(My first fanfic! This takes place after Red Is For Remembrance, I know she came out with a new book, Black Is For Beginnings, but I haven't read it yet, soooooo………yeah. The next chapter will hopefully be out soon after! Rated T for teens due to minor swearing and some scary stuff.)


Camille is new to Beacon, after transferring to see her best friend who also recently transferred, Jacob, and to meet his new girlfriend, Stacey, for the first time. Jacob has all of his memory back and he remembers Camille after befriending her again in Vail. Camille meets Stacey and Amber and they become great friends. But, Stacey is having nightmares again, and someone's life is at stake. If Stacey isn't obedient, someone's blood will be on her hands.

(okay, plz read this story! and sorry if it's confusing, the next chapter will explain more, and it will be less confusing. PS, if you wanna know what Camille looks like, just look up Sophia Bush. plz read, and thank you.)