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What could he do? What has he done? Why? Where could he run and hide? He was hungry, bleeding, and tired, and those bastards were running after him for hours now. It was his birthday. He saw an alley out of the corner of eye and ran in. A dead end. Now what?

People gathered around the five year old boy with blond hair and blue eyes, calling him demon, bastard, murderer and so on. It was October 10th, the anniversary of the Kyuubi attack, and they would have revenge on the brat responsible for their losses five years ago.

Little Naruto turned around facing his fate. It was never this bad before. Usually they limited themselves to fists and feet, and not weapons. So who were the people wearing green jackets with the weapons in their hands?

The crowd got closer to little boy. Two figures were watching from roof top.

"Did you get the names of those chunins for Ibiki?"


"Should we proceed?"

"Well, normally if there were no weapons I would not interfere, but with those kunai, I think we should."

"But those chunins may make excuses like defending themselves or the villagers from the boy."

"Then we will act as soon as they attack."


To the mob, it looked like there was something different in the boy. Most of the time he would just cry for mercy, but this time he showed no emotion, he stood there with his eyes closed. Was he planning on using his demonic powers against the village again?

One chunin started to attack followed quickly by the other. The boy was still standing there with his eyes closed, smiling.

When Naruto heard the footsteps he knew this was the end, and that he would die. He just hoped it would be quick and painless. Suddenly there was the sound of poofing and people going wild with protest, followed by several footsteps running back to the street. He felt a hand on his shoulder, then the warmth on his skin. Opening his eyes found himself in front of Oji-san, otherwise known as the Hokage, the leader of the village.


"Are you ok Naruto?"


"Good job ANBU, dismissed."

"Hai." said the two masked shinobi and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Oji-san why the villagers hate me? Why do they call me a monster? Why do they beat me every day?"


Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Hokage of the Konoha, the professor in the shinobi world, just stood there looking at the poor boy. Should he tell him? He knew it was just matter of time. Sooner or later someone would tell him the story, and Naruto was possibly old enough now to communicate with "it". So, better to tell him now, instead of hearing it from another source.

"Naruto please sit down, I have a few things to tell you."

After some time Naruto was banging his head on the desk. Hearing of the real history of Kyuubi, and the sealing of it inside him was too much for Naruto.

"So does this make me demon?"

"No, have you ever heard of storage scrolls?"

"Hai, the scrolls that use seals for storing things in it."

"Yes, for example, if we have a scroll with a sealed kunai in it, does it change the nature of the scroll from paper to metal?"

"No, I know it will be paper because I burnt one of those as a prank on a genin girl with dark purple hair and bright purple eye that walks with the snake teme! Now if it was changed to metal, it wouldn't burn would it?"

"No, it wouldn't. So as you can see, you are like the scroll, and Kyuubi is like the metal. In other words, you are and will be human for all of your life."

"Oji-san can I ask you something? Can I go to academy? I want to be a ninja."

"Oh, and why is that?"

"I want to protect myself, I want to be powerful and if I find friends later I want to protect them."

"That's a very good goal, I'll make it official tomorrow."

"I have one more request Oji-san, I want to learn how to read and write so I can start using the library."

"Ok, let me write a letter first."

As Sarutobi started writing the letter Naruto was in deep thought. When he finished the letter Naruto asked :

"Oji-san, is there any way for me to speak with the Kyuubi?"

Now Sarutobi was in shock, looking deep into Naruto's eyes and searching for the reason behind such a question and considering any possible future dangers from his response.

'Why not, he will learn to contact it sooner or later.' the old man told himself.

"Naruto, you can speak with it if you get training, but you should keep in mind it may try to manipulate you and play with your mind when you do, which is something you should be on guard against. For the first step you should learn how to read and write so you can go to academy. I'll ask one of the chunins to teach you and help you learn how to meditate, this way you can contact and speak with the Kyuubi. After that we will see what we should do. Here, take this scroll and give it to the librarian, she will teach you how to read and write after seeing the scroll. Now let's go get dinner, and after that I'll show you your new personal apartment."

It was first time Naruto ever went to a public place and they didn't throw him out. He was not sure if it was because of Oji-san or not. But when a nice girl a few years older than him came in and called him cute, he blushed and Oji-san chuckled to himself. After the delicious dinner known as ramen, the owner of the stand spoke with the Hokage and called Naruto.

"Ok young man, as Hokage-sama told me you'll get tickets for lunch and dinner every day and you are welcome whenever you want to eat ramen. And don't worry, I don't pay attention to what those fools call you. For now, go and get some sleep."

After thanking the old man, Naruto walked with the Hokage to Naruto's new home.

It was dark when they stopped in front of the building. It was old but in good shape. Sarutobi opened the door and led Naruto in.

"Here we are. I have a little surprise for you tomorrow. Come by my office at 8 A.M. sharp. Now good night and have a pleasant dream."

After saying good night to Oji-san, Naruto went to bed room and fell asleep instantly.

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