A/N: Hey people! Most of you don't know, but I LOVE the movie 9. Most people say it was rushed or something, but I still love it. Then again, I'm one of the most agreeable people out there. Anyway, so I was waiting for sleep to come get me after watching 9 parodies (some are really funny, most have 5 screaming…a lot) and thought to myself "Wouldn't it be great if the stitch punks were real?" I would honestly love that so much. So, here is my 9 fanfic! The first part is about the only dramatic thing in here. The rest is either semi-dramatic or funny. Or boring. Depends on your humor. Enjoy!

I watched that movie about 6 times that night before finally going to bed.

I cried about 30 times, one for each death.

I wanted to help them so badly it hurt more than a million times.

And I regretted eating that much ice cream in one night to drown my sorrows.

Which movie? You may ask.

Only one word, one number.


If you've never seen it in your lifetime then stop reading this and go see it! NOW!!!




Now, flip the switch into random mode!

Misha, asleep in bed, dreaming.

Dream Misha: Ooh! I feel all floaty! Weee!

Remembering 9

Dream Misha: AWWW!! NOOOOO!!! They didn't deserve to die! *Sob*

Random lady: Misha…

Dream Misha: Huh?

Pretty lady with Magic all around her. Not bunnies and top hats, actual magic. Sparkles, special effects, pretty brilliant colors, the whole sha-bang.

Pretty Lady: Misha, I am Hecate, Goddess of Magic.

Most Readers: ?

Misha: Greek minor goddess of magic.

Most Readers: Oooooh.

Hecate:….anyway. I have seen your sorrow for the characters in ni—

Dream Misha: Not to be disrespectful or anything, but this isn't a place for long talks.

Hecate: Fine. Anyway, I came to give you this.

Hecate opens her hands to show the numbers 1 through 9. She blows them to me and they begin to dance around me.

Dream Misha: Aww! How cute! Heehee! OW! Hey, 4, quit poking me!

Misha wakes up to noises coming from downstairs, mostly static from the TV.

Misha's first thoughts: AHHH! The ring girl!

*grabs bat and sneaks downstairs humming the Pink Panther theme*

Reader: What good is a bat gonna do against Samara Morgan?

Misha: Well, I don't have an exorcist in my closet okay?

Random Exorcist in closet: Hey there! May I be of any service?

Misha and Reader: 0.o

Near the Living room!

Misha: *sneaks up and flips the light switch, swinging bat over her head* YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT! ANYTHING YOU SAY CAN AND WILL BE HELD AGAINST YOU!!!

?:……Excuse us?

Misha: Huh? *looks around* Where'd that come from?

?: Down here.

Misha looks down and see the stitch punks.


Stitch Punks:……………



3 and 4: click, click, flicker (8?)

Misha plops down on the floor, throwing the bat behind her and hitting the exorcist.

Exorcist: OW!

Misha: Sorry! Now, back in your closet!

Exorcist: Okay…oh, are these your underwear?

Misha: On second thought…

Misha pushes Exorcist out the door and back to the dolls.

Misha: Where was I?

2: You haven't even started talking yet.

Misha: Oh, right…How did you guys get here?

5: We were hanging around the cathedral and then the talisman started to glow another color, then it opened and we were just all sucked in.

Misha: Thank you Hecate!

7: Who?

Misha: Er…no one. Continue.

1: So then we were spewed out here through that strange contraption, and then you charged in screaming your head off.

Misha: Oh…sorry about that.

9: It's okay. Can we get back home now?

Misha:…There are no machines trying to suck your souls out in my world…

5: I'm staying!

6: Me too!

2: Hey, I'm two!

Misha: It's settled then! You're all staying here!

7: When was that decided?

Misha: A couple of seconds ago in the Supreme Court of My House.

1: I hate to admit it, but that makes sense

Misha: Of course it does ^u^

3 and 4 begin cataloging Misha.

Misha: LOL! That tickles!

9: What ever happened to the talisman anyway?

TV turns on and talisman flies out and hits Misha on the head.

Misha: OWW!!!

7: haha

Misha: No supper for you little lady!

7: We don't need to eat

Misha: grrr

Talisman is still glowing, but it's a pretty light purple color instead of green.

6: oooohh. Shiny….

Misha: Hmm…

Gives it to 9, who immediately stores it under his zipper.

Misha: Ah well, now, you guys need a place to sleep!

5: we don't exactly do that either…

Misha: Now you do!

She snaps her fingers and little purple sparkles go flying.

8: Sleepy… *Drops onto floor*

3: panicked clicks (you killed him!)

Misha: Come on

Grabs tray and makes everyone get on, taking them to the spare bedroom.

Misha: Beds! *snap* Stitch punk-accessible stairways and shelves along the walls! *snap* The money I could be saving with Geico! *snap*

They all come to life.

2: Wow.

Misha: *wrinkles nose like girl from Bewitched* Now, off to bed!

Each bed is labeled, the twins getting bunk beds. They climb in and get snug.

Misha: Good night! *blows kisses*

4: click flicker click (Read us a story!)

Misha: Fine. Once apon a time—

Stitch Punks: SNORE

Misha:…The…end? Goodnight!

A/N: That is the end of Chapter 1! Please review to keep me inspired to write more! Oh, and for those who were confused about 1's "strange contraption" thing is the TV, not the Talisman. Stay tuned for the stitch punks in my house!

Oh, and if they start to become OOCs, I'm sorry. But it is true that they didn't give people like me much to write off of. So, I will put down some traits that I think they are portrayed as and you, the readers, can give me suggestions of changes and such! But no flames! I have a fire extinguisher and I'm not afraid to use it.

Coward, wise, stubborn

Kind, accepting, inventive


See 3

Nervous, but loyal

ADD, artistic, free spirit

Stubborn, strong

All brawn, no brain (XD)

Compassionate, curious