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Naruto was standing at the window looking to his village, now he knew why Sandaime had done this many times each day, looking at the village, he could sense people's responsibility on his shoulders, their safety, their needs, their happiness, their love and their importance in his own life. Now he could understand the meaning of "fire within persons" that his old man spoke about many times. This fire was burning to keep the Kage's desire to protect everyone of citizen happy. But he could not be relaxed, there were so many issues that needed his attention. The village wasn't complete yet. He could not reveal it at the world, not until he complete security and ranking system. His musing was cut by door being knocked.
"it's open"
Looking back at the door he saw Anko at door frame.
"Hello dear, is there a problem?"
"hello foxy. Actually there is someone that I need to speak with you about."
"go on"
"well, , I think you remember her as cat anbu from your young days."
"ah, yah, she was really nice to me, did something happen for her?"
"too many things happened for her, some very sad things, some complex."
"can I do anything for her? Is she still in Konoha?"
"no she is not there, she came with us, you see, she was Hayate's fianc ."
"yah, as you see, she lost her loved one but, "
"Anko, what is the matter? Why you won't say the thing that is bothering you?"
"I'm not sure how should I approach"
"hmm, strait?"
"well, she and Hayate had some personal speech before his death. Seems that they both agreed that after his death she must be happy, and Hayate told her that the only person that can make her happy, "
"is Kakashi?"
"oh God, nooooo"
"hmm, Yamato?"
"come on, are you this much fool?"
"I don't know many from Konoha"
"you know him well, better than anyone"
"umm, is there any problem between Jiraiya and you?"
"uhum, never mind, is this guy Jiraiya?"
"oh no, did you think that Hayate will approve it?"
"God, then who is this lucky guy?"
"you, baka, it's you"
"but, but, "
"don't tell me that you don't find her attractive"
"no, it's not it, she is as attractive as you and tenshi"
"then what is the problem?"
"too many things, I'm not sure if I should have more in house, you, Hana, Shion, Kyu, Kin, Ino, Hinata, Kurenai, it's too much, I'm not sure if I can handle this many women at the same time, now, adding Yugao? I'm not sure if I can make her or any other girls happy"
"didn't you know that you need to have many wives?"
"I thought that it won't be more than 5"
"heh, well, seems that you have no experience in clan material so much"
"what do you mean?"
"when the person is the last one in his clan, he need to have more than ten wives, or else, by the law of life, the clan won't expand with desired speed, and when you think that you live in shinobi environment that many people die in young age, the chances for your clan to be powerful enough to defend itself is less than normal law!"
"you mean that I need to have more than these?"
"but how should I keep balance Anko chan? It can be a dangerous approach."
"the only thing that you need to pay attention is to choose a powerful and good alpha, someone like Kyuubi, you should choose a person that can handle things between girls with power and absolute command"
"she don't want to be alpha, she told it to kaasan that, she want to have normal and relaxing life"
"then choose the next powerful one"
"there are three options Anko, you, Kure chan, and Hana chan. Personally I don't think that Hana can handle things, but you and Kure chan are best options. Now, the problem is who should I choose?"
"hmmm, I think you should add some more names to your list"
"Yugao, Yugito, and that acid blond ex-Mizukage"
"don't tell me ."
"hehe, I just told their secret love, now, don't reject them fast, give time to things to solve themselves, you have so many things that need your attention now, just solve your issues in village and let me handle things in your personal harem for now, but we need a harem council"
"what do you mean?"
"a meeting after all your problems were solved in village, to decide things between ourselves"
"choosing alpha is one of them."
"I see"
"ok foxy, I'll let Yugao know that you approved her, now, go back to damn Kage job" said Anko winking and leaving Naruto to his thoughts.

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