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Misha: *Hyperventilating into a paper bag*

9: What are you doing?

10: She's stressed out

7: She tried meditating,

6: watching South Park,

Twins: Even drawing 10/5 pictures

5: WHAT?? O_O

10: *flames in background* I'm gonna kill you two.

3: Ah!

4: Eep!

Misha: I have to much work on my hands!

2: Didn't your school burn down?

Misha: Apparently they're still giving assignments.

7: I've been stressed lately too.

10: Really? Why?

7: Idk. I just am.

4: Me too! Too many books in this house! Too little time!

Misha: Then I think it's clear what we need. A GIRLS DAY OUT!!

Girls: YES!

Boys: What about us?

Misha: Be good while we're away!

Front door closes

Boys: ……….

8: I got magnets

2: I got oil

5: This is not going to turn out well

At spa

Spa employee: *whispers* Why are we treating a 14 year old with no parents and 3 dolls?

Misha: *whispers* Because I have cash. *snap*

Spa employee: Right this way ladies!

7: Thank you!

Spa Employee: Did that thing just talk? O_O

10: Yes, yes we did.

Spa Employee: *faints*

4: Clean up on aisle 9!

Back at home

6: *drunk* mmm! Mah yummy is back!

5: *magnet high* Woah. 9…weirdest trip. I saw about a million 7s

9: WHAT?!

5: Wait. Then all of a sudden, a giant army of 10s came in and smashed the 7s and…

9: And what?

5: then yea. It was kinda nice. 7 bled rainbows

2: ahaha!

8: Weee! I see the ponies!

1: What ponies? I see unicorns.

3: Have any of you seen 4? I can't find her anywhere

9: She went to the spa with the other girls. Stupid

3: At least I'm not 7's man whore.

9: What did you say?

5: oooohh. You just got stitchpunked, 9!

9: Humph *goes and sits in emo corner*

8: Where'd my toes go?

2: You don't have any toes.


Misha: What are these cucumber slices for anyway?

7: *muffled* no clue, but I can't see worth crap.

10: *muffled* That might be because there's a giant cucumber slice over your face.

4: No cucumber for me! Just hot towels for me!

*spa employee places towels on 4*

4: HAWT!!! HAWT!!!!!!!!

Misha: Haha. Now…let's talk boys. =3=

4: We all know who 7 and 10 like.

7 and 10: Shut up.

Misha: What about you 4?

4: All I need is my big brother 3! :)

Misha: Am I detecting a bit of twincest?

4: …shut up.


9: So…let's talk girls!

6: Why?

1: And what are you doing out of your emo corner?

9: I feel no more emo after I sang some emo bop. Anyway!

5: We know who you like

9: really? Who then?

All except 9: 7!

2: You'd have to be blind to not see it

5: Yeah! I'm half blind and I can see it great!

8: Frisbee!! *tosses Frisbee at 5*

5: I got it! *holds hands up, smiling like an idiot, but it hits him on the face* OWWOW!! STUPID DEPTH PERSEPTION!!

3: Haha! How about you 5? Like anyone *nudge nudge*

5: Perhaps…

6: I know! I know! *raises hand* 5 likes 10!

5: 0////0

At Spa

10: …I just felt a disturbance in the force.

7: Like how?

10: Like…6 claimed that 5 likes me and he blushed. Eh. Probably just my inner boy-crazed girl talking.

7: *sniff sniff* what is that I smell? *sniff* a pairing in the air?

10: …shut your pie hole

4: Ahhhh…these massages are great

Misha: They're just poking you with pencil erasers

4: I know, but it feels awesome

Misha: ooookkkaaayy… aaahhhhh….I really like this place

10: Who doesn't?

7: This is better than decapitating the cat beast.

All: By a long shot

At Home, the garage in now in flames.

9: 1? You didn't give away any crack, did you?

1: Look at the perteh ladders! Nooooo….

5: Where's 6?

6: WWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! *twirling in the driveway with Caramelldansen playing in background*

Car drives by

Driver: Why is a ragdoll spinning in the crazy girl's driveway while another doll in playing foreign music from a stereo?

Passenger: Don't know, don't care. Just don't make eye contact and step on it.

Driver: But we're in a 15 MPH zone—

Passenger: I SAID STEP ON IT!!!!!!!

2: haha! That car just crashed.

8: cool flames.

5: They're bleeding rainbows too! OH! NO! 10'S IN THERE!!! *runs towards car crash* 10!!! NOOOOO!!!!

9: *grabs 5* 5! Only the neighbors are in there! And they're bleeding glitter, not rainbows.


Misha: Well, we'd better head home before the boys cause to much damage.

4: too late!

All except 4: Huh?!

4: Umm…twin….home….mind connection. *rolls eyes*



8: *doing cartwheels in the backyard* Weeee!!!

2: That's nothing! *does ten back flips, front flips and sticks the landing*

1: 10!

3: 10!

10: Someone call my name?

5: 10! You're alive! *glomps 10*

10: *blushes like mad*

Misha: How can stitchies blush anyw—OMFG!!!! MAH HOUSE!!!!

9: Ehehehehe…RUN!!!


Boys: RUN!!!

After one brutal beating of the boys (X3) and one new garage…

Misha: I'm glad that's over. *tosses boys tied up and mouths duct-taped into closet*

10: Be nice with 5, k?

7: I think I was smelling a pairing!

4: Next step, wedding bells!

10: *grabs crochet hook* You're all dead.


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