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Chapter 6: I'll Always Love You, Even When I'm Not Here

Still Melissa's POV: I began to sob hard. Tripp pulled me into him and we stayed like that for about an hour.

When Tripp saw I was trying to fight a yawn, he pulled back the duvet and put me into bed. I wouldn't let go of his hand, not wanting him to leave.

"Your dad wants me to sleep in the spare room." Tripp told me, turning out the light with his free hand.

"Don't mind him. He won't do any harm to you if I say so. He's only doing this to save me." I said.

"Well can I change into my PJ's first?" Tripp asked.

"Your PJ's are just your boxers." I reminded him.

"I know. Will you let my hand go so I can strip off?" Tripp asked. I let his hand go and fought sleep. I didn't want to fall asleep while he was still out of bed and let him leave.

When he was finished, I shifted over in the bed to let him in, and he climbed in beside me. I cuddled into him and finally fell asleep, using his chest as a pillow.

Next day: Tripp and I walked down town, like any teenage boyfriend and girlfriend would do.

"I'm scared about what Neil's going to do to you." I admitted.

"There's no need to worry about me. I'll be ok. I'm just afraid that he'll hurt you." Tripp told me.

"The only way he'd hurt me is by taking you away." I told him.

Tripp's POV

I was taken by surprise by the way Mel was talking.

"Mel, you sound like you're about to lose me. I'm not going anywhere as long as I play by his rules." I promised Mel, taking her hand.

"I know, but he's liable to do anything. You could be gone in an instant, even if you did nothing wrong. He was like that to me as a child." she explained. I knew she was a bit frightened, but I didn't think she was this bad. Neil is really bothering her.

"If we could leave this planet and live somewhere else happily, I'd take you away. Our problem is, we can't afford a rocket out of here." I told her.

Mel smiled. That was something I was happy to see. I haven't seen her smile since we were caught in Hawaii.

"Or maybe we can't go because we wouldn't be able to breathe in space." She said, shouldering me lightly.

"Haven't thought about that." I joked. Anything to cheer her up.

"You wouldn't." She smirked.

"I'll let that one slide. Have you noticed anything?" I asked her. I had led her to a large green so we could hang around and talk, away from Neil's staring eyes. Although, I knew that wasn't going to happen. He has every step I've made planned out, so he knows what's happening now, and always will until he decides to get rid of me.

"Tripp..." her breath was taken away. "How did you find this place?" she asked, walking ahead into the long grass.

"When your dad closed up his laptop, I hacked back into it and searched Google Maps for a nice place to go when we were out today, so I found this meadow just outside of town. I just had to keep you distracted so you wouldn't notice us leaving the town because I know you'd panic if you saw us leaving the main of the town." I explained.

"So you tricked me?" she questioned, playfully, which I was happy to see.

"You could say that." I replied.

"I've got one thing to say to you then.... catch me!" she said, poking me and then taking off across the meadow.

I chased after her, the long grass hitting my arms. I easily caught up with her and tackled her to the ground. Just like the movies, we tumbled down the hill and into water.

Mel surfaced first and I quickly followed her up.

"You're in big trouble." Mel told me after spitting out water from the lake out of her mouth.

"With you or Neil?" I asked.

"Me." She said and showed me what was wrong with her, which I couldn't figure out.

"What's the problem?" I was nearly afraid to ask.

"My t-shirt is soaking and now it's see through!" she exclaimed.

"I still fail to see how that's a problem." I smirked. "I don't mind you having a see through top." Mel flicked water at me, and then I splashed her back. A water fight erupted between us, getting bigger and bigger by the splash.

"I guess it's a good job I accidently put a bikini on, thinking it was my underwear then." She said, and pulled her t-shirt off over her head. I decided to help her, considering I was a lad who was watching a girl my age stripping off in front of me.

"You're really desperate for me to get my clothes off, aren't you?" she asked, throwing her t-shirt to the lake-side.

"You were the same last night. You wanted me in bed with you." I replied.

"Not the same thing. I was really scared last night." Mel defended.

"How did this conversation start again?" I asked. I genuinely forget.

"Oh no. Don't start that." She warned.

"Start what?" I asked innocently.

"You're trying to make me forget why I'm annoyed at you." Mel said.

"Is it working?"

"Yes." she pouted. I hugged her.

