight." Emmett, you shouldn't have done that. Ava just regarded him as an annoyance.

"Oh, really? Emmett, sit." Emmett was down on the ground. He would never beat her. I bet she could even take him on if she didn't have her power. She's just a bit too smart for him.

"Shut up, guys! Shirtless Jacob is back!" Alice screeched. Jasper looked a might bit jealous for a moment, but he should be able to tell that Alice is just pulling his leg with that. She loves him more than anything, and a shirtless teenager won't change that.

Jake, I love you. So, please, don't make me choose, 'cause it'll be him. It's always been him.

I winced at watching Jacob's face fall so quickly. Taylor Lautner just looks so much like my Jacob that vivid flashbacks from a few days ago at school fly back at me. "God, I'm a bitch. Did I really say that to him?"

"No, you were worse." Ava told me shortly. I forgot how much of a Team Jacob person she was. She really does get on my case a lot for hurting him so much. I can't help it. Like I said, I'm a horrible bitch. I'm so bad, I'm even hurting two guys at one time!

But, that doesn't matter anymore. I completely forgot about the end of this movie. More specifically, the proposal. Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh, SHIT!

Then, please just wait. Just give me five years. Edward had his hand on my shoulder. He was saying something about calming down and that there's nothing wrong, but he has no idea. Alice must not have given anything away and covering her thoughts.

That's too long. Oh. God, I'm going to be sick.

Then three? You're so stubborn. I'm so much more stubborn than that Bella. My Edward would've had a much harder time than what this one did. Ah, what am I saying?

What are you waiting for? Stop talking, Bella. Ah! I'm going to run out of here! Well, I would if Edward would stop trying to help me! He still won't shut up about trying to calm me down. The rest of the Cullens are freaking out too. They realized that something big must be coming on the movie since I haven't been able to rip my eyes away from the screen and I haven't made much of a sound other than a wince.

I have one condition if you want me to do it myself. Oh, no. Here it comes.

What's the condition? I'm going to die!

And then forever. No, kill me now!

That's what I'm asking. AHH! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

Marry me, Bella.

Bella's gasp in the movie was nothing compared to the gasp that shook through the room. Sure, Ava and Alice knew it was coming, but the whole tension in the room made them gasp anyway. Edward went completely catatonic. I'm pretty sure everyone, including me, was catatonic.

And then it all erupted once the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it." I didn't wait for Alice to tell me who it was. I just knew I had to get out of that room before Edward could say anything, and this was the fastest way.

"Angel! Emmett!" Alice yelled. They must have been behind me, but I didn't stop. The Cullen's door didn't have a peephole, so I just sort of threw the door open without thinking.

I wasn't prepared for who was there, though.

"Marcus? Alec?"

"Miss Swan," Marcus looked visibly relieved that it was me who answered the door, but tensed when he saw my two huge protectors, "We need your help."

dum dum dum! don't you just love cliffhangers?

Here are a few quotes from the next book in the 'It's Not Bella!' saga:

"I will avenge her."

"I do."

"But, she said-she loves me! I know she does! You're dead!"

"We've got him."

"Bella, we can't."

"You and him are the past...he and I are the future. Get over it."

"I just can't believe he would run away right before graduation. I mean, seriously, why would he do that?"

Here's a game to play until i post the next story: who's saying what? In what context? We can even make a contest out of it if you want! Have fun with guessing what's going on in those quotes!