Hello readers! I've finally found the time and mental energy to finish writing about the horrible saga known at twilight D: Those poor stitchpunks won't know what hit them…

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1 was sulking outside of 2's workshop. Now that the tiny group was out two valuable members, he was even more bad tempered that usual. Tired of waiting, he pounded his fist against the makeshift door.

"Have you been doing nothing this whole time?"

Calmly, 2 looked up from his study. Almost everyone had been affected by the loss of their comrades, minus 2 and 6. And if 2 was affected, he certainly put on a good show.

"I'm doing all I can, 1." 2 chuckled. "Sometimes I wonder if your impatience doesn't make you the youngest of us all."

1 growled. "How can you be joking at a moment like this? If we are attacked, surely 7 and 4 will be left behind. We cannot afford to loose any of our numbers!"

"Y'know, you really aren't making things better by shouting about them." 5 appeared at the door timidly, carrying in a metal spoon. "Of course, that's only my opinion, but-"


5 broke off as 3 appeared at the door. Ever since the little stitchpunk had uttered his first word/sound, he'd completely withdrawn from the group and hadn't spoken since. Often now he'd be sitting with 6, watching him draw endless patterns and symbols with no meaning, at least not to him.

Today, however, 3 was dragging 6 behind him, determination set in his adorable sewn mouth. 6 looked just as confused as the others did when 3 practically threw him in front of 2 and pointed vigorously.

"What is the meaning of this?" 1 glared from 3 to 6.

point point point

"3, we can't understand you anymore than when you pointed the first time."

Up yours, 5.

2 kindly placed a metal hand on 3's shoulder. "Can 6 explain why you brought him here for you?"

3 nodded, but 6 remained stunned as ever. He looked shyly up a 2, and handed him a scrap piece of paper.

"It's…. it's a glassman…" 6 said unhappily. The drawing was of a young, god like figure with arrays of light bouncing off of him, sparkling and glinting in the paper sun. 2's optics blinked.

"I see."

3 gave 6 a dirty look.

"I don't get it, what's the big deal?" 5 looked nervously around the room.

3 walked over and kicked 5. He still had sore feelings over 5 bringing that …. book…. into his presence.

"Aaaaaah! 3, what the hell?"

3 rounded on 5, having enough of his idiocy.

My brother is in a reading induced coma and nobody's doing shit about it! Don't act so surprised; I'd imagine you'd be pissed off too. Unlike me, you probably wouldn't have the balls to do anything about it. You'd just hide underneath a tin can and worry, because in the magical world of 5, worrying solves everything. Hey, 9 just fell into a sea of poison tipped spikes! Worry for half and hour, and he's back in mint condition. Oh noes, 7 just got eaten by a Cat monster! Wait a minute, we have worrying on our side! Yaaaaaay! Let's see how effective worrying is against my fist from punching you in the throat!

"3!" 9 arrived in the workshop just in time to see 3 tackle 5 to the ground. He pulled the smaller stitchpunk, arms flailing, into the air.

"You need to calm down!" 5 held out his arms in defence, slowly walking towards 9 and 3. "Just tell me what I did wrong, please! I didn't mean to upset you."

"He's right, 3." 2 looked pointedly at 3.

Giving up, 3 wormed out of 9's grasp and headed for the room his brother was in.

Brother… how're you feeling?

4 glanced over at 3. His face was set in a frown of concentration as he turned the page of the Dr. Seuss book he was reading. Or maybe he was just looking at the pictures, 3 couldn't tell.

3 sat in there for who knows how long, watching his brother struggle through the simple children's book. It wretched his heart to see what had happened to him, although there's no shame in reading Dr. Seuss if you're not a kid…. Looking over at 7, 3 smiled weakly. She was clumsily tying a needle head to a stick, fashioned after her old trusty weapon. They were improving…

He left to go grab some reading material. It was kind of boring sitting in the same room doing nothing all day, but 3 didn't want to leave the two alone. He dragged the book closest to the door inside and scanned the cover.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

3 smiled. His all time fav, right on. Flipping open to the first page, he began. At first he didn't take much notice into 4 reading over his shoulder. But then, the unthinkable happened.

4's mechanical brain started whirring quickly, loud and steady. Startled, 3 jumped away. He watched as his brothers' optics blinked rapidly, then opened wide, staring at the paper.

4…? Are… are you okay?

3 watched his brother, not daring to get his hopes up, and yet…


4 tackled his brother in an embrace. 3 remained limp in shock, but then suddenly clung to his other half. A smile stretched across his cloth face.

I missed you 4!

The feeling is mutual, 3. So tell me- he withdrew and looked 3 in the opticals- what did I miss?

At this, 3 looked over at 7. You see 7? Well…she read the …. it too. So her mental well being was compromised as well.

Can we not cure her the same way I was cured?

I'm not sure… 7 doesn't read.

Well… maybe she watches movies


"Holy fishsti- what happened to me?" 7 shook her head. "It feels like someone stuck my brain in a microwave."

Victory! The twins looked at each other with triumph.

Shall we go tell the others that you are cured, 4?

Yes, lets!


"I still don't understand what all the hullabaloo is about these books." 1 glared at the book currently in front of him. He couldn't pretend he wasn't slightly curious though…

"Maybe just one chapter…" He lifted the cover of Breaking Dawn and began to read.

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