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I have done a lot of things that have filled me with pride. I am a Slytherin, head of Slytherin to be exact. I have the second highest marks in this whole castle, only being beaten by a dirty Mudblood.

I have the looks of a Veela, beautiful and elegant.

So, when Harry Potter was curled around my naked back and asked what I was most proud of, you would think it would be simple to reply. But my mouth curled and my fingers twitched softly on his golden skin. Golden skin, just like his golden boy status, the irony has never gone above my head.

"Draco? Tell me, I promise I won't laugh or judge." His quiet words should put me at ease, but they just cause my chest to tighten.

He thinks that I am ashamed of the things that I have done, he thinks that I actually have regrets. And for the most part, he is wrong. Who I used to be isn't so different from who I still am. But everyone in this God forsaken camp doesn't know how that could be. How can you once be dark and then turn to the light side, without having a change of heart?

It's simple; I want to continue living for a few more decades.

I can feel him start to get restless, probably thinking that I took the question wrong. I can practically hear the apologies he wants to say spill from his bleeding heart.

"You want to know what I am most proud of." I wait for him to confirm my hushed whisper.

"Yes, I want to know." He softly kisses the nape of my neck, maybe he thinks I need his help to get the words out. He doesn't even know, he doesn't even know me.

"Do you remember the day I broke your nose?"

His hands tighten around my waist and I flip to my side, so I can watch all the emotions flit across his face. I can tell he is confused, doesn't understand where I am going with this. But he nods anyways and waits for me to continue.

"It was the only thing that I have ever really done for my father. I may have called you names, and made your life less sunshine and sparkles, but that's it. You beat me at quidditch, beat me in the house cup, and you are a stronger wizard than I ever will be. "

Your silence fills this room, and I feel like I'm thriving on it.

"I can still feel and hear the crunch of your bones; I can still see the red of your blood dripping from your mouth. I made Harry Potter, Savior of the Wizarding World, bleed. I made you notice me that day, made you realize that I actually could do all the things I said I could do. You had never believed me before, and neither had my father. I proved you both wrong in that one moment, and I have never felt more pride about anything else."

Your eyes are glittering with pity and anger, and I refuse to look away. I am not ashamed of this, I am not ashamed of the fact that I won that day.

When you kiss me, hard and full of teeth, I am not surprised. You tear into my lip and hold me down; bruises will appear on my white skin when dawn comes. I am not surprised that this is your answer; you have always hated to lose to me Potter.

I can still feel the crunch; I can still feel the pride.

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