"Don't worry. Your memory will return soon enough." I soothed. "But for now, let's just play. We don't come across an empty lake all the time." I pointed out.

"Sure." She said and took off her shoes, socks and shorts, and left them in the sun to dry too. I copied her.

After swimming: Mel's POV: We walked around town in the sun. Luckily, when we fell, Tripp's wallet fell out of his pocket so the money stayed dry for us to use.

We sat alongside the fountain, eating ice-cream.

"What are we going to say to Neil about us being wet?" I asked.

"Little kids were messing and knocked us into the fountain." It was amazing how easily that lie came to him. I suppose, that's what's essential for being a spy. Being a good liar.

I finished my ice-cream and then we continued our way around town.

"Tripp, look at this little shop." I said, going to a shop alongside the street. It had little wooden lucky charms, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

I looked at the stands. Something there caught my eye. A simple bracelet that Tripp could wear(.). I took money out of my pocket, which also was left to dry in the sun, and went up to the counter to get it for him. When I was done, I stepped outside the shop to see if I could find Tripp.

Hands grabbed my waist and a let out a yelp. I turned quickly and saw Tripp there grinning at me.

I took his hand from my waist and then tied the bracelet around his wrist. I left enough room for it to be loose, but not too loose for him.

"You got something for me? Weird, I got something for you too." He held up a necklace for me. (.com/stores/58660/4ae1c9b04c6c6_)

I turned around and Tripp put the necklace on for me. I loved it.

"It's funny, we think so much alike. Maybe you're rubbing off on me now that I'm physically here." Tripp said sheepishly.

"Is that a good thing that you're hot or I'd take that as an insult." I told him. A confused look passed across his face.

"What has my good looks got to do with you being insulted?"

"Because it's a fucking great distraction." I admitted and we began to walk home as the sun was beginning to set.

"You know, I've had a great day today." I told Tripp as we made our way back towards my estate.

"Well I'm glad you had, because there's one more surprise along the way home for you." Tripp said.

"What surprise?" I asked.

Tripp reached into his pocket and took out a blindfold. "It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you." He tied it over my eyes and we began walking down the path, Tripp's hand guiding me.

"Tripp, I'm going to fall. I can't walk blindfolded." I exclaimed, nearly falling.

"Well then I'm going to have to carry you." He told me, and suddenly I was thrown over his shoulder.

"Better?" he asked. I could hear in his voice that he was smirking.

"Do you really want me to answer that?" I asked.

"Not really." He replied and continued down the path.

Minutes later I was set on the ground and the blindfold was taken away.

"I decided to set up a mini party." Tripp explained as I looked at a table with sweets and bottles of different drinks on it.

"Tripp, as much as I love it, is something wrong?" I asked. I've a feeling he's hiding something from me.

A moment of panic crossed his features, but he quickly regained his smile.

"Of course not. What makes you think that?" he asked.

"It's just that, and don't get me wrong, you seem to be doing everything you can to make me happy. Is something going to happen?" I hoped my intuition was wrong on this.

Tripp sighed, and opened his mouth to speak, but the front door to my house opened.

"What's going on here?" Neil snapped. He saw the table, and then brought us inside.

Everything went by in a heartbeat from there.

Neil opened up his laptop in record time, went into the story and began writing, his fingers gliding over the keypad. Then I realised what he was doing.

"Dad, don't! Please." I cried, attempting to push him away from his computer. He was pushed a little but to the side, but straightened himself and pushed me across the room, knocking my head against the corner of his filing cabinet.

"Mel!" Tripp was by my side immediately, putting pressure on the back of my head where it was bleeding.

"Don't touch her." Neil warned. I held onto Tripp's free hand tightly.

"I said don't touch her." Neil left his seat to try and prise Tripp away from me. Just as he did, my mam came in and read what he had just written, and wrote something herself.

Suddenly, a portal appeared from nowhere, sucking like a Hoover.

"What did you write?" Neil got up and read it aloud.

"And Tripp Zoome disappeared with his love Melissa Morris, back into another world where they could be happy together. This can't be happening." Tripp and I were swept off our feet and was pulled into the portal.

We landed in an alter-world, back at the hotel in Hawaii. There was a house in front of us, with a sign on the fence: Home of Tripp Zoome and Melissa Zoome.

"Looks like we got our happy ending." I said to Tripp, hugging him. My wound was gone, and so was the bad life, and I owe it to my mam.

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