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3 and 4 were racing around the library that was now their home, searching for new things to catalogue. Anything. They were bored out of their trees. They had already gone through the children's books, the fantasy section (3 had quite enjoyed Harry Potter), the educational stuff, and the entire horror sector (which had scared the bejezzus out of poor 4)

Until, that fateful day had brought them to the teen romance section.

"Brother!" 3 blinked to his older brother. "I do believe I found something!"

4 immediately ran to his older brothers side. "Do share, 3!"

3 vigorously pointed at the partially burned title. "Twilight. Hmm… what on earth do you think it could be about? Perhaps some sort of hideous extraterrestrial creation, or maybe yet another book of the horror genre?" The last book he had read was a mix of aliens and ghosts.

He was half right.

"I say, sounds fascinating!" 4 'said'. "The title I don't get at all… maybe if we read the back." He flipped it over with little difficulty and began flickering through the words on the back.

" 'About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire.' "

"Sounds intriguing!" 3 grinned.

" 'Second, there was a part of him- and I didn't know how dominant that part might be- that thirsted for my blood'."

"Oh yes, this one will most definitely be a good read"

" 'And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him…' " 4 stopped.

"Wait, what?"

4 blinked, and then reread the back. "Yes brother, that appears to be the description."

"Well… not my first choice, but we might as well read it."


They opened the cover and began the first page.

7 found the twins in states of shock; opticals widened, limbs rigid. "3! 4!" She ran over and shook them, hoping to break them out of their stupors.

4 sprang up suddenly. "3!"

3's opticals widened slightly as he slowly woke up. "So- terrible…" He shuddered, and curled into a tiny ball on the floor, twitching slightly.

4 looked around wildly, and then spotted 7. "DON'T READ THE BOOK!!!!! DON'T!!!!" He shook her shoulders with as much force the tiny stitchpunk could manage, then bounded off as though his life depended on it.

Of course, 7 had no idea what 4 had just said. "Okay… 3? You okay…?"

3 jumped up like a jack-in-the box and ran after his brother, all the while flickering his eyes.


"Um… I'll take that as a yes…?" 7 sat down on the wooden floor. "Hmm… I wonder what happened to them…" She peered over at the document that the twins appeared to have been reading. "Tw-twi-li-light?" She was a fighter, not a reader. "Twilight. Hmm… looks good enough..." She bent over the crisp pages and began reading.


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